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    I'm sure anyone who's built a farm around a skeleton spawner will agree, non-stackable items quickly become annoying when trying to set up an item sorter.

    I'd like to see a new redstone component to help solve this.

    I'm picturing something like a cross between a comparator and a hopper (or a chest). It would have an input sensor that could be aimed at other blocks (hoppers, chests, droppers, etc.) and an output for a redstone signal, like a comparator. The difference would be that you can place an item inside that would then be the source of the comparison. If a similar item is sensed, a signal is sent.

    For example, you have the skeleton farm I mentioned above and want the bows to fuel a furnace. You aim the filter at a hopper pipe and set up a redstone line to unlock a hopper beneath when the signal is sent, then place a bow in the filter. Any bones, arrows, or armor pieces pass by, but the bows get diverted.

    Now this could have multiple settings, like a comparator's different modes, where it could filter for the exact item or one of its qualities. A gold helmet could sort out for gold helmets, or any helmet, or any gold armor, etc. How broad it could become would determine its usefulness, but I admit making it overly broad might make the component overpowered. (In the skeleton farm example, if the gold helmet could filter any armor piece, it could be a single filter for the whole farm. Conversely, if it's the exact item only, you would need an array of 20 filters to cover the possible combinations.)

    What do you think?

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