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    Hello there I'm a 14 year old video editor looking for a new gig. I work on Sony Vegas Pro. 13 (an old version yes but I found it very professional to work on), I can use Adobe Photoshop CS6 to edit photos or make thumbnails, I know how to edit green screens and face cams and I'm well aware how to use Audacity to fix and edit sound clips. I have 3 to 4 years experience of editing videos and had multiple gigs before this one. If you desire to hire me I will send you your first video for free and if you like it and decide to make me your permanent video editor I have a fee of €4 a video and for thumbnail I have a fee of €2 ,all prices are negotiable,I accept all types payments from money to gift cards but I will not except shout-outs on your video as payment.

    Here are some videos I created;

    This is a 'Hypixel vs Mineplex' green screen edit:

    This is a simple ' Why I hate Skywars' compilation I made:

    And this an unrelated meme I made with 167 views right now:

    If you desire to hire me you can private message me on discord:Warrior#4773, Twitter:@_WarriorGG or message me on these forums.

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