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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group
    Quote from bestbest333

    I'll send you all a set of questions. By the way, the best study from you 4 will be added, not all 4 of them.

    What do you mean only the best will be added? Also, I'll be sure to send you that suggested list of questions.
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    Sorry I've been away. My computer had to be unhooked for a few of the servers we have here. We don't have quite enough room for all of them to be set up. I think I have enough op spots in the thread to continue putting things in. We can all go over there.
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    Quote from Lord Skullax

    In Game Name:Lord_Skullax
    Why do you want to join? I love science and why not join?
    What division would you like to join? Alchemy
    How often will you be able to work on studies a week? At least an hour a day.
    What experience do you have in research? (not a deciding factor) A basic knowledge of potions
    Will you follow our rules? (see above) Yes!

    Firstly, do you know why your post was so heavily formatted? I didn't see you having colors and whatnot, or even different fonts or sizes of text, and yet when I quoted you it was littered with code. Perhaps we can help you find what's up. We prefer such things to not be there, as if you posted a study that way, it takes up valuable space in the op. Tell us what's going on and we'll def try to help.

    Aside from that, the experience in research question was meant to be experience in conducting research, ie how much training you've had in the sciences. Your answer is still useful, as a good working knowledge of your subject is always useful. I would like to know though- what is your history with the sciences? You say you love them, but that doesn't tell me what discipline/branch, or how far you've gotten. It doesn't tell me whether you've conducted studies before yourself, or simply think in an experimental, scientific way. It'll tell me what you still need to be taught, and what you can teach to others.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group
    Oh wow! People! lols... I have to finish this op and get everybody over here. It's hard each time trying to get back to this thread; it's not showing up on "my content". I've bookmarked it now though; it should be up and running by Thursday (it would be sooner, but there's a LOT to carry over).

    In game name: GanzorftheGreat
    Why do you want to join? I want to find logical explanations for minecraft's monsters.
    What division do you want to join? Mobs.
    What experience do you have in study? I've been studying science since I was four.
    How much time can you spend on your studies? Daily.
    Will you follow our rules? Yes sir!

    Since you were 4 is quite an age range, since I do not know how old you are. How many years does that make it? And what branches of science have you enjoyed/worked with most?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group(MSG)
    Quote from xJon

    FORUM NAME: xJon
    Why do you want to join: I want to study
    What division do you want to join (leave blank if General):
    Will you start studying: Physiological affects of Minecraft
    Will you be active: Yes
    Have you read the original post fully: Yes
    Have you read the member conditions: Yes

    First off, why was your post formatted so heavily? When I quoted it, I had to spend a full minute cleaning it up from all the code. Please, in future, try to prevent that. We can try and help you find what's up if you don't see it or don't know how it's happening.

    That aside, how do you propose to study the physiological effects of minecraft? How much experience do you have with research? I think, before you try the physiological effects, you should try your hand at your original idea of the psychological effects of being an admin. Having done psychology research before myself, I know that much of that form of study can be done over the internet, and can yield quite a lot of data relatively cheaply and easily. You can put up a thread in discussion, set the poll to anonymous (people still won't be able to vote twice) and you can put out a questionnaire. Before this, you may try to do a feeler study, simply allowing people to post comments of how they feel it has effected them. I can help you construct the final questionnaire if you like. Sound good? I think this would be a pretty great thing to study, myself, and rather useful, as unlike many of the other things we do, there is no denying this type of study probably hasn't been done in this community before. The other things we study can sometimes already be found on the wiki. This, cannot. No matter what the final decision is (I'm not the one who accepts members), I encourage you to follow through with this study, even if it is not affiliated with us. I will help you as much as you like. Good luck, sir.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group
    Quote from Bujaka052

    In Game Name: Topguy999
    Why do you want to join? I would like to join because I love science, and this group looks awesome!
    What division would you like to join? I would like to join the theoretical group
    How often will you be able to work on studies? I will be able to work 4+ hours
    What experience do you have in research? I am really good at math and science, and I can build buildings, do redstone (but at a good level)
    Will you follow our rules? (see above)YES!

