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    posted a message on || The Collapse || An immersive RP/Horror/Survival server [Now recruiting players!]

    IGN (In-game name): Heavy_Gear

    Why would you like to have a pre-defined role?: I would a role so that I may join the server as soon as possible. After watching and reading about No Signal, then reading The Collapse post, I'm very excited about the environment, story and system you have going. I have experience in roleplaying different roles, and want to use it to better this server.

    Are you experienced with roleplay?: I have spent several years over at LOTC, as well as multiple campaigns across different PnP RPGs. I have come a long way, I think, and have good feedback on it.

    In roleplay, what does Metagaming mean?: It is the collecting of information obtained Out of Character, and using that information as if you had gotten it In Character. A common example is PMing someone to come help you when you are in a dangerous situation, without emoting your actions of getting the message out.

    In roleplay, what does Powergaming mean?: It is roleplaying without regard to other players. Either by forcing an action upon the opposing player, or by not allowing them to oppose them in the first place. People who powergame are trying to "win" without regard to actual roleplay.


    You are walking through the streets of "Varisvara", a small old town located in an island. As you walk you notice a shining object in an alley. You attempt to grab it but as soon as you crouch and try to catch this object someone appears behind you. Then this person says something to you...

    "Hey, what do you think you are doing?!"

    Me: I quickly scramble away from the person, twisting frantically to get them in my sight. "Holy- what the hell!?!"

    Person: They growl, taking a couple steps forward. "What's a creep like you doing out here at night?"

    Me: I hold up my hands, trembling slightly from the exertion and surprise, panting slightly. "Woah, woah man. I just thought I saw something. I'm just trying to get back to my hotel room."

    Person: They stop, cocking their head to the side, before their lips stretch out into a toothy smile. "Out o' towner, eh? We don't get too many of those around here. All out on your lonesome... Shouldn't have been surprised really, everyone else knows better than to walk into a dark alley at night."

    Me: I give my own weak attempt at a smile before lowering my hands and shrugging. "Uh... yeah. Anyways, I'll just get on going then. Heh..."

    Person: Their toothy smile grows even wider, and takes another step forward.

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    posted a message on How to best implement a magic system in your RP server?

    I'm curious on people's thoughts. I've seen a fair amount of magic mods over the years, but rarely are they flexible and up to date enough to handle every roleplay server's needs. I've seen two responses to this problem.

    Firstly, don't have a mod for magic and make it totally roleplayed. While effective at requiring minimal effort to create, it becomes difficult to balance at times. Players will try to powergame if there aren't had restrictions on what they can and can't roleplay. In placing those hard restrictions though, it sorta feels jarring. The cap can break the suspension of disbelief at times. It also feels rather cheap. Seeing *I rain fireballs down from the sky* in chat isn't as impressive as seeing fire particles rain down from the skybox.

    Second way I've seen it done is creating a mod from scratch. This can be time consuming however, especially for small servers with only a few people giving varying amounts of work as they do it for free(or whatever deal has been worked out). The magic system will generally take the form of some kind of teir tree, making it have more in common with MMOs. Is this necessarily bad? No. But like the first example, I find it illusion breaking when I have to reach lvl 5 to unlock Fireball. Especially if I'm already roleplaying to study under another wizard. Couldn't he just teach me the spell?

    While not the most well written out examples, I hope I've gotten my intention across. So how does one best avoid these pitfalls?

    The way I imagine it could work better is to set up a roleplay system to crafting spells. The magic user studies the arcane symbols, mixes the ingredients, and sacrifices the sheep to appease the magic gods. Then they submit a form of application to the server forum, describing what they have done and what their intended effect was. The GMs will then create that spell(via some form of customizable mod?) and give it to the player. The player can then attempt to sell or teach the spell to others.

    Or that is the basic outline anyways. What do you guys think? Is there a more refined way of doing magic in roleplay servers? One that is able to be versatile and roleplay friendly, while not sacrificing it's effectiveness in the virtual game world?

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    posted a message on Gravity Falls Server - Your opinion?
    If people start showing interest, I will be attempting to. Will need to recruit map and redstone builders though...
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    posted a message on Gravity Falls Server - Your opinion?
    The current working titles are "Gravity Blocks" or "The Mystery Craft"

    What would you say to a Mystery/Adventure/RP server based around the show Gravity Falls?

