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    What i want to see is more Constructs and maybe even a Thaumic Golem. Im using items from Thaumcraft 2 but im not sure if you will even include most of them in this mod

    The behavior of the Golem would directly relate to the Purity of several Items: The Heart of Vis, The Mind of Thaum and the Soul of Aura

    They must be researched. The Heart is a Thaumium Plated Collection of 5 Vis Crystals. (Taint is not included).

    The Recipie (In an Infuser) Is the 5 Vis Crystals (Minus Taint) and a Thamium Ingot. The Purity of the heart depends on the Purity of the Vis going into the Infuser. When Making a Heart of Vis, the Infuser will also absorb Taint. This directly determines the purity of the heart. Too much taint and it will be a Tainted Heart. Of course it still can be used, but it will determine your Golem's Behavior.

    Next is the Mind of Thaum. It Consists of a shapeless craftrecipe of 4 Redstone, 1Quicksilver and 2 Thaumic Gel (A drop from Thaumic Slimes). This produces Crimson-Silver Gel, which then gets infused with a Zombie Brain and a Bookcase Block. This makes the Mind of Thaum.

    And Lastly but not the final step, the Soul of Aura. This costs 5 Soul Fragments (25 Soul Sand) with an Arcane Singularity. This activates the Golem when construction is complete.

    But before you even start making the body, you need a Golem Slab. To construct this, you need...
    3 Stone Halfblocks
    2 Animated Pistons
    2 Soul Fragments
    1 Redstone.

    The slab is the Golem's "home base" and will return to it whenever you tell it too return to base. The direction you place the slab determines the direction the golem faces. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

    Now for the Golem itself. The Main Body, the Head, and the Arms are the legs are the 4 main components. To construct the Body, you need..

    4 Animated Pistons
    1 Alumentum
    1 Nitor
    1 Thaumic Ingot
    1 Arcane Furnace
    and 1 Reinforced Vis Tank

    Furnace in the Middle, Tank on bottom, 4 pistons in the corners, Alumentm and Nitor on the left and right, and the Ingot on the top. This creates the Body.

    Do not assmble yet, wait till you have all the peices.

    The Legs come in to variations : Levitating and Normal. Levitating legs must be researched. The normal legs consist of...

    4 Thaumic Ingots.
    2 Animated Pistons
    1 Pipe.

    Crafted like this.


    A being Piston, P being Pipe, T being Thaumic Ingot.

    The Arms are crafted similary, but as individual peices. You must Craft two.


    Now that we have the Legs, Body and Arms, time to start your asembly.

    First, Place down the Golem Slab. Then you place the legs, the Body on top, and The arms on either side.

    Now for the final piece, the head. You need to craft some Aura eyes for this.

    For that you need 6 Gold, 1 Arcane Focus, and 2 Glass.


    A being gold, F being Focus, C being Crystal.

    And you need two eyes.

    For the head...


    T being Thaumic Ingot, E being Eye, B being the Mind of Thaum and A being an Animated Piston.

    And with that, put your Head on the Body and Fill it up with Vis!

    When you are ready to activate your Golem apply a redstone current to the Slab and watch your creation come to life! When the Golem runs out of Vis, it shuts down. You must put in more Vis to restart it.

    But we arent done yet! The Golem can be upgraded with all sorts of wonderful items that already exist in the game!

    Each part of the Body has a specific number of Slots for upgrades. The head has 3, the Body has 5, the Arms have 2 (total) and the legs have 2. This gives you 12 Slots for upgrades! These upgrades usally use existing items.

    Head: Arcane Bore allows the Golem to use it's eyes for destruction! You can even add a different kind of Focus to an upgrade slot to change the kind of beam the Bore will use. Adding a Portable hole will allow your golem to automatically return to the base when it is out of Vis.

    THe Body can use various Thaumic Machines in order to better itself.

    Bellows increase it's speed and Efficency. A Crucible allows it to consume items in order to create Vis. Good for when you are on the go and got no vis. A condenser allows it to convert Vis Crystals into Vis, and a Filter allows it to go into Tainted areas. If a Golem doesnt have Filter and goes into an area with high taint, It may be subject to becomming corrupted. If a Golem becomes corrupted it will attack you and run off.

    If you place a weapon into an Arm Slot, the golem will use it!

    And speaking of corruption, I almost forgot. If you put a Tainted heart into the Golem it will attack you and then attempt to run away. But dont fear! You can track the golem down and Disable it with a Tinkering Tool. Then you simply open up the golem and remove it's heart, purify it with some Silverwood in an Infuser, and put it back in.

    Damn that took forever to type.
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    posted a message on 1.2.4 - New Decorative Blocks - First Look!
    We need more sandstone building materials. Like Smooth Sandstone (The Top Texture of Sandstone on all sides of a block), Better Sandstone Slabs, and Sandstone Bricks (Like Smoothstone Bricks)
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    I wish they were throwable...
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    Quote from FlaminBurrito2

    It is a nice update, though I would have prefered it that if you feed the Ocelot fish, it stayed as an Ocelot but tamed. How will we get domestic cats then? It is simple, make it so that breeding two tamed Ocelots gives a 25% chance of giving birth to a domestic cat (it is a 25% chance per. type, since there are 3 types it would actually be a 75% chance of getting a domestic cat). It would also be nice if there was a type of catnip or something that we can use to turn them domestic without breeding...

    This. Is. Perfect
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    I don't like it how they turn into cats. I know minecraft is meant to be unrealistic in places but to have a ocelot transform is bordering on mad. i like the origanal ocelot better than the cats anyway.

    I think the same. They should turn into regular ocelots, and then cats if you give them a wool block or something. (Wool block as in ball of yarn)
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    Quote from PapaSmurf



    Pertinent tweets are on January 19th. Jeb says something about how Jon wanted to do jungle animals but they wouldn't be included in the snapshot of the jungle.

    Someone tweets to Jon "Like tigers and monkeys?" Jon's response ends "Monkeys would be fun." Next tweet from Jon is responding to a question, "Yes monkeys will be a challenge to get right with pathfinding and everything. We will see whats possible after todays snapshot"


    Mojang mentions jungle animals.

    Only specific jungle animal mentioned by anyone at Mojang is monkeys (no reply to the idea of tigers, or any other specific animal).

    Picture of new "mystery" mob released.

    What I'm getting at here is that anyone who has said anything other than "monkey" at this point is tricking themselves into seeing something they want in the game or lacks the skill to make basic logical deductions.

    tl;dr It's a monkey.

    inb4 You are wrong and its a tiger

    Btw the whole last segment was a huge **** move. You sound like you think you are better than everyone else.
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    This thread is full of idiocy.
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    I was playing around with Dispensers when i noticed one design flaw: They can only face 4 directions. This somewhat limits what we can make. My suggestion is that Dispensers should be able to be placed like pistons, in the sense that the "business end" faces the player when you place it. This would increase the ways you could use a Dispensers. You could make a fountain with a upwards facing one, or a shower with a downwards facing one.
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    I was expecting Trains.

    I am dissapoint
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    posted a message on [1.8.1]CarbonMod
    I dont think it is smart to install a mod by a person that cant even upload a picture to the internet.
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