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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Exanadu's Modern Decorating
    Thanks Exanadu for the latest update. I can finally go back and finish all those projects, including my huge tower and sky land area.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Exanadu's Modern Decorating
    I'm pacing the floor and checking for this mod to be released for 1.0.0...No pressure. *poke* *poke* (I kid, I kid)) Outside of a few texture packs, this and IC2 are my only mods that I use to create my worlds. Thanks for all the great work on this and future releases.
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    posted a message on WTF Won't Connect!
    The servers are probably on heavy load. It has happened since the 1.8 pre-release. You will be able to log in again later, but for now I just play offline.
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    Quote from AGMangoJuice_97

    amazing tutorial though i have this error

    == ERRORS FOUND ==

    src/minecraft/net/minecraft/src/mod_PlutoniumBlock.java:13: ';' expected
    public String Version

    1 error

    the line in the error is

    public String Version()

    does anyone know the problem? i have modded but not with modloader so i know how to read errors but can't find anything wrong
    thanks if you help!

    The error in question (if I understand correctly should look like this:

    public String Version()
    		return "1.7.2";

    the return string value should be what ever version of Minecraft it is for. The tutorials are based on the 1.6.X (mcp4.0) version of minecraft. If you do not have a return value, then you will need a semi-colon at the end of public String Version() which will look like: public String Version();

    Hope that made sense...lol

    To the OP, as a suggestion, can you possible make a tutorial on adding blocks with redstone functionality and/or something with moving parts? My current project is trying to create an elevator mod based on the new pistons. It will hopefully, extend beyond the current piston range of 1 block.

    Thanks for the great tutorials
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    posted a message on What would you do if you had your own baby creeper?
    All babies are creepers...just open their diaper to see the explosion!
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    posted a message on 3 fires. A short story then a discussion of griefers
    Quote from Zechnophobe »
    This entire discussion is mind numbing.

    Griefing is not a *part* of the game. It is a side effect. It's like saying that people playing annoying music over voice chat in other games is 'part' of the game. It's like saying that having a homeless person steal your wallet is part of life.

    Does it happen? Yes.
    SHOULD it happen? No.

    In the real world, acts of destruction are met with laws, laws that are then enforced. Just because it is easier to get away with in the digital realm doesn't suddenly make it Ok.

    Yes, you are getting away with doing bad things to people. You are not justified in this. Nor should they simply learn to 'deal' with you instead of attempting to create an institution to squelch your ability to destroy.

    Whitelists and Blacklists are such institutions, for as good as they are. So is banning. If you are a griefer, there is no reason to cry about these things. You have brought it on yourself.

    Well said, and I completely agree. There are a few things in this discussion involving language that may be confusing things and splitting the community.

    1. Griefer/Griefing - It's the willful harassment of another player(s) for the sole purpose of causing pain or grief(hence the name "griefer"). You can equate griefers with trolls. Both use their behavior for no other purpose than to hopefully cause an emotional reaction by others. This has never been a gameplay feature of any game. There have been a few games that mislabeled PvP as griefing.

    2. PvP - Player vs. Player is a gameplay feature that allows player to compete against each other in various ways. Griefers will often try to equate what they are doing as a gameplay feature with the argument, "If it can be done in the game, then it's allowed". Even with PvP gameplay there are usually rules against the harassment of other players. PvP is a lot of fun when everyone knows it's PvP. When playing in a PvP environment, there is always a notion of "mutually assured destruction" that brings a level of self-preservation/defensive stance to the mindset of the players. In other words, "Kill or be killed". A PvP player will often stay within and add something to the community. Griefers don't want to be part of the community. They are only there as long as they can "get away with it".