    Who have you contacted? Remember, you have to contact one of the leaders and talk to them for a bit before being accepted. Also since we're still in the reorganization of the thread (our old one's op got full) and taking that time to reorganize a few other things, they may need a bit to know what to talk to you about or ask. Just be patient :wink.gif:
    Quote from pugler20

    In Game Name:pugler18
    Why do you want to join?i love sience
    What division would you like to join?huh
    How often will you be able to work on studies?each day
    What experience do you have in research? (not a deciding factor)well im in grade 3 not much
    Will you follow our rules? (see above)yes

    Did you see the divisions we have above? Read the op, and see which you'd prefer. If none of the above, simply pick general research. That's what it's there for. You're in third grade? We can give you the basics of how to run studies, the scientific method, and whatever other help you need; don't worry. What kinds of science do you love? Also remember that you'll want to PM one of the leaders and talk to them for a bit before we accept you. Just to make sure you're getting all the information you need to begin.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group(MSG)
    I've begun it. I just haven't gotten all of the studies transferred over yet. is the link. The subtext is temporary, it will turn into what's on here now as soon as we only have one thread and we're not at risk of being shut down.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group
    This will later be updated with MORE STUDIES!!!

    A lot more studies.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group

    Agriculture & Liquids Division
    Number of times needed to walk over tilled soil to make it turn to dirtMade by amankino

    What it is about : Number of times to walk on the soil before it returns to normal
    How it will be executed:
    - Plowing a block
    - Count the number of times you walk before it returns to normal
    Control variable(s):
    - 50 block of soil
    - Not Watered
    Non-control variable(s):
    - Number of times to walk on the soil before it returns to normal
    average = 4.02
    Conclusion:The average is 4.02, so we could suppose the true number is 4.
    You need to walk 4 times on a soil for break it (average)

    Melon slices obtained from melonsMade by amankino

    What it is about: How many melon slices do you obtain by melon block (percentage)
    How it will be executed:
    - Plant 100 seeds of melon
    - Wait
    - hit 100 melon blocks
    Control variable(s):
    - 100 melon blocks
    - Broke whith hand
    Non-control variable(s):
    - Number of slice by melon block
    - 3 slices : 19 melons
    - 4 slices : 20 melons
    - 5 slices : 18 melons
    - 6 slices : 21 melons
    - 7 slices : 22 melons
    TOTAL : 100 melons
    We could suppose there is equiprobability :
    - 3 slices : 20%
    - 4 slices : 20%
    - 5 slices : 20%
    - 6 slices : 20%
    - 7 slices : 20%
    When you break a melon block you have the same chance to have 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 melon slices.

    Melon seeds drop rate at certain conditionsMade by amankino

    What it is about: How to get more melon seeds? Cut stem with melons or without melons?
    How it will be executed:
    - Plant 200 seeds of melon
    - wait
    - hit 100 melon blocks and leave 100 melon blocks
    - hit 200 stem (mature)
    Control variable(s):
    - 100 stem have melon
    - 100 stem no have melon
    - Broke whith hand
    Non-control variable(s):
    - Number of seed by stem
    1. With Melon (number by stem):
    - 0 seed : 9 stems
    - 1 seed : 41 stems
    - 2 seeds : 40 stems
    - 3 seeds : 10 stems
    TOTAL : 100 stems

    2. Without Melon :
    - 0 seed : 8 stems
    - 1 seed : 36 stems
    - 2 seeds : 41 stems
    - 3 seeds : 15 stems
    TOTAL : 100 stems
    The results are approximatively the same for the experiences 1 and 2.
    We could suppose that with or without melon, the stem has the same chance to drop seeds.

