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    posted a message on 1.0.0 RELEASE 50 SLOTS OWNER: XPOMODZ NO LAG 24/7
    Server is pretty cool. Owner overestimated the server power and it caused a crash. Try around 20 slots instead.
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    posted a message on DigitalEpoch / 1.0. NEW!/ Regular Survival, FIGHT!/NO WHITE-LIST/JOIN
    I join, and an admin spawns me into an area with a bunch of TNT and lava. He sets off the TNT, and I manage to get away. Then he starts chasing me and tries to kill me. When I hit him back, I realize he has god mode on.
    Terrible server, terrible admins, don't join.
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    posted a message on Looking for Server
    Quote from skech1080

    You should come to my server, and do whatever your heart desires. We have friendly staff, and with lots of gamemodes to your disposal, you're sure to find something of interest! Just ask if you need any info. Hope to see you on the server!
    HEAVENCRAFT- This changes all you have ever analized. A combo.

    First thing I notice, straight off the bat after entering the server, is the server seems extremely donation hungry. I know that hosting a server is expensive, but that's just too much.

    Quote from sckalen

    sad but true :tongue.gif:

    Indeed. :sleep.gif:
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    posted a message on Looking for Server

    Matches with the PvP server explanation.
    No offense, but it seems that's a must have for servers at this point. It's probably the least creative way to have clans.
    Quote from LowCountry86

    I believe I have the server you are looking for, LowCraft.

    We here at LowCraft offer a dedicated survival experience without pvp or grief. It is a lag free server that is open 24/7. If you are interested in voice chatting, we offer a TeamSpeak 3 server where you can join in on the constant server happenings and chat with our friendly members. We would be excited if you were to join our tight knit community.Click my signature below to apply today!

    Dedicated is good, but it's a lot like other servers. I'm looking for a unique server, not one that rolls with the band wagon. I'm trying to make all my responses as little offensive as possible, while still telling them what I think.
    Quote from hatchettwit

    we aren't live yet, but (-2S-) Anarchy might be what you're looking for :smile.gif:

    I'll take a look later, but Anarchy seems like a PvP server, and I think I've already heard of it. It's basically a standard PvP server.
    Quote from thebearjew09

    hmm, i feel you.

    I have tried opening up my server and it hasnt be succesful :/

    I guess not alot of people are really looking for a server that follows the minecraft.

    I personally have setup up my server so i doesnt need admins beyond doing large events and promoting those who have donated to support the server.

    I did come up with a brilliant idea for a perfect RPG server that maintains 90% of the minecraft guide lines without changing much at all.

    The only section of the world my server has protected is spawn and even then you can still pvp in it.

    Sounds good, glad to have someone that understands you. This might be something along the lines of what I'm looking for. Develop it a bit more, at least one town, and I'll join.
    Quote from SilentStray

    The server I created (some parts still being edited such as forum and site here) is a server that incorporates the feel of a do it yourself MMO(with mcMMo). We have towns in which players can hang out, buy a house a shop, etc... But then there's the other aspect, the ability to create a faction set out to create your own towns/villas and set out to war with one another! We also incorporate jobs and ranks. In order to rank yourself up you must pay and in order to pay you must find a form of income. Mobs drop cash but killing others drops oh so much more! Either that or work at an honest job building, farming or one of the many others and make a living in that fashion. with each rank comes a new title in the chat and new permissions for you to use!

    No griefing allowed unless its a cause of war. Other than that we greatly encourage the building of large or unique structures. Admins are online constantly monitoring players and settling disputes.

    This is pretty much a server that takes similarities from other servers and combines it into one server. No offense, but it's extremely similar to a PvP / RP server. I could almost copy and paste this example as something I don't want.
    Quote from Brvtvs

    If you are looking for a great stable server, check out New Liberty Factions!
    We are the premium of PvP faction servers, with 0 lag and 24/7 uptime.
    We have a global population, zero tolerance for hackers and an unbeatable ban hammer.

    We are in the Minestatus Top 25!

