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    @Keebers Very true. But you'd need a certain amount of power. And if you did claim the land then grief, you'd be banned. But claiming land is allowed. Just not the griefing part :wink.gif:

    @LegendaryBoy You will be allowed to make your own faction when you get on the server, but the current factions are:
    Resistance with 4 members, RGApple's with 3 members, and Wolves with 1 member.
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    llGabell all right I'll let him know.


    Question : Is griefing allowed for war purposes between factions?

    QUestion 2 : How old is the hoster or owner? <- Just wondering if the server can get dedicated..

    1) Griefing is most definitely not allowed :smile.gif: Not only will the factions plugin not allow it, but it's against the server rules.
    2) Not sure how old he is. I don't know him personally. I'll ask him later.
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    Arkenex and LegendaryBoy: I'll contact the owner and ask him to put you on the whitelist :smile.gif:
    He's not on right now, but I'll tell him as soon as I can.
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    We are a fairly new server, possibly a week old. We have a few civilizations setup, with the factions PvP plugin, so whether you like PvP, freebuilding, or survival, this is the server for you.


    To join, you must post your IGN. We will accept you as soon as we have the time. That's all. No hassle, and you get to enjoy all the wonders of the server.

    When you join, you can get a free kit of diamond tools (sword not included) and start making a house. Or you can get a group of your friends together and create a faction. There are many possibilities on this server, with a friendly and active staff.

    JoeW1998 (Joe), tinbucktwo2 (batman), CdrTwinkle (Ethan), Nipper270 (Nick), Harley_Cherrin, and FireW0lf.
    If you run into any issues or concerns while on the server, ask them! We'll be happy to help you.

    We are a 24/7 server, so whether you can't go to sleep at night, or have time in the morning, you can stop by and enjoy playing multiplayer anytime you'd like.

    Once we've confirmed that you're on the whitelist, the IP is:
    Hope to see you there!

    [EDIT]: Since this server is getting a bit of attention, I thought I might give you some information on the server.
    I am currently working, since a few days ago, to build a casino, where you can gamble money or items and hopefully double it, or, if you're using the slots, multiply it by 15. We have 2 major civilizations, Andora, which is pretty much the main city of RGApple's, and has many cool redstone contraptions. We also have Griffin Town, the main city of the Resistance. We hope for more grand creations, and I'm planning a mob arena aswell.

    Btw, I'm NOT the server owner. The server owner is tinbucktwo2, I'm just a moderator hoping to get the word out there. So your whitelist applications will not be responded to immediately unless he is there. He is currently offline, but he is pretty active, and so your applications will most likely be accepted tomorrow.
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    We are a fairly new server with a growing community. If you would like to join us, fill out the application below. We will respond to it shortly.

    Whitelist Application

    In-game name:



    Previous Bans (Includes other servers):

    Source(s) (Optional):

    Reason you should be accepted:

    Additional Info:


    1. No griefing, obviously.

    2. No bad language

    3. No trolling, or being annoying.

    We don't ask for much, follow them and you'll be okay.

    We are a fairly new server. We have admins who will be on most of time to help you with any needs or concerns. Feel free to ask them any questions. We are using the factions plugin. If you don't know what that is, look it up. It's a fantastic plugin. The server is more of a PvP server, but for now you won't get much people bothering you if you want to freebuild, but this will change.
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    posted a message on * The Lonely Vale * !!! GRAND OPENING !!! A Player-Oriented Heavy Fantasy RP Server. Create Your Story Today!
    Wanted to make a quick post about being banned on this server. I'm a bit confused about why I was banned, but it might be because I was falsely accused of stealing something. I wasn't giving any warning about why I was going to be banned, but that's what I would assume. However, stealing was allowed, so I don't see why I am being banned for this. And there was nothing else to be banned about. Clarification about this would be nice. My IGN is JoeW1998, and I believe it is because people thought I was stealing from a certain chest I was not to be stealing from. I looked through it, but never stole anything. And therefore, since someone did steal from it, they just blindly banned anyone who looked through the chest. I'm not saying the admins are bad, I'm just stating they did not fully understand what happened. Please find a way to fix this, whether it be appealing the ban, or clarifying why I was banned.
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    posted a message on * The Lonely Vale * !!! GRAND OPENING !!! A Player-Oriented Heavy Fantasy RP Server. Create Your Story Today!
    IGN: JoeW1998
    Sources: I found this server independently. (None)
    Why do you want to join: I enjoy RP and PvP, especially when they are put together, but usually the servers seem to fail to satisfy my wants. This seems to be a nice server, and I see no reason why I should not attempt to apply.
    Name: Slinger
    IC Age: 22
    Race: Human Bandit
    Profession: Warrior
    Background: Slinger, the eldest of his 6 other siblings, was born into an extremely poor family. Seeing as there was nothing to do inside his small hovel, Slinger would often go out into the nearby town, and salvage trash and food on the streets. One day, he was sitting outside of a bakery, and a man had come out. Slinger ignored him, but when he heard the tinkling of gold coins on the floor, he looked over. Apparently, the gold coins had fell out of his pocket, and Slinger quickly took them and pocketed them. When the man came back, looking for his lost money, Slinger kept his mouth closed.

    Seeing how much of a fortune Slinger could make out of this, he started going around town, pickpocketing folks around the town. He eventually became so good he could steal an entire coinpurse without them knowing it. One day, he was spotted by a bandit on the streets. Shocked at Slinger's thieving skills, he greeted Slinger and told him about the Bandit's organization. Slinger started as a high way man, then a thug, and eventually became the leader of their organization. About a month after he had become a leader, an army of soldiers discovered their base, and tore them apart.

    As fast as it had happened, Slinger was now back on the streets. Another thug who was looked down upon by city folk. But he would get his revenge. Slinger knew he would rise again.

    Could have done better, but I was spending like 30 minutes deleting and editing stuff. Hope you like it. Looking forward to joining your community.
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    Just wanted to quickly give a post for my friend.
    His IGN is: Nipper270
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    Minecraft Username: JoeW1998
    Age: 12
    Location/time zone: U.S / Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    Tell us something about yourself: I play Minecraft often, and as far as people tell me, I'm good at PvP. So I guess if you're allowed to fight guards, they're in for a suprise. I'm also decently good at building, although I don't think that will be necessary for this server. I know that's more than "something" rather than "some things" but I just decided to tell them all anyways.

    P.S This is a PRISONER application. Not a guard application ^.^
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