    Drop rate of seeds from the melon stemMade by amankino

    What it is about: How many seeds do you obtain by stem of melon (percentage)
    How it will be executed:
    - Plant 100 seeds of melon
    - Wait
    - hit 100 stems (mature)
    Control variable(s):
    - 100 mature stems
    - Broke whith hand
    Non-control variable(s):
    - Number of seed by stem
    - 0 seed : 9 stems
    - 1 seed : 41 stems
    - 2 seeds : 40 stems
    - 3 seeds : 10 stems
    TOTAL : 100 stems
    Conclusion:We could suppose that the percentage of the number of seeds from one stem is approximatively:
    - 0 seed : 10%
    - 1 seed : 40%
    - 2 seeds : 40%
    - 3 seeds : 10%
    For exemple when you break a mature stem it's a 10 percent chance to get back 3 seeds.

    Mushroom drop rate from Huge MushroomsMade by amankino

    What it is about:How many mushrooms(brown) fall when destroying 100 blocks of mushroom.
    How it will be executed:
    - Spawn some huge brown mushroom
    - See number of mushroom in inventory : each 100 block
    Control variable(s):
    - Kind of mushroom : Brown
    - Broke whith hand
    Non-control variable(s):
    - When a block is broke, 1 or 2 mushrooms are dropped
    - Number of mushroom dropped
    24 mushrooms for 100 blocks
    25 mushrooms for 100 blocks
    29 mushrooms for 100 blocks
    22 mushrooms for 100 blocks
    28 mushrooms for 100 blocks
    Average is 26 mushrooms
    Conclusion:You should receive around 26 mushroom per 100 blocks of huge brown mushroom you hit with your hands.
    We could suppose the true average is 25 : the probability that a mushroom appear when you break a block is : 1/4

    Grass growing in redstone LightMade by raptor777777

    What it is about:Will grass spread in redstone light?
    How it will be executed:
    I will place a grass block next to a dirt block. I will perform the tests 3 times:
    1: In a darkened room
    2: In a darkened room with redstone torches
    3: In sunlight
    Control variable(s):Lighting, size and shape of the testing room
    Non-control variable(s):The growth behaviour of the grass, mobs spawning
    No mobs spawned and the grass:
    In darkness:
    Didn't spread
    In redstone light:
    Didn't spread
    In sunlight:
    Conclusion:Grass doesn't spread in redstone light and neither in darkness.

    Trees growing in redstone lightMade by raptor777777

    What it is about:Will trees grow in redstone light?
    How it will be executed:
    I will attempt to grow trees:
    -in total darkness, without bone meal
    -in redstone light, without bone meal
    -in full sunlight, without bone meal
    -in total darkness, with bone meal
    -in redstone light, with bone meal
    -in full sunlight, with bone meal
    This will be done in a big square room large enough to support a tree, with dirt on the bottom
    Control variable(s):Bone meal used, lighting, growing space
    Non-control variable(s):The tree's growing behaviour, possible enemy mobs spawning inside
    Result(s):No mobs spawned, and what happened to the saplings is:
    Without bone meal:
    In Darkness:
    The sapling popped off
    In redstone light:
    The sapling popped off
    In sunlight:
    The tree grew

    With bone meal:
    In darkness:
    An invisible tree grew*
    In redstone light:
    The tree grew
    In sunlight:
    The tree grew

    *An invisible tree grew: The tree was entirely invisible, but you could still see the outline of the blocks when you held your cursor over it. The sapling was still visible even though the sapling itself didn't exist anymore. Whenever I placed or removed any block or item in the vicinity, the tree became visible. This includes removing parts of the invisible tree itself.

    Conclusion:Saplings cannot grow into trees by themselves in redstone light, but they can when using bone meal.
    Using bone meal on saplings in total darkness will create an invisible tree.

    Maximum length of growing vinesMade by raptor777777

    What it is about:Studying how long vines will keep growing down from the base block when being suspended in the air
    How it will be executed:Empty a 2 * 3 space from sky level to bedrock, place 1 block on the maximum sky level, plant a vine on it and see how long it will grow and if there is a maximum length
    Control variable(s):Location, block interaction, amount of vine blocks to begin with (1)
    Non-control variable(s):The vine's growing behaviour
    Result(s):The vine kept growing right down to bedrock.
    Conclusion:There is no maximum length for vines.