    I know it seems like a minor language issue, but many of the discussions and debates around the support of griefing are usually mislabeled. They should be stating their support for PvP, not griefing. The biggest help in stopping griefing is the community itself. Shunning, blacklists, whitelists, backups, mods/admins, etc are all effective means to controlling griefers but they have to be enforced and monitored. If the Mojang dev team or mod developer are going to develop any features/mods for server admins, here's a short list of what I think should be in there:
    1. "Trusted" ranking system
    2. User permissions granting
    3. Backup/Recovery
    4. Vote based banning, Vote based recovery
    There were a few more but I forgot them...SQUIRREL!
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    posted a message on The Bots - They Get Smarter!
    Quote from Grenold_Cube »
    I have a feeling that a certain person is sending them for some sort of revenge on Minecraft or something :ohmy.gif:

    Looks like they are coming out of a botnet in Thailand.

    Edit from the ISP - "TOTISP.NET"
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    posted a message on Why are passive mobs spawning more at night at my base?
    I've always thought it had to do with where I am or where all the light is. I did an experiment where I dug a mine shaft long into the middle of a meadow just under the surface. At night I could hear a lot of activity above my head. I kept digging to get away from the noise and waited...sure enough the noises increased after some time.
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    posted a message on Mythbusters Minecraft
    Just watched the embedded video and on youtube.com. I'm looking forward to the next episode(s). A couple of things I noticed and suggestions...

    1. The embedded video is cut off
    2. Just because something is already been busted or confirmed by someone in this topic or else where, doesn't mean it shouldn't be in the episode.
    3. Though the music was entertaining and made me laugh, it didn't seem to fit with the "theme" of myth busting.
    4. Voice overs or captions explaining the myth, setup and expectations.
    5. Multiple personalities/characters and ideas on proceeding with the myth.

    Good job on the videos
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    posted a message on layer guide?
    I personally count from the top down because you can't always depend on bedrock as 0. I build a simple tower near my mine entrance or house and mark every 5 levels. As I decent down the mine shaft, I put signs up every 4-5 levels so I always know where I am.

    Hope that helps
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    posted a message on RPG~ you design
    What development software are you using and/or what are the limitations on design? Or maybe a better question is, how are you going to develop it.?

    Anyway, here's a couple of ideas that popped off the top of my head:

    1. Dynamic world alignment based on your choices and actions.
    - Dynamic textures as your alignment.
    - NPCs change behavior and interactions
    2. Skill/Crafting tree...some examples
    - Weapons/Armor/Tools Wood->Stone->Gold->Iron->Diamond
    - Each "type" of item that needs crafting is something that needs skill points to use.
    3. For a storyline, I was thinking the "alternate dimension/reality" would work well. Think of Tron or the Matrix.
    4. Goals/Quest types should have multiple motivations and overlap each other. Examples...
    - A quest to learn "harvesting" could be tied in with the quest to gain knowledge about the world your character finds themselves in.
    - A quest to learn archery make bows could be tied into a different quest to save a village from a deadly pack of spiders
    5. Final goals, though fatalist, realize there is no returning from where you came from so I'd better get used to it.
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    posted a message on Working screen for my in-minecraft CPU. Currently 32x24 px
    Quote from pmpnasty »
    Reminds me of a z80 computer I built in 1980.

    Umm...you weren't alive in 1980. You don't have to lie to be cool.

    Quote from pmpnasty in the Minecraft Account Thread »
    Im 16 and no, I just have no money.

    Back on topic...I'm excited to see what you are going to do with the screen.
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    posted a message on A new technology...
    Quote from Alleluid »
    Quote from Wartoc »
    I personally would like to see paint or stain added. The base texture pattern could stay but would have a "tint" overlay.

    This already exists, some one added it as a mod. It would be easy for notch to add since it uses the same principle as leaves and grass changing color.

    Doesn't that just change ALL of the textures of a certain block to the new "tint"?
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    posted a message on A new technology...
    I personally would like to see paint or stain added. The base texture pattern could stay but would have a "tint" overlay.
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    posted a message on MCEdit a Stategic Advantage or Cheat?
    Overall and in general it's cheating, but there is no harm in single player unless you are trying to brag about your accomplishments to others without full disclosure. The issue I have with hacks is when it comes to others interacting the in same game space (or server in this case). I'm a hardliner when it comes to hacks and mods in multiplayer situations unless the developer (or host) specifically states it is OK.

    I'll leave it there...before the essay starts
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