    If you are interested, check us out HERE

    Eh. I'll take a look. If it's a regular factions server and yet it has 60 players on and is in the top 25, I guess it can't be pathetic.
    Quote from kyle_will_eat_u

    I was reading this and I could have sworn this was a really good server.
    But please! Create a minecraft forum thread! I don't like going on foreign sites, because it usually takes a long to time to make an application!
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    posted a message on Medieval-RPG Server! Factions, Groups, SMP, Jobs, Begin your adventure! STILL LOOKING FOR PLAYERS 1.0 Community ( many Plugins)
    How long have you been playing minecraft?: 8-9 months. Can't wait for full release. I can brag to other people about how I played during beta. /immaturity

    Why do you want to join the server?: I'm interested in playing this. Hopefully it won't be a complete fail. I kind of want to play on a server where I can be a lawyer. I've been watching a lot of Phoenix Wright lately.

    Minecraft Username: JoeW1998

    How old are you? 12

    Do you think you are mature?: Uhm. Well. I take things seriously, but not too seriously. I understand things, and I'm an honest person, I guess.

    Did you register on the website? (Website link): Nope. I'm tired of having to be forced to register on websites. I'm sorry.
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    posted a message on Looking for Server
    Alright. After playing on many different servers, this is my analysis.

    SURVIVAL SERVERS: You start off in a room with a list of rules. When you walk outside, you're either in wilderness or surrounded by a HUGE spawn that is very difficult to get out of. You go and chop down a tree, and basically live just like you would in the normal Minecraft world. There's almost no difference.
    This is really basic and uncreative. However, this is still probably the best server.

    PVP SERVERS: There's a safe zone. Some tough guy in full diamond armor is hiding behind a wall. The second you walk out, he automatically kills you. If you don't, you'll still get killed later on. Then you're chests will be xrayed and the admins won't listen to you. They will focus more on how important it is that players shouldn't be able to gather stuff like wood to make it more hardcore.
    I'm being serious here, this is really how most PvP servers seem to work. And don't give me any crap about how "Well, out server is different! You can conquer . ." I don't want to hear it. I'm a good PvPer, but I can't take on a guy with a diamond armor with my fists.

    PRISON SERVERS: You start off in a tightly locked down area. You're forced to do labor, like chopping down trees and mine in mines. Sometimes you get an animal farm, sometimes you get to fish, and then you're released.
    Same thing here. Even more than PvP servers, people claim that their prison server is different. Well, it's not. This is how almost all prison servers work.

    CREATIVE SERVERS: You start off in a flat land with a bunch of pixel art and 1x1 towers built onto it. Most of your stuff will be griefed within three minutes. Or, there are predefined areas that you have to build in, that are way too small to be able to have anything built in it, and you have to donate to get larger land. This is how the very old creative servers work, but I imagine that modern creative servers aren't much different.
    To be honest, I never really got into creative, and I probably never will. I look at creative as a place to do testing, like making redstone contraptions and such.

    RP SERVERS: It's almost impossible to find any good PvP, and since you start out as a nobody, it's almost impossible to get recognized. In conclusion, you basically never get to RP, and more than half of the people on the server tend to not RP in the first place.