    How long it takes for tilled soil to turn into normal soilMade by raptor777777

    What it is about:How long does it take for tilled soil to turn normal again after wheat has been removed?
    How it will be executed: Till some soil, plant wheat, remove the wheat and count the seconds until the tilled soil turns back into normal soil (with a stopwatch of course!)
    Control variable(s): Time of study: day, light level: sunlight, wheather: clear, soil is not moist, no elevation around the tilled soil.
    Non-control variable(s): Time it will take for the soil to turn normal again

    Test Number/time taken in minutes:seconds

    On average (in minutes:seconds.milliseconds)

    Conclusion: The time it takes for tilled soil to turn back into normal soil is varies greatly but the average of my tests was 1 minute, 41 seconds and 7 milliseconds.

    How effective a tree plant is against using a dirt circleMade by Doomjaw

    What it is about: Which is more efficient, a Automatic tree plant where you only need to plant saplings, or a 5x5x1 ring of dirt with saplings and torches
    How it will be executed:i will use the tree plant information from my last test, and make a 5x5x1 ring of dirt and use it for a day.
    Control variable(s):TMI, SPC, Zombes, Bonemeal
    Non-control variable(s):SHI, Tree size
    Tree Plant: 4 Stacks
    (see resources from last experiment)
    5x5x1 dirt thing
    15 stacks of wood
    7 stone axes
    Conclusion: making a dirt ring and putting saplings on it is far more efficient than using a tree plant.

    Collecting logs by using a tree plant against using normal techniqueMade by Doomjaw

    What it is about:is it practical to make an automatic tree processing plant? (survival)
    How it will be executed:i will build a tree processing plant, and operate it for a day, then spend a day cutting down trees and count the difference in logs
    Control variable(s):TMI, SPC, Zombes modpack
    Non-control variable(s):SHI, tree size and growth algorithms
    Processing Plant: 4 stacks of logs
    126 redstone torches (20 went to redstone repeaters)
    283 redstone dust (10 went to redstone repeaters)
    66 glass
    600 cobblestone
    600 stone
    400 coal
    ended with 15 saplings
    Cutting by hand: 13(rounded) stacks of logs
    5 stone axes
    2 wood axes
    5 logs went towards tools.

    Conclusion:The processing plant consumes far more resources, and although impressive, is not practical.

    Probability of bone meal spawning tall grass and flowers on grassMade by raptor777777

    What it is about: Bone Meal on grass probabiliy by hand
    How it will be executed: Using Bone Meal on a clear patch of grass and noting the amount of red flowers, yellow flowers and shrubs that appear

    Testing ground, the small towers of dirt are used to see where the middle of the testing ground is.

    Control variable(s): amount of bone meal used (1), placing of the bone meal
    Non-control variable(s): amount of red flowers, yellow flowers and shrubs that appear

    All Tests:

    Test:_______1 _2 _2 _4 _5 _6 _7 _8 _9 _10 11 12 13 14 15
    Tall Grass:__19 22 23 20 14 19 17 18 19 _21 14 24 15 29 19
    Dandelion:__2 _0 _2 _0 _2 _2 _1 _0 _1 __3 _4 _0 _0 _0 _1
    Rose:______0 _0 _0 _0 _1 _1 _1 _0 _1 __1 _2 _4 _1 _0 _1
    Total:______21 22 25 20 17 22 19 18 21 25 20 28 16 29 21

    Test:______16 17 18 19 20
    Tall Grass:__22 24 24 17 20
    Dandelion:__0 _0 _1 _2 _1
    Rose:______0 _0 _0 _0 _1
    Total:______22 24 25 19 22


    Tall Grass: 20
    Dandelion: 1.1
    Rose: 0.7
    Total: 21.8
    Conclusion: On average one bone meal, when used on grass in optimal conditions, will produce 20 pieces of tall grass, 1.1 dandelions, 0.7 roses and 21.8 plants in total.

    Drop rate of seeds by destroying the block under the grassMade by Doomjaw

    What it is about: drop rate when the block underneath tall grass is destroyed
    How it will be executed:i will use a 100 block space, cover it with tall grass, and remove the blocks under it
    Control variable(s):TMI, Singleplayer commands, flatgrass map
    Non-control variable(s):Software/Hardware issues
    Result(s): 13 seeds
    Conclusion:its faster to use tools.

