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    posted a message on ★★★ ► ₪ Soft Slayer ₪ ◄ *[Dedicated Server - Almost Vanilla]* - PvP, Ranks, Factions, 24/7, No Lag. *[Connect To: softslayer.com
    IGN: JoeW1998
    Name: Joe (How will this aid the application? How is this important?)
    Age: 12 (Same thing as above.)
    Country: U.S
    Why do you want to be a Member?: The server looks like my kind of server. A server that I would be willing to dedicate a bit of time into and become part of it's community. (Unless my really old server comes back. Then I'll be going back to them. Which it probably won't. I haven't been on in since 1.7.3)

    I have a concern. I'm using Rei's minimap, and I wanted to know if that goes against rule 1. It has a lot of really helpful stuff, but isn't really considered a hack. If you would please clarify whether I'm allowed to use this or not . . . please?

    A plugin suggestion: Bookworm. Bookworm. Just . . . just Bookworm.

    Basically it allows you to write in books which is something that should be in vanilla Minecraft. It's great for adding an entire new aspect into the game, it's a currency earner, and it's great for distributing news or just an interesting book you wrote.
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    posted a message on SkyBlock (Hell Edition) V2!
    It looks interesting, but not quite aweing.

    The concept is just kind of dull and uncreative. It's been done. More than once.

    The fact that you kind of recreated the idea putting your own twist is what makes it interesting. But it's not that fantastic because there's nothing fantastic about the hell world. It's exactly the same as skyblock except there's a darker sky, and that lava is pouring down from the ceiling.

    One thing I want to see is incorporating the different wool colors into it. It would obviously not work in this concept, but if you could have like mini dungeons within the sky block island, it would be very interesting. Perhaps you should try to add that instead?

    Also, if you want to get a little more creative, try adding names to each challenge.

    And if you want to have achievements easier to track, ask a modmaker to just quickly make achievements for each challenge, and just add it into the download, or make an optional download for it.

    Try to get more creative with the idea. It's in hell, make it more hell themed. Hell doesn't change much, except bed issues (which you won't need since you're spawn is already on the island) and water issues. That's my conclusion and review.

    I give this a 4/10 review. If you added more content and made your idea more unique, that could improve. My final decision is that I will not play this map. If I really wanted to play a skyblock map, I would just play classic skyblock.

