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    Ours was once an enlightened civilization. Our leading scientists made technological advances that led us to reach for the stars. Our leading priests taught us to use technology and magic to open portals to other worlds. And yet, we were only human.

    In the year 2138, the so-called Eugenics War nearly wiped out mankind. During the war, governments used gene therapy to enhance their own troops, while deploying bioweapons which targeted specific DNA markers in their enemies. By the time they realized what was happening it was almost too late.

    The best and brightest of our remaining scientists began working on a top-secret project codenamed "Genesis" in 2142, and in 2145 the Ark was unveiled to the surviving public. The two million, five hundred thousand ton station was built to house a quarter of a million people. By the time it was unveiled, war had seen to it that we would have room to spare.

    The Ark was our only hope for survival. We were told the bioweapons were built with a failsafe. We were told that they would be inert within a few decades. We were told that the Ark would keep us safe in cryogenic stasis for a century, long enough for the bioweapons to fade away and Earth to begin to heal itself. We were told that when we woke up, we would be returning to a paradise.

    We were told wrong.

    Today is February 22, 2177, just 32 years after we went into stasis. Today, something collided with the Ark, damaging it sufficiently to trigger the emergency systems. My stasis chamber was ejected and crashed back to Earth. I don't know if anyone else made it. I don't know what I'm going to find. I only know that I have to adapt, learn and rebuild.

    Regenesis is our first Minecraft modpack, but hardly our first foray into the world of modding. This will be a progression and quest-driven modpack with a true storyline that is driven by you, the player. It will feature many common mods and a few completely custom ones as well, all tightly integrated to bring you a completely unique, seamless gameplay experience. Regenesis features both tech and magic, but neither is explicitly required to progress the story. Pick one, or the other, or both to complete the storyline your way!

    Where are the download links?

    There aren't any yet... we're not quite ready to actually make it publicly available. We're posting this thread (and a similar one on FTB) to gauge the community's interest in the modpack and allow you all to help drive the direction of development. We want to make sure that we bring you the most refined, polished modpack possible.

    Does Regenesis support multiplayer?

    Yes... or at least it will.

    I have a question/comment/suggestion...

    Awesome! Leave a comment.

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    We're proud to announce our first client-side Minecraft mod!

    TipLine allows adding custom tips to the Minecraft loading screen. Inspired by the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, and partially based on JustTheTips, TipLine was created because we needed a more flexible solution for a project we are working on.


    TipLine can be configured both through a config file, and through the Minecraft Mods page. Currently supported settings as follows:

    • Color: Tip Titles: Set the color for tip titles.
    • Color: Tips: Set the color for tips.
    • Position: Set where the tips should be displayed.
    • Display Tip Titles: Set whether or not to display the title line.
    • Title Text: Set the tip title text. Use <number> for the tip number.

    Additionally, the complete tip list can be edited through the Mods page. In version 1.0.3 and later, line breaks can be included by entering "%n".

    Planned Features

    Let us know what you want!




    TipLine was written for modpack developers (we actually needed it for a modpack we're working on)... There's really no good reason to install it if you aren't building a modpack, but if you REALLY want to, just drop the JAR in your mods folder. Note that TipLine does require Forge.


    Release 1.0.3

    • Added: Support for line breaks
    • Improved: Codebase cleanup

    Release 1.0.2

    • Added: Custom color support
    • Improved: Spacing

    Release 1.0.1

    • Fixed: Centered text displaying off-screen
    • Improved: Rewrote display code to make it more efficient
    • Improved: Right-alignment now fully right aligns text

    Modpack Permission

    Feel free to use this in any modpack, we wrote it for one... you might as well get use from it too! :)

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