    Drop rate of seeds from tall grass by using toolsMade by Doomjaw

    What it is about:What is the drop rate of seeds from tall grass with the 5 tools, Pickaxe, Hoe, Shovel, Axe, and Sword
    How it will be executed:i will destroy 10 tall grass with each tool.
    Control variable(s):Toomanyitems, Singleplayercommands.
    Non-control variable(s):Hardware/Software issues
    Sword: 0
    Shovel: 1
    Pickaxe: 0
    Axe: 1
    Hoe: 0
    Conclusion:you will have to test with a lot more than 10 for accurate results.
    100TG per tool
    Sword: 13
    Shovel: 10
    Pickaxe: 13
    Axe: 14
    Hoe: 13
    AVERAGE: 12.6
    Conclusion: No matter what tool you use the drop amount of seeds is the same.

    Probability of getting red/yellow flowers and tall grassMade by Doomjaw

    How it will be executed:10x10 square(100 blocks) surrounded by wood, 3 tests in total, bonemeal applied wherever possible
    Control variable(s):Toomanyitems, Flatgrass.
    Non-control variable(s):Weather
    Test 1: 11 Yellow,4 Red, 85 tall grass
    Test 2: 8 Yellow,3 Red, 89 tall grass
    Test 3: 6 Yellow,6 Red, 88 tall grass
    Average Yellow, 8.3 (repeating of course)
    Average Red, 4.3 (repeating of course)
    Average Tall Grass 87.3 (repeating of course)
    Conclusion: on average, the 100 block space will be 12.6% taken up by flowers when using 70 bonemeal.

    Tall Grass seed giving probability By handMade by sam123486

    What it is about:What is the probability of finding a seed in tall grass using bare hands?
    How it will be executed: I will hit 100 tall grass sections, total up how many seeds I get, and Put it into a fraction out of 100. Example: 67/100 seeds found.
    Control variables:
    -Biomes the grass is in
    -How many grass I hit
    -What block the grass is on
    -How far they are from water
    Non-Controlled variables:
    -How many seeds I receive
    Result:By the end of the experiment, I received 14/100 seeds.
    Conclusion:If the experiment is conducted properly, you should receive around 14 seeds per 100 tall grass you hit with your bare hands as long as you are in forest biomes.

    Tall Grass seed giving probability By hand(when raining)Made by RoroZoro

    What it is about:An expansion on the original experiment, exactly the same condition, except it was raining
    How it will be executed:100 tall grass were hit by hand and the seeds were collected
    Control variable(s):
    -The Biome
    -The Block the grass was on
    -How far it was from the water
    Non-control variable(s):
    The amount of seeds received
    Result(s):9/100 tall grasses gave seeds
    Conclusion:The drop rate of seeds is reduced whilst it is raining (Which makes sense IRL)

    Pistons affecting the speed of flowing waterMade by Omylepiaz

    What it is about: How does moving pistons affect the speed of the flow of water?
    How it will be executed: Two trenches of size 1x8, one with pistons that move, the other as a control setup. A redstone torch is situated at the end to count when the water hit it.
    Control variable(s): How much trees i burnt to give space for the experiment, speed of the clock.
    Non-control variable(s):Speed of the flow of water, houses i burnt down.
    Result(s): The trench with moving pistons took 10 ticks, while the control setup was 8 ticks.
    Conclusion: A trench with moving pistons at its bottom takes longer for the water to reach the end.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group

    We are the curious ones. We are the ones that explore. We are the tinkerers. We don't look at the code to find our answers, but instead use a real-world approach of testing and exploration and thought. We work together, asking questions, and taking nothing for granted. We do not require experience for people to join, just curiosity. Methods and structure can always be taught; creativity and curiosity, much of the time, just are.

    server IP:
    to post study ideas (not completed ones):

    Member List

    Head Researchers:

