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    posted a message on How did you find out about Minecraft?
    Quote from SweElite»
    I was just randomly browsing Youtube when I stumbled upon this video. I got hooked immediately.

    Hahaha, I found from the same video!
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    Quote from Shadow2hel

    This is not really necessary since you will get a list with enchancements when doing /enchant or /enchant list.
    But good though :)

    very necessary, command book is a copy-cat for essentials, essentials has the /enchant. So if you don't have essentials then you can't do /enchant. I find this very useful.
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    posted a message on [1.4.4] Just Fly
    LOVE THIS MOD!!! I've been searching for so long for a mod that doesn't conflict with some other mods I have. 3 problems (not sure if easy fix)

    1. sometimes you randomly teleport downward for no reason. Derp
    2. if you type 'F' while typing in chat it toggles it.
    3. Fall Damage (big one)

    Hope you fix that!!! THanks for the mod!

    P.S. don't add an X-ray mod unless you make them 2 different completely independent class files so you can choose not to install one or the other. (this was the only flymod I can find that works, and if you add x-ray, I'll have to uninstall it :PP)
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