    What I'm saying is that I am looking for a server that's kind of like a survival / PvP server that is unique, or at least follows basic Minecraft guidelines, and doesn't go overboard and create a totally new Minecraft. A friendly community, and good admins. I've had my share of abusive admins.
    What I'm also trying to say is, we need more variety in our servers! I've scanned Minecraft forum constantly, in search for a new Minecraft server, and I haven't found anything. You're free to post suggestions.
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    For certain, this is no where near the hardest server out there.
    For one, the castle. The castle has no real challenges what so ever. It's just an obstacle course. There's no redstone involved, other than the torches they plant in the rooms. It utilizes cheap tricks to make it difficult.
    There are definitely more complicated servers out there than this, and to say every server is the same is a lie.
    Infact, this server actually hands out free stacks of bread and free golden armors and swords in the castle.
    The title is a lie, but if they changed that, I guess it would be worth playing. Just to complete the castle though, after that it's exactly the same as any other server.
    That's my review. I did finish the castle.
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    I suggest you test with other servers before you claim the title of "Hardest Server Ever", because I can almost gurantee you without even testing this, that there are harder servers out there.
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    posted a message on PandemicCraft - Hardcore Zombie Survival | Fun | New
    Minecraft Name: JoeW1998
    How long have you been playing minecraft? 9 months. Since the beginning of February, and I don't feel like doing the calculations, but from what I know, I'm pretty sure it's 9 months. Yeah it is...
    How long have you been playing on this server? Haven't played at all. Just making an application that may get accepted soon or in the near future. After I've played on the server for awhile.
    Age: 12
    Gender: Male
    Have you read and agree to the rules of this server? Yep. Pretty much the traditional rules of any server. I'm used to them.
    Post a screenshot of one of your creations. I have a video, but I'm too lazy to post it.
    Why did you decide to join this server? I've only found one zombie server I've been able to connect to. And it was really bad. I have high expectations for this one. Pretty hyped up about joining.
    Are you aware that zombies may break your creations? Of course. You mentioned it quite a bit in the main article.
    What is your timezone? CST.
    ~~Post any additional information, that can bolster your chances of being a registered member.~~
    Did you read The Stand? The main article sounded extremely close in comparison.
    Anyways, I'm good with redstone, which won't help much, since zombies can break through things. I'm good at combat, both PvP and PvE. I have good leadership abilities and am extremely creative, so I think outside the box. I can probably find a way to save myself from the zombie apocalypse. A floating village, perhaps? And also, that helps me give you guys ideas and suggestions for ways to boost the server, so it helps both of us.
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    posted a message on X-MASS Present List
    A bag full of bacon. Can't go wrong with bacon.
    Quote from BlueMiner

    lets just celibrate this christmas because most f the people will be dead by the next one

    Sorry. You're comment is hilarious.
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    posted a message on US Army (Or Your Countries Army) VS 100 Trillion Lions!
    Quote from Felthat

    8 million compared to a hundred trillion isn't even a thing.

    A million people per square meter?

    100 trillion is ridiculous.

    That said, one lion-engineered super epidemic should do the job. Manmade, make sure not a single lion is immune, make it lethal, done and done.

    Then the disease adapts to humans. That's why we should launch it from orbit and not come down until every vector is dead, dead, dead.

    Easier said than done. You can't make sure not a single lion is immune. There's always the odd bunch. If you try to make another, there will be the odd bunch of the odd bunch. If you make another, there will be the odd bunch of the odd bunch of the odd bunch. And so forth.
    As for launching it from orbit, it would be extremely difficult to make a rocket, or probably even get into the rocket when you have 100 trillion lions all out trying to kill you.
    And how about getting 7 or 8 billion people into a rocket? :3 Not sure if you're trolling here.
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    posted a message on US Army (Or Your Countries Army) VS 100 Trillion Lions!
    The lions would obviously win. 100 trillion lions. Think about it. It's so much you probably can't even imagine it. Let me help clarify that: The total world population is approximately 7 billion people. Those are 100 trillion lions. I don't care about nukes or jet fighters, you couldn't even walk if there were 100 trillion lions.
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    posted a message on Math Homework
    1: 42
    2: 42
    3: 42
    4: Over 9000
    5: 42
    6: 42
    7: 42
    8: Not sure, but I'm pretty sure it's 42.
    9: 42.
    Can't go wrong with the answer to life, the universe, and everything.
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    posted a message on inCRAFTion.com | 1.8.8 / Clans / PlayerHeads / XP is Money
    1. Minecraft Name: JoeW1998
    2. Age: 12
    3. Any previous bans?: One. But if I wrote about it, it would cover an entire paragraph. If you really want to know, ask and I'll tell you, but it wasn't for a good reason.
    4. Referral: N/A (Minecraft Forums)
    5. Are you here for Survival, Creative, RPG, or Everything?: Survival and RPG.
    6. Anything you'd like to add?: Uhm. I like to PvP and wage war. I'm decent at mining. I'm good with redstone, and I have many, many, many ideas and suggestions after playing a server for like 10 minutes.
    7. Did you vote for us on Minestatus?: Nope. I vote for servers if I think they are good. That, and I'm too lazy to do something for other people unless there is a legitimate reason for me to do so.
    8. "Special Key": BCJ8
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