    Division Leaders:
    Agricultural & Liquid: Raptor777777
    Mob: n/a
    Mining & Excavation: n/a
    Cannon & TNT: n/a
    Redstone & Piston: n/a
    Alchemy: n/a
    Mod: n/a
    Theoretical (formerly Physics): HQentity

    WhisperingSiren- Thread Admin, Consultant
    TmynameisT- Server Host

    Research Members by Division
    Agricultural & Liquid: plant-based farming, as well as water- and lava-based studies

    Mob: any mobs, passive to hostile, any realm

    Mining & Excavation: anything to do with digging/mining (excludes TNT mining)

    Cannon & TNT: anything to do with cannons (efficiency, design, distance, etc) and TNT (including TNT mining)

    Redstone & Piston: redstone & piston gadgets and properties, improved logic gates, etc

    Alchemy: recipes and effects of all the potions, including how much EXP is required to craft each
    (New division! Sign up now!)

    Mod: anything effected by the use of mods

    Theoretical (formerly Physics): theories of the inner workings of minecraft, very math-based, includes exchange rates
    The Nturtanyr

    General Studies: those who have not chosen a specialty

    Divisions are meant as work teams. These are people likely to be knowledgeable and curious about the same things you are, that you can ask to work with on studies. You can of course do things solo, but it's more fun with everybody else, especially for larger studies that can be more tedious. These are not limitations. Feel free to work with those of other divisions, just understand where people's strengths will lie.

    For those who are interested in joining
    You will need to fill out a short application, and then chat with a leader of the group, to be asked a final question or two, and placed into a division. The questions will simply relate to your experience level and to make sure you became familiar with the way we do things as shown in the original posts. Your experience level will not factor into acceptance, but your familiarity with the original posts will. Obviously this is the internet. You can look up the answers, that's not the point. We just want every member that comes in to have a basic knowledge of how we work, no matter when/how you learned it.

    A few rules:
    --Don't swear
    --Be active (this includes discussion, does not require constant studies, everybody runs out of ideas eventually)
    --Respect the other members

    In Game Name:
    Why do you want to join?
    What division would you like to join?
    How often will you be able to work on studies a week?
    What experience do you have in research? (not a deciding factor)
    Will you follow our rules? (see above)

    Please submit the above within this thread, and contact one of the leaders. They will read over your application, ask you a few friendly questions about your experience, what you'd like to do with us, and make sure you've read everything you need to. They will then tell WhisperingSiren of their decision, and she will add you to your division if you're accepted.

    Study Format (other than Theoretical where impossible)
    Study Methods:
    Ideas for research based on these results (if any):

    If you are submitting a study for the Theoretical Division
    Because the nature of your studies will sometimes make it nearly impossible to test, but more exercises in thought, simply put your thoughts in such a way that we understand where you started, what you originally thought, and what you decided in the end. If there is no evolution of thought, even the type which has just found more evidence to support your beliefs, then it will be considered a study idea, rather than a study. The purpose of studies is to advance thought, advance what we know. This will serve to separate the study ideas of all divisions and the actual studies of this one, as otherwise they will look nearly the same. For my sake, if you could also write the fact you meant a post as a study, I would appreciate it. Thanks all!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group(MSG)
    I just got an idea, I'm not that familiar with TNT/cannons, but we should do a study as to how powerful a blast you need to get through an obsidian wall. Have fun all :wink.gif: I'm currently making the new thread, I will update you all when I have it finished.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group(MSG)
    Quote from xJon

    Add a new division: Psychiatric Division. And then research: Affects of being a server administrator.

    You sir, are amazing. Thank you for that giggle.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Science Group(MSG)
    Quote from fallout340

    Wow so does this mean i am going to have to redo my app on the next topic?

    Not at all. However I may have an extra question to ask you, on top of the main bit of form. We're going to be putting in a randomized question checking that you read what you had to, and perhaps when you're first here give you a tour of things. This thread will still be visible, and it'll still be under the "My content" section for all of us. It will be simply locked from further replies. This means none of the information here will be lost due to the thread being closed. It's all right; don't worry :wink.gif:

    Vulture Corporation is sending kind regards. Maybe we can cooperate and work together beyond individual servers?

