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    posted a message on Cartograph G - map your world - Minecraft 1.4
    Quote from Gameslinder

    I'll just leave this here...
    Most recent version (2012_10_25): cartograph_g_2012_10_25_bins.rar

    awesome ty :D
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    posted a message on Limitless fire on Hard Difficulty?
    Nice, I've been waiting for more hard features to switch to hard, normally I play normal. To me, a hard mode where enemies just deal more damage isn't really harder, its just annoying. But with hard mode having things more challenging with features I'll actually make the switch. Plus I hate limited fire, it just leaves random floating leaf blocks everywhere that are hard to remove.
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    posted a message on A glitch that has been around FOREVER.
    Quote from Bumber

    How is that a bit much? Terrain saving all the time might be considered a bit much, and I can't believe storing the player's inventory could be any more expensive than saving the terrain (which includes the inventories of chests, as they are blocks.)

    Pressing escape is the perfect time because that's when a player has just finished messing with their inventory or are pausing the game.

    Well it's not bad or anything, but it does mean that anytime you do want to exit, you're saving your inventory twice. Which isn't a big deal, and I'd prefer it to our current setup, but I think the best way would just be a save button.
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    posted a message on A glitch that has been around FOREVER.
    At one point long ago the inventory saved anytime you pressed Escape. That was a bit much, but it might be nice if there was a Save button in the Esc menu, so that you could intentionally save without having to exit the world.
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    posted a message on Strongholds need an update
    As others have said, most important thing is for the limit of 3 strongholds to be removed. While there's a limit of 3, any other updates would be useless to many people since no new strongholds would generate with proposed new features. There's just so many reasons the limit is terrible, especially given that everything else in the game is unlimited and can be generated in new lands.

    I also really want strongholds to reach all the way to the surface, either by just being so big that they reach the surface, or by having a vertical mineshaft with ladders and some ruins at the top.
    This would make finding them not such a huge pain, and would add more features to the game that span from the underground to the surface. The only other features like this are emeralds spawning only under extreme hills, and water color being different even underground under swamps, and technically grass being different colors under different biomes, tho that's not likely to ever happen naturally.

    Biome specific strongholds might be nice too, tho that might be accomplished just by increasing the size of new structures like the jungle ruin to span into the underground as a labrynth.

    But again, the most important improvement to strongholds would be making them infinite.
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    posted a message on Should I still play my single player
    To date, the only thing added to minecraft that requires a new world has been Strongholds, and by extension, the End, and by extension of that, the Ender Dragon, Dragon Egg, and Endstone. This is due to a ridiculous limit of 3 Strongholds all generated within 1km of spawn in a nearly infinite world (so if you've already generated all the land within 1km of spawn they have nowhere to generate).

    If the new features aren't available in already generated lands, just walk out further and any new features will generate in new lands. So long as the new update has nothing to do with Strongholds you will be able to get all the benefits.
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    posted a message on Keep Emerald Ore in Game Petition

    I want more biome specific underground features, especially ores, so that it gives a reason to explore underground in different areas (and gives a reason to make new mines in remote places).
    At present, all underground is the same no matter where you go, making the underground generally boring due to sameness.
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    posted a message on What are your 1-9 items?
    1. Pickaxe
    2. Shovel
    3. Axe (if I'm above ground) / Better Pickaxe (if I'm below ground, for use on important resources)
    4. Torches (this is also what I keep equiped when I'm not doing something specific)
    5. Sword
    6. Bow
    7. Bucket of water / Shears (if I'm above ground near sheep)
    8. Food
    9. Empty / Cobblestone / Block I'm currently building with

    6, 7, and 8 are the first to be switched out if I need space for more blocks to build with or for other reasons

    That's my standard setup, tho I change it depending on situation.
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    posted a message on Jungle Tree Saplings
    I've made a 4x2 jungle mega tree farm, and so far it beats out all other types of tree farms for lumber, but not for apples (none) and saplings (only a 50% extra over materials needed to replant). Here's a picture of the 8 mega trees I cut down and replant:

    The 2 large and 1 small jungle trees on the right edge of the picture aren't part of the farm, I leave those.
    I cut down all 8 of the large 4x2 group of trees (8 mega jungle trees total), and on average I end up with between 40 and 64 saplings.
    It's 4 saplings to replant each of the 8 trees, so 32 total. I don't use the 1 jungle plus 3 other system, since then you need bonemeal too and I prefer natural growth, and given how quickly they grow on their own it's not an issue timewise.
    That leaves me with enough saplings for 3-8 new trees usually.

    I will say that I still find that's not enough. With birch trees I usually get so many saplings that I'll be able to replant many times more than I cut down, so that making new forests is much easier.

    For instance, I've been trying to make a group of jungle mega trees reach the new sky limit, using my 4x2 tree farm as a source of saplings to keep growing the trees on top of the others, as in this picture:

    But often I'll only get enough for 3 or 4 new mega trees, meaning I have to clear my entire tree farm again just to add 1/4 of a level. Really slow going work.

    On the plus side, I've gotten so much lumber I filled a double chest full of lumber and am now working on filling another one heh.
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    posted a message on New biomes in older worlds
    I have a world from alpha and the jungles generated in newly generated land there. You just have to explore new lands in the same world, just like most other changes.
    The only thing to date that doesn't generate on old worlds are strongholds because of the ridiculous limit of 3 all within 1km of spawn, so they can't generate in new lands if you ever explored much at all.
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    posted a message on Proof Of Infinite Strongholds ?
    The wiki has code proof that the same generator is used and that there are still only 3 strongholds per world, which really sucks.
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    posted a message on *sigh* So Minecraft 1.0.0 moved climates again?
    To avoid this problem, we need the biome data for an area to be stored in the save, not determined by the current generator.

    That way, even if the terrain generator changes, such that where there used to be a desert would now be snowlands, that it would stay a desert because the biome data for that area would already be written and saved in the save data.
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    posted a message on Bring Back Beaches!
    I want beaches and improved underwater geology, but I don't think reverting to the old generator is a solution.

    I'd like to see sandy beaches and gravel beaches become ocean adjacent biomes with other interesting features like shipwrecks and palm trees to make them more atmospheric.

    I like all the clay in oceans and swamp water now, makes collecting it more interesting and gives more of a purpose to the aqua affinity and respiration enchantments.
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    posted a message on Quarry Mining...
    I voted yes only because I use quarries for getting sand and sandstone. But for getting ores I branchmine at level 12.
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    posted a message on How much coal do you have?
    I probably only have about 20 stacks of coal stored in a chest, and maybe 50-100 furnaces with anywhere between 8-64 coal in each throughout my world.

    I have used a ton of coal tho, I literally place trails of torches everywhere I go and I am paranoid about monsters spawning so I place torches everywhere.

    Besides mining coal I also make efficient birch tree farms everywhere I go so I can make tons of charcoal. Tree farms are one of the first things I setup in a new base because whenever I make a base I blanket the entire nearby landscape with torches.

    The fuel I have stored up the most of though is Blaze rods, I have nearly 2 double chests filled with stacks of Blaze rods, and those cook 50% more items than coal. I mainly use my blaze rods for powering my netherbase furnaces.
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