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    posted a message on InsaneCraft | Episode 1
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    posted a message on [16x] [1.4.7] DomoCraft
    DOMOCRAFT - An Original Texture Pack by DomoOfficial

    Features -
    • GUI
    • Mobs
    • Misc
    Please check out my other stuff as well! Also give a diamond at http://www.planetmin.../domocraft-v01/

    NOTICE: This texture pack is not complete! More updates coming soon!
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    posted a message on Looking for an SMP server to play on!
    I am looking for an SMP server to hang out on. I wouldn't grief or steal anybodies things.

    And if you want me to make a LP Series on youtube for it, I cant. I dont have a WORKING microphone. So if you know a cool SMP server I can get on please Reply :) Thank you!

    SMP = Survival Multiplayer
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    posted a message on [Req] YouTube Background
    I want a Minecraft YouTube Background that has these Features:

    •My Name (Wazzupcreeper)
    •A Creeper
    •A Message saying: SUBSCRIBE!
    •A Diamond Pickaxe
    •A Minecraft Background (Like the one for MCForums)

    Anyone who can make this please PM me! Thanks!
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    posted a message on Mindcrack-like 1.3.1 Server!
    IGN: Wazzupcreeper
    Age: 12
    Why do you want to join this server: I love watching the series on youtube, and I wanted to play on a server just like it!
    What will you contribute: I can build cool stuff and hang out with the other players and have fun!
    How long are you on at a time: Atleast about 2-3 hours a day!
    Who is your favorite Mindcrack commentator: MC Gamer
    I also have skype if that helps any!
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    posted a message on Livestreaming till 10 PM
    Livestreaming Till 10 PM!!!!!!

    Livestreaming Minecraft, WoW, LoL, and more!
    Join before its to late! And tell your friends! Have fun!


    And ask Nolan if you want him to play a specific game!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5][MindCrack Style][Livid Craft][Whitelist][24/7]
    IGN: Wazzupcreeper

    AGE: 11

    ARE YOU MATURE? I make some jokes from time to time, but im pretty mature.

    WHAT WILL YOU BUILD? Like a house I guess. I would do like survival and stuff. Like in Mindcrack!

    ABOUT YOURSELF? I love to build and survive in Minecraft, I dont really like creative but, I use it sometimes. I get all my items on servers legit! Also I can animate and make logos!

    ARE YOU A GRIEFER? If I was, I would hate myself. Griefers are so stupid! I hate them!

    WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF GRIEFING? Like breaking or moving blocks in someones house or structure or building without their permission.

    WHAT ARE YOU GOOD AT IN MINECRAFT? Im good at building and farming. I am learning some stuff with redstone. And creating some of my own redstone ideas. Im good at minig also. I know how to find diamonds etc.

    IP: LividCraft.minecraft.to

    I also have skype if you wanted to know
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    posted a message on [Req] YouTube Background
    I am looking for someone who can make me a background for my youtube channel! I need the newer template of the youtube background, not the old one! I don't care how long it takes, I just need one! Here are some things I would like in it!

    Text: PintSizeGaming

    Minecraft Logo

    Terraria Logo

    WoW Logo

    Please make my one thanks!
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    posted a message on ClassicCraft 24/7 [PvP] [RP] [Survival]
    A fun survival server for all people! It has awesome staff and is always on! Build houses with friends. Kill LOTS of noobs. And Hang out! There is no griefing or stealing. But is very FUN! SO join NOW!
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    posted a message on Floating Island Survival 1.0
    1. Make a cobblestone generator

    2. Build a wheat farm

    3. build a house

    4. get 64 bacon

    5. take a screenshot of your island

    6. build a melon farm

    7. go to the nether

    8. enchant a sword

    9. enchant a pickaxe

    10. enchant an axe

    11. enchant a shovel

    12. enchant a hoe

    13. get to level 5

    14. get to level 10

    15. add a floor to your house

    16. slaughter 100 pigs

    17. get 2 stacks of bacon

    18. make a tree house

    19. make a tree farm

    20. make a pumpkin farm

    21. harvest wheat

    22. harvest melons

    23. build your own island

    24. expand your island

    25. make all stone tools

    26. play on Hard mode

    27. finish all challenges


    1. No hacks/mods (except for mo' creatures)

    2. Play on difficulty Easy - Hard

    3. No jumping off to regen health

    4. No timber mod

    5. No creative mode

    6. Play on multiplayer or singleplayer

    7. Don't copy this map and say its yours

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    posted a message on BitBook
    If you are wondering what BitBook is, well here is the answer. BitBook is a website like FaceBook or Twitter. You are able to hang out with friends, talk with family, or any other things! All you have to do is sign up! You can also create your own Bit! A Bit is what we call our Members. So if you sign up we would call you a Bit. A Bit is a little pixel character that you get to create. You can create your own Bit by using The BitBuilder! Then you can share your Bit characters with everyone. (Instructions on how at the Home page of the website) Also you can choose your favorite Bit you have created as your Profile Picture! If you didn't notice, my Profile Picture is a Bit. Mine is Luigi with a beard! That is just an example though. You can create your any way you want!

    All you have to do to join is click this link: CLICK HERE!
    OR copy and paste this link: BitFace.webs.com

    Then just simply click sign up! Also we will be adding many games for you all to enjoy in a short time! So look out for that! And remember this is a new website, so its not the best right now! Also remember to like our Page on facebook. And Share the website with your friends and family!

    Have fun Bits!
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    posted a message on Building Timelapse
    =================================== I want to do some Timelapses with someone. If you don't know what a timelapse is, its a thing in minecraft were one person builds amazing structures (Skycrapers, Villages, Cities, etc.) And the other person records it. But, the person that records it (Me) will speed it up and make it look faster. Then I will upload it to youtube. Or PlanetMinecraft and minecraft websites!
    ==================================Recorder - Me
    Builder - You
    Server - WorldStudio or Your server
    When - Anytime you want

    If you have any more questions, send me an email ([email protected]) or message me on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/wazzupcreeper) or reply down below! By the way, I recommend you have your own server and we build on that because, WorldStudio you have to sign up on a website for. So it would be more easier to build on your server.
    Subscribe to my youtube also, because that is where I will be uploading the builds. Thanks and remember to reply with questions or server IP's or any other stuff! Thanks!
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    posted a message on Austin Play Minecraft [Minecraft Let's Play] [Funny]
    New video:

    First video:

    Second Video:

    Third Video:

    Coming Soon

    "Click here" to see more awesome videos!
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    posted a message on Austin Plays Minecraft [Minecraft Mod Lets Play] [English] [Funny]
    New video:

    First video:

    Second Video:

    Third Video:

    Coming Soon
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    posted a message on Compact 3x2 Piston Door - Redstone Tutorial - Minecraft

    Please Subscribe to my channel if you liked :D http://www.youtube.c...r/wazzupcreeper
    And tell me if you want any more Redstone Tutorials!

    Song: 8-Bit B*tch
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