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    posted a message on custom villagers with one trade
    No, add to your data tags
    This will set the level of his unlocked trades to be greater than is possible for this career, making the game not give new trades, thinking that the villager is at the end of the possible trades for that career.
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    posted a message on /Execute Command + Lightning
    How is it activated? You could just do
     /execute @p[name=username] ~ ~ ~ /execute @e[r=5,name=!username] ~ ~ ~ /summon LightningBolt 
    in a command block, (replacing username with the player that does it. For me, it would look like
     /execute @p[name=Evcam] ~ ~ ~ /execute @e[r=5,name=!Evcam] ~ ~ ~ /summon LightningBolt 
    Let me explain the command. The execute command allows you to do a command at the location of something besides the player typing it or the command block doing it. It's kind of like as if all the things you target are typing the command in chat. @p is a target selector, which, along with the target selector arguments in the square [] brackets, specifies the person. @p will target the nearest player who fits the criteria of the target selector arguments. @p[name=username] targets the closest person whose name is username. Next in the syntax are coordinates, which tell the game where the player is doing the command. Tildas (~) allow for relative coordinates. By using ~ ~ ~, we are sort of skipping this part, saying from the player, do this 0 blocks x, 0 blocks y, and 0 blocks z, which doesn't move the command. Then we specify the command that will be carried out by the person we selected. In this case, we're using ANOTHER execute command. This targets all entities (@e) with in 5 blocks ( [r=5] ) of the player. So, at the location of the player, we find everything within 5 blocks of the player. Now, we execute at each of those a command which summons a lightning bolt, as if all the players within 5 blocks had suddenly typed /summon LightningBolt] in chat. So, basically, we say that from the person with the name we specify, all the people within 5 blocks summon lightning bolts at their exact position. Hope I helped!
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    posted a message on Ride the Dragon (kinda of...)
    Like a million people have done this before...
    It would tae les than a half an hour to implement control..
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    posted a message on Constantly teleport a cow relative to a zombie
    By the way, the item on the Zombie's head is there so it won't burn. I did't make it invulnerable, because it would still burn, just not take damage. You still see the fire when the zombie is invisible. The item I put on his head is a music disc. After finding that almost anything you put on its head will be visible (Including barriers which show the red X symbol) I found that music discs did not in any way show. I was very happy.
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