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    Quote from HakoBako

    are you sure that you might try CISC not RISC ?

    In this case a CISC might be better. The problem with RISC is that its not very memory efficient. You have to use a command to load into the registers, then do the math, then store back to registers. Its why its called a Load-Store architecture. The difference with CISC is while you have to use several states, you can load, add then store in one command. Its decoding the problem.

    RISC could be fast, but pipe-lining is a pain doing by hand. I have yet to see someone do that in minecraft:P
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    Changed out the ALU and made it better looking and easier to manage. Going to work on the program counter /rom bank register now.

    The updated video gives a blow by blow feature list. One thing that will be diffrent than the original TMS is that I am NOT using the stupid counter method in the original. Its like they didn't want to add a half adder to the Program counter for increment and instead used shifting the bits to increment. While its properly the best way to shift the hardware stack, its very slow in minecraft:P

    Also memory is incremented in odd numbers (ie location 0 = 0, 3 = 1, 7 = 2, 15 = 4, etc)
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    posted a message on Simple and Easy Full Adder, 3 wide 3 tall 12 long
    Oh god you saved my life. Needed a 4 wide adder after the piston one went "poof" in the 1.0 upgrade.
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    Quote from Hans Lemurson

    I've always found "emulation projects" to be interesting. Would you be able to explain in greater detail what the functions of the TMS1000 are? The link talked a lot about the chip, but didn't seem to answer the most important question: What does it do?

    Oh, and the memory that SkyshockX linked to should work just fine for your purposes. It has the separate "In" and "Out" lines you want, and can be configured to use two separate addresses for which registers you're reading from and writing to.

    I don't get why the heck I don't get my personal form posts tracking in my profile. It seems I have to google it:P

    Well the TMS1000 is one of the first microcontrolers you could buy. It was mainly used for calculators so it was designed for adding, subtracting BCD conversion etc. It had its own built in PLA so you didn't even need a BCD to 7-segment converter. It also uses a very locked down bus structure that uses muxs rather than bus transfers.

    Right now have to rebuild it. The piston adder is broke in 1.0 and I still have another regeter that needs rebuilt. Pulling my old ALU from the old Pic cpu project I had and going to see if I can get it back up fast today.
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    love to try
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    posted a message on Adder designs with output being up?
    There are plenty of very small and fast adders that use the left as input and right as output, but does anyone have a designs that has the left and right as input and up as output? Alot of ram modules are using the upper wire as the in lines and it makes wiring muxes allot simpler if the buses are separate like this.

    I don't care how wide it is either.
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    Hey all, its been a while. Seems that the post I did never posted:P

    Anyway, this is a build of a cpu called the TMS1000. I haven't been in minecraft in a while and most of the projects I have built are all obsoleted by new fanged-led repeater and piston designs. So I thought I would start small.

    This is a 4-bit processor that was made by TI. It was put in most of their calculators back in the day and it could be called the first micro-controller. While the Intel 4004 has separate data paths (One for instructions and one for Data, Harvard Architecture) the TMS1000 had built in rom and memory so you didn't need extra chips. It also had built in ports with decoders so you just hooked it up to an eight segment display with keypad and you were set.

    What makes it simpler is that it used MUX's ALOT. It has a Y register that can act as a general register but also as the sole pointer to the internal memory. Its so simple it gets by with JUST an adder! You heard right, no XOR, OR, AND's. You can still detect and set bits but its almost arbitrary at this point.

    Here is the video. Working on the memory with this 16-byte module. But being it 4 bits I have to modify it so it will work. Atleast I will get 32 registers out of it:)

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    IGN: WarlockD

    sounds fun:)
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    Hey all, this is my first major project in a long while. I got out before repeaters became the norm and it took quite a while for me to get the hang of repeaters, THEN the hang of pistons:P

    Even now I keep wanting to use nor logic and inverted buses on eveything. Part of the PIC cpu I do have is completely obsolete so I thought I would start something fresh and simple.

