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    posted a message on Minedraft.net - Visualize Your Creations!

    Have you ever needed to quickly sketch out a concept for Minecraft? We may have found the answer to your problem.

    Minedraft is a web application created by Alex Cline that allows you to quickly and easily prototype your creations. This allows for much larger and complex creations to be designed without the headache!

    There are a plethora of blocks that you can use, as well as mobs and other well-known Minecraft creatures that will complete the look.

    When you're ready to show off your creation, Minedraft provides you with a link to share your creations with others. Here's the URL for one that we've made above: http://minedraft.net...7f79220b4000002
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    posted a message on Curse, we got a problem.
    Quote from Zalvager

    When you go to your comments on your profile page and refresh a few times, it will show as if you only have one, or less pages of comments. Nothing special, just fix it. :smile.gif:

    Dearest sir,

    I thank you for taking the time to write to me on this glorious day. We here at Curse appreciate when our wonderful and loyal masters shine down upon us and show us the folly of our way.

    I am but a lowly messenger for the great harbinger's of code, Sango and Telshin. I will happily make it my lifes personal quest to ensure your teachings are passed on to them, so that we may correct our ways.


    WedTM Da Funkmasta

    P.S. - No really bro, thanks for the heads up, we really do appreciate it when we get good solid bug reports like this with out "OMG CURSE SUX".
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    posted a message on trying to start modding team

    average american. yup thats about right

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    posted a message on Mod API Coming in January?
    According to an interview done with Carl (CEO of Mojang) by BebopVox, Minecraft will be getting some much needed love to it's modding support very soon.

    The new modding API has long been requested by modders, as currently, the modding support is all unofficial. Tools such as bukkit will finally be getting a supported method of integrating their mods into Minecraft, blowing open the doors to developers.

    Info is at 2:20 in this week's . Listen to the first part for some juicy info on new Mojang employee's!
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    posted a message on Mineways: 3D Prints of Minecraft Objects
    Have you ever built something so absolutely amazing that you wanted to keep it forever? Imagined a structure in Minecraft, and longed to see it brought into the real world?

    Well, now's your chance.

    Eric Haines from Autodesk (the makers of 3D rendering software, no less) has just released his Mineways program to the world. Mineways allows you to select various blocks from within the game, trim them up, and send them to 3D printing service, Shapeways.

    The process is extremely simple, and after a quick turn around, you can have any Minecraft scene, object, or mob rendered into a real life object of your very own.
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    posted a message on "Assmins"
    I'm sorry, I can't understand what you are saying...Is this english?
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    posted a message on New Prerelease is Available
    Weekly Tester Out!

    Jeb has confirmed this week's tester jar, 11w48a! Remember, this will not patch on its own, so if you'd like to help out by testing it, Link Removed, and copy the new .jar file over your existing one. Be sure to report any bugs you may find on the Minecraft Wiki here.

    What's New - Find Out Here

    We have discovered the following in this week's tester (expect this list to update frequently):

    New Features:

    • Taiga biomes return
    • Apples can randomly drop from trees
    Apples will only drop from default trees (no pine or birch). You will get apple in 1/200 chance.

    • Farmland trampling mechanics have been altered
    Farmland no longer tramples by walking on it, only jumping will affect it. Animals can no longer trample your crops.

    • "Void fog" gone at bedrock level in Creative mode


    • Breaking wheat can "trample" between 2 and 5 adjacent farmland blocks, this is being addressed
    • Placing a block next to double-doors (wooden) can cause them to force open
    • Sugar cane can be placed underwater

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    posted a message on LethalDrive · Official host of MineCon 2011! · 20% off with 'summertime'!
    Quote from chedderchez

    You lie, Cole2sworld.com is the official host for minecon! FAKE!

    Actually Lethal Drive was also a sponsored host.
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    posted a message on Best Creeper At MineCon
    Normally people usually run away when they see a creeper. Once in a while, however, you see a creeper that looks like they could just use a hug. This is not one of those creepers. This is a creeper who is creepy in more than one way. I present to you, the creepiest of the creepers.

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    posted a message on Minecraft for iOS is available!

    In a most peculiar timing, as most of Mojang is on airplanes flying to Vegas for MineCon, we've found that Minecraft: PE has been released for iOS. Whether or not this was intentional time will only tell, but for now, go and swipe it up for a cool $9.99 $6.99. (The original price was listed from Apple's New Zealand store, the US price is $6.99).

    Click here for the Apple Store page.

    UPDATE: It appears that the app is not available until the 17th. So if it's not available for you, you may have to wait until then!
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