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    posted a message on whats the weirdest thing you said to a friend?
    I say it a lot for some reason. I guess I'm just kind of obsessed with the saying:

    "Sometimes, I like to bury myself in the ground and pretend I'm a carrot."

    *sigh* The stuff you find on the Internet.
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    posted a message on The best flavor in the world
    Gravy. I don't care what kind of gravy.
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    posted a message on Everyone is a Hedonist
    I read the first sentence, saw multiple paragraphs, skimmed through the rest and kind of blacked out.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0][Custom weapons mod]Ballistic-Craft, a modern war based server.
    IGN: JoeW1998

    Age: 12

    How long have you been playing minecraft: Since 1.2. About 10 months.

    Why do you want to join: (Atleast a long-ish paragraph, a 7 word sentence won't be accepted) I've been looking for a good server for a while now and this idea seems unique. I feel like the bigger the server I play on, the higher of a chance I have of actually doing something. I've always to be someone everyone on the server seems to know, without reaching for the easiest way. I'll wait as long as it takes, as long as I'm enjoying what I do. Sometimes, I like to act like everytime I rank up, I receive some kind of reward, like a Medal of Honour, or some other time of reward. I can help create new ideas, that will almost change the way every one looks at things. I feel I could add a lot to the server.

    Do you promise to follow both the server rules and the Rules of Engagement and understand the punishment for breaking those rules: Of course. If I said no, I obviously wouldn't be accepted. No, but really, I sincerely do accept the rules and any punishment I receive is made out of my own mistakes, which I take responsibility for.

    Do you understand that what an admin says is final: I understand as long as you make sure your admins are well trained and know what they are dealing with. I don't want the admin's buddy to say "This guy was griefing!" and the admin automatically bans me because of what he said. I'd like the admin to at least hear my side of the story first.

    Do you promise to follow what a senior rank within your faction tells your to do, no matter how much higher they are: I'd be breaking the third rule of engagement if I said no.

    Do you understand that ranking up will take awhile and promise you won't whine at admins or faction leaders to be promoted: After trying to find unique answers to say yes to the three questions above, I think I'm just going to say "yes" for this one. It's late, and I'm not interested in racking my brain for creative answers. I could just come up with some purple flying answer, (purple flying is what I call something that is really weird and comes out quickly. Get it? Like purple is weird, and flying is like fast. . . no? That's okay. I don't really get it either.) but I'd rather just get done with this application, go to sleep, and wake up the next morning hoping it gets accepted.

    I'm just aiming for citizen at this point. It's amazing how something so small can play such a big role.

    [EDIT]: I find it kind of ridiculous that the person reading and accepting / denying these apps is denying people for being too young. I can promise you there are probably many people on the Internet who lie about their age. There's really nothing wrong with it. Minecraft is clearly a game that's probably rated 'E'. There's nothing endangering us. A little cursing isn't going to hurt us. Immaturity is not much of an issue. You can quickly check the application and see if the person is mature or not.
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    posted a message on Looking For A Server
    I don't mean to bump, but is that really too much to ask for, or did you not bother to read the whole thing? Remember, you only have to look at the "MUST HAVES", because optional is put there for a reason.
    I'm sure there are many servers out there who meet the "MUST HAVES".
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    posted a message on Looking For A Server
    Looking for a server that matches (or closely matches) the following characteristics:


    - Survival Mode: No creative mode. Classic survival.

    - Common Moderators or Admins: Basically, I don't want to be on a server where every time I log in, I want to see at least one moderator or admin on. Or at least have an admin or moderator be on for about an hour a day.

    - Plugins: The plugins must not interfere with the actual Minecraft. It's kind of hard to explain, but basically, I want to still be able to play Minecraft, not playing some kind of altered version. For example, if I don't actually need to gather wood. I have to buy instead. Err. So I guess that means no prison servers.

    - PvP: PvP must be balanced. I don't want an armored guy camping the spawn so I can't get out.

    - An Enforced Set of Rules: It's too common to see them not enforced. Make sure that your admins and moderators are worthy and paying attention to any mischief. If someone is going against a rule, make sure you tell them to cut it out or ban them.


    - Boundaries: They're nice to have, and limit the amount of lag and the necessity for resets on the server.

