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    posted a message on What kind of players do you hate the most?
    Quote from CtrlAltDelMW

    Mods who abuse. The people who use powertools suck. And people who call budder gold.
    Don't you mean "people who call gold budder?"
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    posted a message on Getting more people on my server
    Quote from thejbanto

    You need something special. Minecraft servers are a highly saturated market. There are literally hundreds of thousands of servers exactly like yours. That is, factions, hunger/survival games, spleef...
    That signature was perfect for what you were saying XD
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    posted a message on Adventure Craft Server (Work in Progress.)
    Taking aplications for staff!:
    Post your aplication like this:
    Experience (As rank):
    Experience (in mc):
    What would you do to help the server grow:
    If other staff agrees, you'll have to prove yourself by playing, since you might lie about the experience, and finally, staff must agree in giving you the rank.
    Hope to see you soon!
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    posted a message on Adventure Craft Server (Work in Progress.)
    Quote from _Harticus_124

    I would like to be a admin!??!?!!?
    Nope. As you read (Suposing you read) We don't give high ranks unless we know you well.
    Quote from Serianni

    I find this funny since I also used to run and own a server called adventure craft... see signature below
    .___. Well....umm...At least we have similar ideas :P
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    posted a message on Adventure Craft Server (Work in Progress.)
    Hello! Looking for a small nice server with a nice community? Then this server is for you! Although it's still in progress, you can play now! Anyways, I'm not always capable of making it 24/7 and the I.P may change. You can visit the other post http://servers.minec...-about-to-begin to keep track of the IP and updates. For now, we need some people to join and to tell MORE people to join. We have a 50 people slot and 5GB of ram allocated for the server, so don't expect that much lag.
    - Essentials
    - GroupManager
    - ChestShop
    - War (Capture the Flag arena now available!!! Still making some improvements.)
    - MobArena (WIP)
    - Jobs
    - Lockette
    - BOSEconomy (Start with 100 coins)
    - WorldGuard
    - Multiverse
    We also made some configuration so you don't lose your items if you die in hands of random people, raiders, and griefers.
    We also added the Skylands, a place in which PvP is allowed no matter what and also raiding is allowed! The prefered texture pack (you can install it when you join) its Derivation.
    Anyone is welcome if it follows the rules:
    1. Always be kind to players.
    2. Random and unfair PvP outside the Skylands will result in jail or a tempoban.
    3. Random TNT usage outside "BomberWorld" (access granted to people we trust) will result in jail or ban.
    4. Don't ask for high ranks immediatly when you join, that will hurt your chances of even reaching the Player rank!
    5. Dont spam! (Abusing of caps, advertising, swearing.)
    6. Respect the moderators (creeper_creep, est), admin(InsaneEdy), and me, the owner (WartanDude)
    7. As much as you spam or bother, We're not giving you op, or make you V.I.P, Admin, or Moderator unless we trust a lot in you or know you well in real life.
    8. Even if we need staff, we're not giving high ranks to people we don't trust, or know well.
    9. No donating needed to play or to have special permissions really! So, if someone tells you something about donating, REPORT IT IMMEDIATLY D: !!!
    10. Have fun :D
    NEW AND IMPROVED IP! PROBABLY NO MORE CHANGES!!!: mc-adventurecraft.no-ip.biz
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] BrokebackKangaroo [Building New Map]
    Do you have teamspeak or skype?: Yes, both, also I have AIM. Skype: wartandude
    IGN: WartanDude
    How regularly do you play minecraft: almost every day.
    How would you like to be notified when whitelisted?: Skype :D
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    posted a message on Your opinion on "little kids" and video games
    1.- It's bad to let kids play games rated M, since they can think it's cool and maybe even turn violent.
    2.- It isn't THAT bad to let them play, it's bad to let them play online
    3.- They're irritating.
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    posted a message on Annoying Kids
    Quote from Blockstar1117

    He's only 4 he'll get over it around 9 or 10, And i'm only 14 XD

    I get annoyed by some yong children but I wouldn't rage in public in a forum >_>
    He's probably not raging, maybe he just wants to state his opinion, or know other people's opinion.
    Quote from Blockstar1117

    I'm quite similar i tend to at wierd and go all hyper and im only a year older than you
    Admit it, even if you have like 20 years, anyone acts like crazy sometimes.
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    posted a message on A way to see under lava
    You can actually see through lava with a glitch, or, as far as my experience goes, I've seen through lava sometimes.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10] CrazyOres - Dungeons, Epic Golems, Mobs, Food, Unique Armor, and much much more!
    Quote from Andy608

    lol, no its fine, I just saw both your posts now. Hopefully updating will finish tomorrow night but no guarantees.
    :lol: I like a lot this mod, and reading that if everything goes ok It's going to be probably tomorrow it's just awesome :D
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