    The current idea is you are an agent of either Mystery Twins Inc. or the Secret Anomalous Government Agency (SAGA). You'd go around the USA to different towns set in different environments and themes, from the humid swamps of Florida to the frigid glaciers of Alaska.

    There you go about solving local mysterys by completing certain puzzles and challenges set up by GMs. Some may involve supernatural horrors, while others might just end up being a big misunderstanding or hoax.

    As agents for either of the two organizations, it is up to you if you want to team up with one another to solve the mystery, or hinder the other's progress. This might take some diplomacy on your part. Little combat would be involved, mostly involving escaping from crazies/monsters or hindering other agents. I hope to keep things clean, no graphic depictions of violence n' such. That does not mean characters cannot die or be seriously injured.

    As you solve more mysteries and rise in the ranks, you unlock necessary tools to figure out harder cases. Like copies of the journals, special magical artifacts like the crystal flashlight, or neat little gadgets like GRAPPLING HOOK!
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    posted a message on Need a server idea
    Huh... Well if you have an interest in Gravity Falls, I may have an idea you might enjoy.
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    posted a message on Does anyone know of a mod(s) or plugin(s) similar to these?
    I'm looking for a mod(s)/plugin(s) that can fufill these three functions or some similar combination thereof:

    Have the xp bar become the Health, Hunger, and (Magic) Power bar. Every action a player would do causes a loss of xp points from this bar. It can be regained by eating, drinking, sleeping, and killing. All the values should be able to be modified.

    A rp chat plugin where you can create "preloaded" rp attacks, the damage of which is determined by a /roll 20 type function. Basically think of a Minecraft DnD mod.

    A mod/plugin that makes food rot after a certain amount of time.
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    posted a message on ~!~!~!~Free~Custom~Detailed~Skin~Shop~!~!~!~
    Quote from saestar094gaming


    Well_Dressed_Ninja's skin

    thanks dude
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    posted a message on ~!~!~!~Free~Custom~Detailed~Skin~Shop~!~!~!~
    Picture:http://www.neorice.com/hoh/198_Burk.png (Burk, not Nosy)
    What it is: Basically a muscled human male. He's a bit of a brawler.
    Style: Nicely shaded
    Extras: I'm using the more player models mod, so I can alter the guys limb sizes. Please keep that in mind while making it. Also, you don't need to add the backpack.
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    posted a message on [PixelmonMOD] Pixelmon Legends [RolePlay][Dynamic Evolve System][Economy]
    Interesting... What's the lore? Is this going to be enforced rp?
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    posted a message on Skin requests being taken! 100% free! HD quality
    Quote from Professor_cow77

    Hello I am professor_cow77 or Fred. I would like to inform the minecrafters out there who want a skin just for them that they can come to me I will make a perfectly free HD skin for anyone all I need is a description of what you want and/or a picture! I specialize in DERP!

    I am going to be a bit slow on these just because I am backed up in a lot of work! Hope you understand, you may still post but You may not be answered as fast.

    Hopefully I can get all your skins done as fast as possible.

    Can you do one of this guy:

    I had a guy do it before, I was wondering if you could make it better.
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    posted a message on How would one do a Nuzlocke challenge with Pixelmon?
    I know the basics of how a nuzlocke goes in a regular pokemon game.

    But how would it go in pixelmon?

    The most obvious would be a pokemon's permadeath.

    But since it's minecraft, should the player have permadeath as well?

    Should you be allowed to craft items for your pokemon? Should it be limited to a certain number per day?

    Any of you have ideas?
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    posted a message on Supertroopers [MagicFarm 2] [PVP] [50 Slot] [Towny] [Web Interface]*WIP
    I think I'll give this a look-see... Sounds pretty good.
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    posted a message on Making skins for free. [5 per day]

    Haha, okay. I'm an amateur skin maker and the little details were hard to work with, but here you are:

    No hat:


    Feel free to give me any criticism, I am a bit new to this and could use some.

    Yeah, I got it made. Tell me if you want it sent to you or posted.

    I made a few tweaks of my own, but overall it is an excellent skin. Thank you for your time and talent my good sir.
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