    - Common Events: Add events, daily or weekly to the game. They add a lot of "spice", and help people enjoy the game more, like me.

    - End Game Content: After you've feasted on making huge buildings and getting tons of diamonds, there should be something they should always be able to do. Something entertaining, not just a mini-game. It's no fun when you kind of just sit around with nothing to do.

    - Common Spleef: It's amazing how many servers have spleef, and yet spleef is usually not even played on the server.

    - A Reason to Explore: Add abandoned towns with loot in them, and old ruins throughout the map. Refresh the loot once every week, and maybe swap the towns and ruins around a bit. It gives people a reason to step outside their home. Also gives PvPers a chance to hunt down people.

    - An Arena: It's even more amazing how many servers have arenas, but the arena is not usually played. You can just use a regular arena, or you can use a plugin for a PvP / Mob Arena. Although I really don't like mob arenas.

    - Constant Rewards: It's no fun to make a giant project and not get rewarded for it. The better the thing they did, the more of a reward they get. Just participating in an event should wield a reward.

    - Ranks: They're nice to have. It lets you know how close you are to a rank, and they make for a nice reward. It keeps people wanting to stay in the server longer. This is why end game content should be really good. People will want to keep playing so they can get to the end game content.

    - Community: I just put "Community" because I didn't quite know how to explain it in a few short words. Basically the community should be nice, active, and decently large, but not quite to the point of huge. About 20, more or less, should be the average.

    - Donations: The rewards for donations should be very minor. When someone donates $5 and gets an automatic admin rank, it's not very fair. Also, donations should have alternate ways of donating. How? You can decide. One specific server used TF2 hats as an alternate currency.

    If you have a server, please post a link to it. If you're not sure, you can still post a link. I won't care if it doesn't meet my standards. I have so much time on my hands.
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    posted a message on ░▒▓█ NZBuild █▓▒░ ★NORMAL SURVIVAL★ NOW RUNNING 1.2 // 150 SLOTS // Quests // Shops // Games // Towny // 20,000+ People Joined!
    Please give more information on what your server is about. 4 lines of text and a picture isn't enough to hook me in to your server.
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    posted a message on what to make adv,puz or surv
    Adventure is the hardest to make, puzzle is the second hardest, and survival is really easy.
    And it seems to be a rule that the harder something is, the better the rewards, so I personally always think Adventure is the best.
    Make sure to put a unique twist on whatever map you make, though.
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    posted a message on Design Challenge - Sky Simulator
    Wouldn't be too hard.
    Since items vanish after five minutes, you can press a button to start the cycle. The room is illuminated to represent day.
    Meanwhile, the button activates a dispenser which drops an item onto a pressure plate.
    When the item disappears, the redstone reads that there is no longer any item on the first pressure plate and activates a second dispenser, which releases a block onto a different pressure plate.
    After it reads that the second pressure plate is no longer active, pistons cover up the light sources.
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    posted a message on ScenarioCraft - Minecraft with a purpose | 24/7 | New Challenges Each Week | This Week, Kill Enderdragon | Currently Recruiting
    I've recently started playing on this server.
    According to the topic, there will be a maximum of seven people in this scenario.
    Therefore, I have listed 7 jobs. Here they are:
    1 Farmer
    1 Alchemist
    1 Enchanter
    2 Miners
    1 Hunter
    1 Gatherer
    I will cross the jobs out as they are picked out.
    However, if you feel that you would do better in a different job, just ask and I will see if I can get people to swap jobs, or just add another slot to that job and get rid of the other one.
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    posted a message on [SlimeCraft]!!! [PvP Optional] [Survival] [Nether and End] [1.0.0] [NEED OPS/ADMINS] [No Whitelist]
    IGN(In Game Name): JoeW1998
    Age: 12
    Country: U.S
    Have you ever been op?: Yes. See below.
    Have you ever been banned? If so, why?: Err. It's a long reason really. It was only once, I'll explain: So basically, I was just gathering my materials, made a little hut for myself. Went mining. Became the first on the server to hit the level cap for the plugin. You know. I did good. So the admin promoted me to moderator. So I went around, building bigger, more epic things. Helping people out when they needed them. The admin and the group of moderators and I started to become more familiar with each other and starting hosting events. It was a good server. Then, out of a no where, all admins lose their op powers. Because apparently the admin wanted to start fresh. Then he accused me of not helping anyone when they asked for help and said my buildings looked like crap. I get ticked off and leave the server for a few days. Later, when I come on, the world is completely reset. My castle was gone, my church, my hut, my mine, everything was gone. I complain to the admin. All I said was "You're f*cking the server up." and then I get banned.
    Why you would like to be op: Uhm. Actually, I just kind of copied and pasted the app because I thought it was a member app. But I like to help people and stuff so I guess it works out.

