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    Thank you ThizBoss! For the McEdit filter!
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    Quote from Biscuit0912

    You don't, those come with a multiplayer bukkit plugin called Essentials afaik.

    Biscuit, have you ever played a hypixel map? They use color chat, and there single player. And color codes where implemented into minecraft with § only. Then Essentials switched it over ot &. So, essentials, did not 'create' the color code. They simply changed the key code since the § was an 'illegal' character.
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    You use the color codes found here
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    Hi, I want to know how you can get color codes like &0-9, and &a-f in singleplayer, I want them to be in my adventure map. I just need to know how you can use them in command blocks. Please help :D
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    @PyloDEV I can probaly host the server, I just need some details, skype me at frost.bite35
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    Hello! This is my first guide on how to add a subdomain to your server! A subdomain is what those big servers have, or just 'proffesional' servers have! This is a super-simple guide on how to make one for yourself! We will be using freedns.afraid.org !!

    Step 1: Go to the site

    Now, that your at the site, if you would like, you can read the first paragraph or two to make sure i'm not full of bad information.

    Step 2: Click Subdomain

    See the [ Subdomains ] box on the left side of the website? Well, yes, click on the subdomains.

    Step 3: Register
    Yes, you do have to register =/. It's all free though. Just register, and you should be able to use the next few steps!

    Step 4:

    After you've registered on the website, you should see that you have a box of subdomains, click on the top right corner of THE box, [add], then it should bring you to a page with all of the subdomains choosable. And then add one. Simple as that, you are now DONE.

    Still having problems? Skype me: frost.bite35
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    I like it, I really do, gave me something to do.
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    Or simply use Command Blocks. Have a pressure pad set up, when you run/walk over it, it will give the redstone signal towards the Command Block, which enabling the Command Block. The command for it is /spawnpoint @p The ID for Command Blocks is: 137. Hoped this help!
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Known Bugs:

    Well, Essentials Chat has a feature of color chat on signs, chat and more. Earlier today I went on a server and the yellow color was thisI leave, install Optifine, and the yellow is this.

    Plz Fix D=
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    Hi, I recently created a Bukkit server, and I ask my friends to join and they say "Can't reach server". I have removed the port, and forwarded it again. I used Simple Port Forwarding, and yes, I know which IP is which, and the ones not to touch. Everything in the port looks fine, I used the Port Tester option to check, I selected my IP, put in the port, and it said it was open. Still don't belive me? Check out this link, it shows that I am not lying.http://tinyurl.com/CantReachServer .
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    posted a message on Uprising Craft www.uprisingcraft.enjin.com! Try our server! Faction, Raiding, PvP, Hardcore Griefing.
    Uprising Craft

    This is the OFFICIAL thread of Uprising Craft. Don't belive me? www.uprisingcraft.enjin.com. This is a server.. unlike any other. This server does not have game changing plugins that make the game boring. Nope! The Owners sure we're smart! They only chose very good plugins. A few examples: mcMMO, Factions and Multiverse are just a few of the very good plugins. Now quit asking yourself "Oh.. This is boooring I just want to get on it" well this is a short but perfect server thread here are the credentials below:

    IP: (25565 is OPTIONAL)

    Website: http://www.uprisingcraft.enjin.com/

    Note: I do not own the server I simply created this thread out of my genouristy :) .

    Latest News:

    Looking for good Pixel Artists, and or Builders. Not just any builders they need to satisfy some needs of mine. One day I may need a Skrillex logo done, or a DeadMau5 Head on top of my house. Whatever it is, you will need to do. As long as you are not marked on mcbans.com I can probaly trust you (No Promises :P ). Any griefers will be instantly banned. And the items will be rollbacked of your joining. Any rule-breakers will be dealt with swiftly.

    Created By: Dubstep_Charlie (Staff Member)
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    Yes, hello. I am Mr_Cold A.K.A. White_Shadow1228, WhiteShadow1228. I would like to come on the server, help build. I tried as off 3/29/2013 and it said the server was down. I am wondering because I am looking for a server to build on and I need someone to give me that chance.
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    I personally think this is a utter fail. You can break dirt or Dravite Dirt? Well if you put no clues, no quests, or guidance of some sort then you are basicly looking for a needle in a hay-stack.
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    Quote from AutomatorMC

    Created by:
    AutomatorMC & FlyinZ
    Last Tested Minecraft Version: 1.5

    Ender-bent is an extremely automated adventure map unlike anything before seen in Minecraft. The Nether and End lands are entire adventures by themselves easily worthy of individual release. We hope you enjoy playing Ender-bent as much as we enjoyed its construction. A map is provided with the download for players requiring assistance.

    Download Ender-bent 2.1
    2.1 Additions:
    Bug fixed - Donations room in the Nether was broken.

    2.0 Additions:
    * Metal Works (Nether)
    * Glass house (End)
    * Isle of Styx (Off the main Island)
    * Well dungeon (Main Island)
    * Thief dungeon (Main Island)
    * Ice dungeon expansion
    * Ender dungeon expansion
    * Shops sell treasure maps, custom potions, and give quest rewards.
    * Custom mobs, drops, and bosses.
    * New themed challenges

    Way too many additions to list!


    Shipwrecked on a strange island your only hope of escape is through a mythical portal located somewhere in the End land.

    A peculiar shop keeper offers passage to the End land in return for 8 of the 12 Nether Stars hidden in dungeons across the island.

    Keep a sharp lookout for there are far more secrets then one would expect.

    Fast paced action looting from house to house gathering essential gear, food, and emeralds. You may want to find a safe house for the night.

    Bolstered with the spoils you might try one of the many themed dungeons for increased loot and quest items. Be sure you are well armored before attempting the diamond rich Nether or Ice Palace.

    Journey to the End land where adventures and challenges lead you to the glorious end-game battle (Not the dragon).

    - No rules, play any style in which you’re comfortable.
    - All necessary portals already exist.
    - Unique weapons and custom shops.
    - No mods necessary.
    - No instant death traps.
    - Hundreds of redstone creations.
    - You keep valuables on death.

    Mojang for the amazing Minecraft video game

    Everyone involved with the MCedit map editor.

    I played 15 Minutes of this on my server with my friends, we didn't really have any in-sight besides the 4 signs. Maybe if you could add a
    Quest Book people would vote it more better.
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