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    I used your mod a looong while ago, probably in the early stages of the development (if I remember well, it was around beta 1.6 or 1.7) and I was really impressed with the quality of the mod, the dungeons and the configurability.

    However, stumping upon this topic again many months after, I was nicely surprised that the tool was still developing and still growing. I even thought: hey, I liked it back then (I was making a special map for my server) so why not adding challenge to my game!?
    But, I will not use your tool (unfortunately) because it will not generate those dungeons as you generate chunks in game.
    I admit I haven't read the previous replies and this may have been said already, but to me this is a killer for your tool, no matter how great it is. Make it a mod and make it generate the dungeons randomly as you uncover chunks. Then your tool will probably know the fame it deserves.

    Anyways, keep up the good work, it's awesome :)
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] BioTek [SSP/SMP] (DNA,Cells,Organs,Syringes,Plants & More)
    Very promising mod. You should add more screenshots to your description/tutorial.

    Do you plan on adding mods/plants genetic crossovers?

    Also, just an idea out of the blue, you could add DNA in syringes giving buffs like the ability do jump high like a spider for a period of time, or generate web string to descend a cliff if you use spider DNA. Or perhaps even the ability to be undetectable to one kind of mobs for a period of time if you inject yourself their DNA. I'm sure the community can help you come up with great (not too unrealaistic/overpowered) features

    Nice work
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    To wash your hands?
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Wilderness [Trapping, Survival, and Hunting]
    Awesome! I like it ! :Diamond:
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    posted a message on [API] Minecraft Forge
    Quote from deadlytown

    Forge sucks its destroys HD textures support.

    The only one who destroyed HD textures support is you :wink.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Advancedmaps
    Quote from Voragain

    Oh well, I guess this does not really sparkle any interest.

    See ya later MCers.

    How can you say that? Your mod has certainly not got the scale of the Aether Mod or Better Than Wolves, but this is one of them mods that should be in the original game and people are wondering why Notch didn't implement this feature already (he still hasn't fixed the maps in vanilla yet!). This is so useful and I putting maps on the wall looks so right in my Headquarters ^^

    You'll see, on the next Minecraft update, people will come to this thread and go "PLEAZ UPDATEZ DA MODZ FOR 1.9 !!1! I CANTZ PLAY WIZOUT IT!" :laugh.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Advanced HUD 4.8.1
    That is so useful ! Thanks.

    You get some :Diamond: :Diamond: et +1 on your reputation :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on MAtmos - Environmental sound atmosphere simulator
    Quote from Hurricaaane

    You need to use the Delta sheet to detect that the cursor is passing over something at close range, and you need to use an Instant to determine that the cursor is passing over an entity (there is no implementation for detecting the kind of the mob)

    Weapon Interactions does have something similar to detect that the player is looking at an entity

    Thanks again.

    This is still a bit confusing for me though. First, what do you call close range? The same range as a SmallScan?

    Then, as I can gather from your wiki, Delta sheet is used to compare states between 2 scans, substracting the data of the new scan from the previous one. That is useful to detect whether we are pointing at let's say a workbench one second and the next we're not. For instance we "pass" over the workbench. This implies that there is an instant that detects what block you are pointing at on a specific scan. So there would be a possibility to program an event to trigger if you are pointing at a workbench, regardless to whatever you were pointing at during the last SmallScan.
    In my previous post, when I said "pass over" I didn't specifically mean pointing at the block on scan A and not anymore on scan B, I was thinking more like triggering an event when your pointer is on a mob for exemple. I suppose both ways would work, with or without the Delta sheet. Or is there no other way than using the Delta sheet?

    I hope I'm clear because even I think I'm confusing with my explanations ^^

    Also, do you think you might implement the detection of what mob you are pointing at in future releases?

    Finally, are you really from France? Are you French? (Don't take it the wrong way, I am French)
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    posted a message on [Forge] TrainCraft (formerly Trains and Zeppelin mod)
    Such a great mod! I admire the work and attention to details ! :Diamond: :GoldBar: :GoldBar:
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] GLSL Shaders (DoF, Bump Mapping, Waving Wheat, Dynamic Shadows, and More!)
    I relly think a new thread should be made for the shaders. This thread is soooo confusing.
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    posted a message on [1.1] Kitchen additions UPDATED Fridges, toasters, stoves And more!!
    Quote from Amber Tonerre

    make it work with modloader plz

    umm, it does work with modloader?

    it needs modloader to work haha
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    posted a message on [1.8.1]Useful features![v3]
    I was just trying out the new MCP and decided to make this.

    This mod adds two new GUI components and a few "cheats". An ingame texturepack switcher and website links! These buttons are located in the ingame menu by pressing escape. Both buttons work fully on multiplayer. It also adds keybindings to the game such as x-ray, full bright, step and high jump. You can now find out these keybindings by typing .help in a multiplayer game!

    This mod can be activated by pressing "x" ingame. It allows you to see ores and other rare blocks before you are even near them underground! I have made the x-ray dark on purpose so the people cannot cheat to badly in multiplayer.

    This mod can be activated by pressing "c" ingame. It makes every block in the world as bright as glowstone so you can see in the night! It works on multiplayer as it only changes things client-side.

    This mod can be activated by pressing "z" ingame. It makes it so that your player can walk up blocks like there is nothing there. It will allow you to walk up blocks like they are half-steps.

    High Jump:
    This mod can be activated by pressing "p" ingame. It will allow the player the jump a maximum of 2 blocks! It is useful for when you are stuck in holes and cannot break blocks.

    Screenshot: not updated


    This video kindly made by MineSurferForLife. He has also asked that you guys check out his website: minecarterswebsite.wordpress.com



    Q: Why is the world made of iron underground on this server?
    A: Because they have a plugin stopping x-ray (Thank God!!!!)
    Q: Why does it teleport me back when I high jump?
    A: Because there is a plugin stopping it (Thank God!!!!)
    Q: Can you add fly?
    A: NO!!!!
    Q: Can I have the source?
    A: NO!!!! Try decompiling it :smile.gif:
    Q: Will the server see me typing .help?
    A: Possibly, but whose fault is that?

    v1: Added ingame texturepack changer.
    v2: Added website buttons
    v2.1: Hopefully fixed an issue regarding biomes not reloading :biggrin.gif:
    v3: Added 1 ingame .help command, x-ray, high jump, full bright and step!

    I am not responsible for you getting banned on a server. Please take it into your own hands and check to see if the admins mind, most of them can check :smile.gif: It would be helpful if you didnt take the code but I wont take legal action as in not a **** :biggrin.gif:
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