    Poor application, I know. But I don't really care if I get accepted or not. It was kind of an incident I copied and pasted this anyways. Being a forum moderator would be cool. I could like, accept and deny staff applications. An event coordinator would be cool. I could make events. A regular moderator would be cool. I could help people out with structures and stuff. I really don't care. I'm pretty flexible.
    Quote from ACH0225

    IGN(In Game Name): ACH0225
    Country: U.S.
    Have you ever been op?: Yes, and I had a great time and everybody had a great time until the owner got bored
    Have you ever been banned? If so, why?: Once, fairly recently, because I kicked a guy from my faction for stealing 7 diamond blocks from the faction, then he went to a rival faction, which happened to contain the owner. I played alpha for a while then, and when I came back, he was a VIP through donating, and while he couldnt ban me for doing nothing, he continually killed me the moment I steped out of the spawn town. Then, when I complained about the faction he was in being too overpowered because it had all tha admins, the owner, and 5 of the 7 mods, he banned me. This was 4 hour ago. I think he perma-banned me.
    Why you would like to be op:To prevent sob stories like mine and to make sure everyone on the server respects the rules and has a good time.

    To clarify, he banned me 4 hours ago, all the other stuff happened like 6 weeks ago

    Sounds like a douchey admin. Read my post, I actually think you're admin was more of a douche than mine.
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    posted a message on Looking for Minecraft Buddy!
    * I play minecraft about 4 hrs everyday
    * I got minecraft on version 1.2
    * I am 12 years of age
    * I am an expert (epic, awesome, ok, amazing) at minecraft

    Application was a bit limited, let me explain myself:
    I play Minecraft quite a bit. I've been playing the game for awhile and pretty much mastered everything. I'm more of a soloist and like to work with 2-3 people. It would be nice to play with you.
    However, I suggest picking more than just a buddy. Maybe get another person? Like a three person group?
    [EDIT]: I got a bit excited, but after reading the post, my hope kind of died.
    My mic is broken and I don't intend on buying a new one. So unless you can make an exception. . . or just pick someone else. :sleep.gif:
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    posted a message on ScenarioCraft - Minecraft with a purpose | 24/7 | New Challenges Each Week | This Week, Kill Enderdragon | Currently Recruiting
    The server idea is good, but the design was done poorly. I think the objective should be something optional. You should always allow players to be playing, while still enjoying the game. If you're so focused on trying to get something done, it's really stressful, and not everyone has the time to do this. It's very unique, but really, try to give the design some kind of backbone.
    Btw, I wrote this kind of in a hurry. I had so many examples and explanations as to why I didn't like the design, and summarizing it turned out to be a nightmare.
    [EDIT]: I changed my mind. It's a good idea. Ignore this. I reread and kind of liked it. I guess you just need to adapt to it. As long as you post the winners of each challenge. I'll post my application now.IGN: JoeW1998
    AGE: 12
    TIMEZONE: CST (Central Standard Time)
    TIME PLAYING MINECRAFT: Mostly over the weekend.
    HOW WOULD YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THIS WEEK'S SCENARIO: Err. I would kind of be an all around person. Help gather materials, build, explore the world for the stronghold, equip the players, and help bring down the dragon.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.0.0 Creative Server [Whitelist] [Vanilla]
    IGN: JoeW1998
    Age: 12
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    posted a message on Switching to different topic - [1.4.5] The Elder Scrolls: Era of the Vanguard RP War Dragons Dedicated 24/7 Enchanting Que
    Quote from Ctc9592

    It is not a Beta its under contruction

    Yeah, after posting I reread the entire front page, scanning for information. I was just too lazy to edit my post for one word because loading the edit, the forums, the page, looking for my post and all that would take too much of my time. It wasn't a critical error anyways.
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