    So here comes the TMS1000 4-bit CPU! As used in the SR-16 Calculator! I picked it for several reasons. Because of the internal hard coded bus structure, it doesn't use any bus transfers (Place data on bus, save to register, place data on bus save to memory, etc) but instead uses multiplexers on each side of the ALU. You just set the microcode on how the data gets routed and bingo, finished!

    Second, it ONLY uses an adder. I found this flat 2 height one here, but cannot find the post for it. But it has allot of nifty access points. I originally had it tricked out to much more than it does but I wanted to keep it simple on my first project. However it DOES have bit tests and set/reset functions so its still functional. Remember this chip was designed for calculators.

    Right now I have all the "programmable" microcoded instructions emulated with the exception of the global O2 clock. Going to pause a bit as I hunt down a good ram design. I need 32 bytes for the internal storage. Also I might redesign the inputs. Right now they are using pistons that turn on and off, but both the inputs to the ALU are only 4:1 muxes. Maybe it would look cleaner if I had a multi floored data mux instead of having individual switches? I hate vertical logic:P

    Old videos are under the spoilers

    Here is the video, if you can link me a good ram module I would thank ya. The most perfered one would be 8 byte banks but I would rather have a module that has seperate return and send data lines rather than one, one way bus.

    Here is a new video before I upgraded to 1.0. I added a 16 byte ram module that I quickly hacked to two banks of 4-bit ram. 1.0 broke my adder and so I am going to rebuild that and use a more efficient nor bus away. God bless Torch NOR logic, not allot can be changed there.

    New ALU design with Schematic!
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    posted a message on MCRedstoners (since 2011) ★ ★ ★ The fastest growing Redstone server
    Age: 32

    IGN (ingame name):WarlockD

    Got skype?(it would be great if you had this) if so, what is your name:

    [email protected] but have ot install

    Got mic?:ya

    How good are you at redstone? from 1-10:9, I hate vertical logic, but I built a cpu:)

    Did you come here to learn redstone?: Nope

    (Optional) Picture, description or video of some past redstone you have build:

    Few other things, have to look them up:P

    (Optional) Gender:Male
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] The redstone gate / PAL v1.4.3 beta [block]
    Quote from Darquan
    Before you misinterpret me, I really appreciate the discussion and input. You are making me rethink the user-interface, which is great. Though I'm not yet convinced.

    No problem:) It was my fear too. Even after I posted this I thought "Huh, you know, you might have to implement other functions, maybe make it simpler like basic.." then it hit me, I am turning it into a scripting language:P

    I think that's where you have to draw the line:P

    I was working with your module trying to make a FGA cell and ran into the wiring issue again. Basically if I want to use a 4 input lut, i still run into the wiring routing issue. Each cell needs access to, atleast, a 4 bit bus north, south, east and west of itself Though what I found interesting is that you can use your module for a two way bus and route wires easier.

    I might just end up making my alu out of these. Soo much easier. That and the wire power mod:P
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] The redstone gate / PAL v1.4.3 beta [block]
    Quote from Darquan

    I would like to increase the number of allowed input/output sides but I need to have a sane way to do so. If you could have 6 input/output sides then you have 6*(2^6) = 384 fields in the truth table which is twelve times as much as right now. I don't really like that.

    To be honest you might just have to stop using truth tables. One of the reasons why I gave up doing a hard wired version of a GAL in minecraft is that when your dealing with more than 4 input lines it gets too big and slow. (Four input lines + Four feedback lines from the four output lines) * extra wiring to detect 1,0 or ignore makes it big fast. You start having to deal with luts (Look up tables) bigger than 4 lines, it starts getting harder to look at them in the raw:P

    Why not do something like the PAL's themselves? You program them in Able now but doing something simple could make the interface smaller and allow you to make some simple text files for the chips you want to make.

