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    1. No Pics No Clicks
    2. What channel. There are no links or names
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    Sorry but there are no pics so no clicks
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    The terrain looks amazing. Good job
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    No Pics No Clicks
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    Looking alrite. But wrong section, you should of posted this in maps discussion.
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    Hello everyone this is the new video by CorruptPixlFilms. It sick and awesome. Remember to smack that like button. Comment and subscribe.

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    Hi everyone. Here at CorruptPixlFilms we are looking for a person who can sing parody's for us. We prefere if you were Australian. But we are looking for a person with a Southern American Accent.

    Channel > https://www.youtube.com/user/corruptpixlfilms

    Please fill this is out for us.
    1. Your name?
    2. Do you have Skype (required and name)?
    3. Do you have a good hd mic for recording?
    4. Minecraft Name?
    5. You work (voice ect)

    First in First serve. But we will pick the person we like. So we may look at multiple at a time, to make sure you are the right person.

    We will tell you the project when we tell you that your in.
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    Quote from Kerayenkay

    Cool! Awesome video! Keep up the fantastic work!

    Thank you
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    Hello everyone. This is video is the first video of CorruptPixlFilms. I hope you all like this video. Remember to smack that like button, Subscribe and comment.

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    posted a message on [1.2.5]Extreme Glass Jumping (Parkour, Mazes,Adventure and tons of fun) Over 4000 Downloads
    Glass Jumping

    Glass Jumping is a new map that is all about jumping glass.
    There are many different levels to jump.

    There are secrets throughout the map. Currently there is only 1 secret in each level.
    The secret is diamonds :Diamond: in a chest,
    so look out for the chests for extra points. There are Currently Many so post how many you got. :Diamond:


    These 2 great trailers are made by ItBeMandT. His channel is here ------> YOUTUBE


    TheAsianPosse: 9.7/10
    I absolutely loved this map. Although it was short, the time was well spent. I lost hope in this map when thinking that the Parkour was the end, but I was relieved when I saw the other challenges. This map is brilliant and I recommend it to everyone.

    Skraty: 4/6

    very complex jumpes sometimes i couldent do them, i hate lava so much but still an enjoyable map

    improvements : try not making the levels so hard that people just give up after a while and after constant dieing.

    :SSSS::SSSS::SSSS::SSSS: My Rating is 4 Creepers. this is because i dont like lava :Lava: <----. other than that an excellent map.

    the1minecrafter1: 8/10

    Not bad! it was really fun! (but very hard lol)

    Pros: It was very fun and funny, there was lot's of stuff to do, it wasn't just a straight jumping, I like that, It was very funny and I enjoyed it, it looks like a lot of hard work went into it, redstone was very good also

    Cons: Was a little confusing at parts, you know, where to jump and all, signs had bad english
    Summary: It was very fun and you really put a lot of work into this and had little cons, loved the map :)


    The current version is 1.2

    The features in 1.2 is:

    1: 4 Facility's with lots of levels in them

    2: Checkpoints

    3: Secrets (Currently they are not being used and are just put in the map to save time later putting them in.

    4: All Glass is over lava (Except for a bit of level 5 in facility 1 and the Nether)

    5: Roller Coasters

    6: Nether jumping

    7: Mazes

    8: Puzzles

    9: Different Facility's

    Vids and Pictures

    A very special thank you to imEtney for doing many gameplays

    Latest Episode from imEtney

    Thanks to MarcusEM21 for doing a gameplay

    Thanks to xXSkratyXx for the gameplay/review

    Version 1.2

    Version 0.5 BETA

    Version 0.1

    Update Logs/To do

    To do

    1: Need to add more levels Completed
    2: Finish all level completely Completed
    3: Add more secrets and add point system
    4: Try to update Glass jumping ever day/week till I add all levels Completed
    5: Make sure you can't skip any levels by jumping onto other glass Semi-Completed
    6: Fix Bugs
    7: Fix hearing rain problem Cant Fix unless you have mods
    8: Keep up with minecraft updates, so no problems.

    Log 4:
    Worked on Glass Jumping for over 20 hours in 2 days to get it updated and finished.

    Log 3:
    Updated this to version 0.6. Fixed some bugs and added hints for the Nether level 6.2.
    Haven't updated this in a while so sorry.

    Log 2:

    Made a roller coaster to the new level (level 4) Made level 4. Then started level 5. Added more secrets. Made finish to the
    level 5. Uploaded new version and edited this post.

    Log 1:

    Uploaded Glass Jumping and posted this on Minecraft Forum.


    7th of April 2012, 12:42 Pm:
    I worked on Glass Jumping for over 20 hours in a 2 day period. Hopefully Glass Jumping is all done and no bugs. I did finish the map as well add a story line. But the story is not really a open story yet but still building up. I will start on Glass Jumping 2 sometime and finish off the story.

    3rd of March 2012, 11:47 AM:
    Added this segment into here because it helps you guys stay in turned with my updates. I have finished updating 0.6, fixing some bugs and adding some tips into the nether as some of you got lost. I have some issues with Mediafire because there log in with Facebook is not working. I have made a new account in mediafire and will be hosting my files from there, so your downloads should be faster. A few bugs with Mediafire that i can't see how many downloads there are. But i think it's partly fixed now. We have hit over 1000 downloads and I would like to thank you all for helping us out.


    Version 1.2 Rar

    Version 1.2 Zip


    Maker: WaterPixl

    Beta Testers: Endo774, Marvinsroom98, kiwicloud1

    Co-Helpers:Video Hunting

    Extra Links

    YouTube channel for updates and other games.

    Facebook for questions (SOON)

    Thanks to WaterPixl for making this map.
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