    I don't mean to hammer you with this review, but I'm just trying to say my points. I would add compliments, but this is just pretty much a copy off the regular skyblock map, you just placed the floating island in hell instead.One more thing: I noticed the ground was made of mycellium. Is it possible to grow trees on mycellium? If not, I think I see an issue with getting wood.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0]Decipher Enchantment Tables!
    It's a good idea for a mod, but rather then changing the font, you should completely change it so that it makes sense. For example, if it's going to give you sharpness, make it say "Sharpness" as the translation. That actually require a bit of modding.
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    posted a message on Math Homework
    1: 42
    2: 42
    3: 42
    4: Over 9000
    5: 42
    6: 42
    7: 42
    8: Not sure, but I'm pretty sure it's 42.
    9: 42.
    Can't go wrong with the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
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    posted a message on What do you want in an RP server?
    Some stuff like jobs. It would be nice if everyone stopped playing badass and started settling down for something more simple, so people can all communicate as one big bunch for a much more enjoyable experience. To accomplish this, you could possibly list the jobs that you could choose from, and make it so that you get good bonuses for them, just as you would if you chose something like mercenary. Something like farmer or beggar would be nice.
    For example, a good list of jobs would be something like:
    ARCHER: You're job is to kill monsters using bows. Extra coins if you kill a player.
    BONUSES: Enhanced damage from bow shots, faster shots, use of iron armor, etc.
    Of course, you would probably need the help of a custom mod for this, so I suggest you start making out of game roles like texture pack maker, mod maker, skin maker, etc.
    Regarding skins and texture packs: When you have a player in the game, playing around, you want to make sure that something looks good not only to one person, but to everyone, which is why it's important to have stuff like custom texture packs and custom skins. Someone walking around with a headset and a hoodie doesn't match well with a medieval setting.
    You have to think outside of the box. Most of the time, someone comes onto the server, sees that it's just a regular RPG, and leaves. You want them to stay, so you need to hook their attention. Enormous structures do not do a good job of doing this. You want to make sure that the player can get off their feet really quick. I've seen some servers that just drop you off into the world. Make sure you provide them with a basic survival guide, instant job choose, and a good setup.
    Roleplaying is such a nice factor to have, but only massive servers who have constant players in an RPG get to have it. Make sure to constantly enforce roleplaying, and punish those who do not use it. They chose a roleplaying server, there is no "But I don't want to roleplay.".
    Mods that go against any PvP advantages. For example, people logging or teleporting out of combat is extremely annoying. Make sure you enforce that rule as well. Infact, all your rules should be heavily enforced. It's important to have a constant staff watching over the server and making sure there are no behavior issues.
    NPC's would be pretty cool to have.
    Events would be cool. Maybe an expert builder could have temporary OP rights and build up a really cool event setup, and then players could then do things inside of the event. Make sure you inform players at least two weeks before it happens, to ensure maximum players.
    The name should obviously be something medieval, like Kingscraft or Queenscraft or Medieval Ages. Or something matching the setting, for example if you decide on a futuristic setting, MachineCraft, Metallic World, or HoverCraft.
    Quite a bit of suggestions, there are many ways for an RPG server to go. It's up you to decide. These are just suggestions, based upon my previous RPG experience. If you'd like to hear more on a certain subject, let me know, and I'll write more.
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    posted a message on [Minecraft 1.7.3] RG APPLE'S 24/7 (FACTIONS/WHITELIST/SURVIVAL)
    You can still post your IGN as a comment, but you most likely won't be whitelisted for a while, because the owner is away for awhile, and there seems to be an issue with whitelisting people. Don't let this discourage you however, we are still happy to respond to your comment and whitelist you all when we get the chance.
    Also, feel free to ask and questions, concerns, or suggestions. While I cannot whitelist you, I can respond to those, so expect a response in less than 5 minutes.
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    posted a message on [Minecraft 1.7.3] RG APPLE'S 24/7 (FACTIONS/WHITELIST/SURVIVAL)
    We are a fairly new server, possibly a week old. We have a few civilizations setup, with the factions PvP plugin, so whether you like PvP, freebuilding, or survival, this is the server for you.


    To join, you must post your IGN. We will accept you as soon as we have the time. That's all. No hassle, and you get to enjoy all the wonders of the server.

    When you join, you can get a free kit of diamond tools (sword not included) and start making a house. Or you can get a group of your friends together and create a faction. There are many possibilities on this server, with a friendly and active staff.

    JoeW1998 (Joe), tinbucktwo2 (batman), CdrTwinkle (Ethan), Nipper270 (Nick), Harley_Cherrin, and FireW0lf.
    If you run into any issues or concerns while on the server, ask them! We'll be happy to help you.

    We are a 24/7 server, so whether you can't go to sleep at night, or have time in the morning, you can stop by and enjoy playing multiplayer anytime you'd like.

    Once we've confirmed that you're on the whitelist, the IP is:
    Hope to see you there!

    [EDIT]: Since this server is getting a bit of attention, I thought I might give you some information on the server.
    I am currently working, since a few days ago, to build a casino, where you can gamble money or items and hopefully double it, or, if you're using the slots, multiply it by 15. We have 2 major civilizations, Andora, which is pretty much the main city of RGApple's, and has many cool redstone contraptions. We also have Griffin Town, the main city of the Resistance. We hope for more grand creations, and I'm planning a mob arena aswell.

    Btw, I'm NOT the server owner. The server owner is tinbucktwo2, I'm just a moderator hoping to get the word out there. So your whitelist applications will not be responded to immediately unless he is there. He is currently offline, but he is pretty active, and so your applications will most likely be accepted tomorrow.
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