    For example
    F=L*R // L AND R -> F
    !F=L*R // L NAND R -> F
    F=!L*R + U*D // ((NOT L) AND R) OR (U AND D)
    You then just make an bool array for each port (lowercase is inverted
    AND OR
    FfBbLlRrUuDd FrBbLlRrUuDd
    000010100000 100000000000 // first example
    000010100000 010000000000 // second
    000001100000 100000000000 // thrid needs two terms
    000000001010 100000000000

    Then the user just needs to click on the sides he wants as inputs or outputs or neither. This way you can still use the unused sides to feed back into it but it doesn't affect that side of the block.

    Another option is to limit the input/outputs. Instead of letting the user pick any or all of the ports as input/output you could say your limited to 4 inputs and 2 outputs. This would greatly simplify the amount of luts tables someone has to mess with and to be honest none of the stuff I am messing with your block needs more than output with the exception of some of the flip flop designs.

    Is the source open? If not do you happen to know how you got started? This is giving me the mod bug. I want to make a simple fpga cell. Just a 4 input truth table with a dlatch/straight output.
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] The redstone gate / PAL v1.4.3 beta [block]
    Quote from Darquan

    Yes, I obviously did the same, however that page doesn't tell me all that much more. Aside from it being re-programmable which my block already is (unless we are talking about re-programmability through input pins).

    Ah, let me explain then. All PAL's basically are big AND arrays that feed into an OR array. The OR array then feeds into one of the output ports. Back in the day you had to decide on the kind of PAL chip you needed. Some allowed you to invert the output, some allowed the output to be disabled so it works purely inside the array. The GAL was designed to be an all in wonder chip. You could erase it many times and what made it special was its "regestered" output.

    What that means is that there was a flip-flop on each output that fed to the output pin as well as back into the array. The ports were configured to either allow just logic output, or for it to be saved in the flipflop. This let a single GAL16v8 (8 inputs, 8 input/outputs) could emulate most if not all those ttl chips at radio shack. Counters, registers or even full adders.

    One of the reasons why I think this thing would be great for a FPGA is that most of FPGA's are designed around lookup tables. I am going to try to make a microcell from the drawings off the Wiki as it looks the most possable with your mod:)

    I have a half built one in my junk red stone world if you want to look at it, but gave up because it just was much slower than building the logic by hand.
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] The redstone gate / PAL v1.4.3 beta [block]
    This is SOOO awesome. I have been struggling to try to build a compact cpu but the decoding wiring is just too annoying. The ALU is small, I even got my 8 byte register array to the size I like, but the decoding? Hell in a hand basket. Even with my minimal 11 lines for my microcode I am still looking at more than 40 product terms for just 34 instructions. And this thing just adds:P I wept for joy when I found Grizdales Compact Decoder but even setting up 4 of those terms took close to an hour and still haven't got the pc stack down.

    To be honest I was going to use the LogicGates one because its very visual but I saw this and fell in love. Are you planing on making it more like a GAL? Even adding a one bit internal d latch would make this even more powerful:)

    I am half tempted to make a simple Able compiler for it but it just doesn't support enough operators:P Might be easier to do by hand.

    OOOOH.. I just had a thought, this make a really nice FPGA microcell..:tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on [ALPHA] C# Redstone Simulator
    Just another simulator on the market. Still kind of alpha though, simulation code is still buggy and while it loads files, I am not trusting it to well. It might be the design of the Parser or I am miss reading the wiki values.

    But it RUNS!

    You can get my latest build here
    Latest Build

    1. Get the torch/block/lever simulation working with no more glitches
    2. Change the torch texture and handle N/S / E/W placement logic
    3. Repeaters (you can place them, but they don't do anything yet.)
    4. Optimize, change out my array of block classes to value structs, caches bitmaps instead of redrawing
    them each paint, Use clipbounds for once in my life:P
    5. Clean up the code mess I have currently and push this thing on the main Trunk to work on.

    NOTE: All not in order, Repeaters will be easy to insert so that might go first.

    If you see any bugs let me know and I can fix them fairly fast. Email me if you would like to contribute or such:)
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