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    in my world, i have built lots of small towns here and there, and i finally decided to connect them all using minecarts. Now, i;m trying to connect them all with stops here and there, but i have another problem, for how long do powered minecarts travel before they finish out and have to be refueled? I'm asking this because i want to make some minecarts that keep going round and round...

    Also, what program is best to use for videos and screenshots?
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    posted a message on Minecraft 2D. [v.0.8 Released]
    i'm basically working in something similar using gamemaker pro 8, but i dont have much time...
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    posted a message on Nooooooo......texture pack ereased my saves!!!
    This morning I updated my textures by using painterly pack. When I went to open my saves, all those that had the nether inm them got deleted. wtf??? also, i noticed that the minecraft.jar and all the other jar files had been downloaded again..... i'm lost... wht can i do?
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    I just tried to install some texture packs - first Dork's rpg texture pack and a painterly pack. Everything seems to have been done right, but when i try to run minecraft, it sticks on the loading page. Help me out pls.

    I fail at grammer too XD :SSSS:
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