    Regardless, keep it up and good luck.

    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. What kind of cooperation to you want to have?

    Quote from Caruso09

    This is my first research hope its ok :smile.gif:

    What to make to make a house out of in a server with TNT griefersmade by Caruso09
    What it is about: The best matieral a 8x8x4 to make againt griefers with TNT
    How it will be executed:
    - Making three houses of different matierals
    Control variable(s):
    -Type of matieral (Wood, Cobble, Smooth Stone
    Non-control variable(s):
    -The size of house
    Result(s): The wood house: Nearly anything left / the cobble house: about 60% left / The smooth stone house: A couple more blocks left than cobblestone.
    Conclusion: That cobble would be the best cause as durable as stone but easier to get

    It needs a little work, but I definitely like the idea behind it. A lot of the actual ability for a house to survive such things depends on the design overall, not just the type of material. Also why did you choose those materials only? Why did you choose that size of a house? As far as types of variables, your control variables will still include the size of the house, as you kept that constant, and were able to "control" that variable. The uncontrolled variable in a study is always the variable you're looking at as the result, the one that you're not sure what's going to happen, therefore the one that's not directly controlled. In this case, that would be how many blocks were left of the house, or what percentage of them were, depending on how you wanted to portray the results. Thanks for using the spoiler tags, it does help things. This study definitely deserves to be explored more. I think you would benefit, perhaps, with partnering up with a few people? It will make it more fun and allow more ideas to be tossed around. You may also be able to learn a few things from people who have been here longer. What do you think? Overall I think you're off to a great start. Ideas and creativity are the most important parts of research; everything else can be taught. If you would like you can PM or AIM me and we can talk more about all of this :wink.gif: I'm sure the others would be more than happy to as well.
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    Hello everybody. Some updates to put up here. I've asked Neodymius about starting a new thread. What this would mean, is that this thread would be locked, with the last post being from Neodymius with a link to the new one. As you may have seen above, I was asked by Best to administer the thread, since I'm much more frequently on, and he has internet troubles. If any of you have comments, suggestions, questions, etc, please feel free to PM me or post here. If you wish me to have a quicker response, the best way is by PM, since I get an email which syncs directly to my phone. We're waiting for Best to get into the PM discussion with Neodymius and confirm what's going on, and then the new thread will be made. Any suggestions on changes you'd like to be made with the OP posts, feel free to discuss that here. Currently plans are to have the member-related things (like the server ip, the member list in hierarchical order, etc) in one post, studies in another (perhaps 2), but before all of that have one for those interested in us (what we do, what the divisions are, application process, things like that). What do you all think?
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    Quote from bestbest333

    WE HAVE ONE BIG PROBLEM! "CONTENT_TOO_LONG" is the message I receive when I try to add your "Worth" Study. We need more topics of MSG, each one different. Look at the end of this post, for more explanations.

    The first thing I have to say is that the first topic has the "CONTENT_TOO_LONG"(Exactly the message I received). So we need to have 2 more topics(or at least 1). But here comes one problem. What should the new topics contain from this one, and who should administer it? One of the topics will be administered by WhisperingSiren (of course, if you want, I'm not forcing anyone), and the 2nd.. by a head researcher perhaps..I need opinions, and I need them quickly, because I can't add any more stuff to the OP... I can't even add Nturtanyr's Wrath Study...
    And 2nd is that we are approaching 100 members!

    Any clan, which is obviously what we're considered now, isn't allowed to have more than one thread. They will be shut down if we try. What we need to do in ask a mod to allow us to transfer threads, and have the first few posts devoted to posting studies and such. If you want, because of your internet issues, one of us can take over thread admin, and that will be made much easier if we plan for that in advance (since that first post will have to be theirs). It's the post that's long, not the topic. And you have to admit, that's an awfully long post to finally be giving you the nix. You can't blame them. But yes, if you wish I'll go through the process of going to a mod and getting all of that set up.

    Of typos, Nturtanyr's "Wrath Study" instead of "Worth Study" is probably one of the more interesting. You mad, bro?
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