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    In Game Name: Warhawkz5.

    Age (Optional): 14.

    Why You're Interested In The Server: I love roleplay servers and haven't been able to find a good one recently, This one looks promising.

    Do you know how to roleplay? (Say so if you don't!): Yes.

    If yes, how long have you been roleplaying? (And, optional, on what games?): I've been roleplaying for a year at most, Mainly in minecraft servers.


    Character Name: Achtal (Ack-Tall)

    Character Age: 28

    Character Personality: Not one to expose himself to strangers but becomes more social as he becomes more familiar with the person.

    Character Physical Description (Preferably your minecraft skin, describe if needed):Of average height Achtal hides most of his body underneath his (Surprisingly) well kept coat.

    Character Back-story: Achtal grew up in a backwoods town that might be described as 'Boring', With nothing of note happening ever, and Achtal himself wasn't too interesting he had only one skill. Achtal didn't even consider his 'skill' very useful, from an early age he could move things about a foot ( At a crippled snails pace) from where they currently sat. From the age of 14 Achtal had been practising and practising for days on end when he finally 'mastered' his 'skill', That is to say he could push things slightly faster away from himself, when almost immediately he pushed over a vase in his house playing with his newly mastered skill and his mother tripped on it and fell to the ground, she had broken her neck and died three minutes later.

    Three years after ,at 17, everyone else thought it a tragic accident, all the while Achtal suffered with the truth, and his father took to the bottle. Achtal's siblings (one brother and sister of 23 and 26) had to take care of Achtal and keep their father from drinking himself to death. Not using his skill since that day Achtal had wondered if with age came power. He set about trying his skills once more. Still holding the ability to push small objects of light weight around Achtal tried something different, He focused all the anger he felt into his fingertips, and subsequently gave himself second degree burns along his right arm. Upon further investigating he could project his anger further away from his hand and could create a fire of equal size of a flint's spark a few inches from his hand. Achtal had learned from his previous failures and knew that to practise his skills safely he must distance himself from anyone he might kill. his eighteenth birthday had brought tragedy. His father had ended his own life, seeking to rest with his departed wife. Achtal's brother moved out, stricken with grief, and his sister was trying to console him. But Achtal thought "I am the problem", "I've done this" and nothing could take those thought from his mind.

    Achtal had grown to be a man, At 23 he had decided to move from his home-town. His travels left his mind deep in thought, and his body sore from constant training. While magic was not a physical task it drew upon his strength deeply. He could now send forth a ball of fire, as if a torch had been thrown, about the size of a child's fist and performing this wore on his body and gloves. At 25 Achtal had purchased a nice coat from a travelling merchant with what scant coins he had. He had travelled for years honing his skill but could not find another who could help him become more powerful. Achtal's fruitless searches left him with the thoughts "At my best I can't even stop a bandit child with my skills", A scar on his cheek reminded him,"My sword-work is next to that of a leprous donkey!, What good can my meagre skills do for me?" he pondered what he could do. "Maybe if I walk just a bit more I can find new home" he thought as he crested the hillside.
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    Dude does 1.4.5 work for 1.4.6?
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    I spent nearly an hour typing up my app... then I hit backspace and the page closed. Time to try again.

    Also, would it be possible to have my character a jack of all trades but master of none?
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    IGN: Warhawkz5

    Do you agree with the rules? : Yessir

    Will you respect the server staff? : As long as they respect me.

    How much RP experience do you have : I have been on quite a few RP servers like: The Land of Olivin, The Land of Yalin,CraftHammer (I think that's the name), and have been told that I'm a fairly good role-player.

    Character Name : Achtal Cale'aeon

    Character Age: 23

    Character Race/Faction : Human, from The Telonic Empire
    Character Personality:

    Jobs/Hobbies : Thief (Not a great one at that), And when possible, a researcher of magic.

    Backstory : Achtal, named by his drunken Father, was never the best of children, as he stole, cheated, and regularly lied to the other children and his parents. This was all because his Mother and Father never loved him, no, he was the second child, The mistake, All the attention went to his older brother his name long lost from Achtal's memory as he.. had an accident. His parents nearly all but broke down, his Father dove deeper in to the bottle, he started beating Achtal and his wife, who would refuse to work from never getting over the death of Achtal's brother. His home became broken and disfucntional and Achtal decided it was time to leave, at the grand age of 16 Achtal roamed the streets barely managing to get by. For years constantly on the verge of starvation a tired and angry 20 year old Achtal decided he would stop begging and picking pockets, he was going to find a job, a real one, start a family and live a real life. Three years of fruitless efforts left Achtal's resolve broken and now he thought, "I'm going to murder for my money now".

    RP Example : Rich man: "Please! I beg you! I'll give you anything just spare me! please!"

    Achtal: "Well, I do like that fancy jacket of yours... Is that gold lace?"

    Rich man: "Oh, yes! take it! just let me live!"

    Achtal: Takes the jacket and puts it on "Hmm yes, Covers my face very nicely, don't you think? Ah well it doesn't matter what you think you'll be dead rather soon"

    Rich man: face goes pale "p..please I..I have a family.."

    Achtal: Balancing knife on his finger "Oh really? well then, you'll have someone to mourn your death"

    Rich man: Backing away slowly "HEL-"

    Achtal: Lunges forward with knife, taking the man in the chest "Now lets see if you've got one of those fancy Redstone watches..."

    Miscellaneous Notes: I hope I'll get into this server, it seems very nice. Also if I've made any spelling or grammar mistakes I'll be sure to fix them.
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    [b]In-Game Name[/b]:Warhawkz5
    [b]Age and Location[/b]:16, Canada
    [b]Have You Ever Been Banned?[/b]:Only when a badmin doesnt like me
    [b]What Do You Love About SMP?[/b]:Having people to brage about my creations to
    [b]How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft?[/b]:For 2 years
    [b]What's Your Favorite Color?[/b]:Blue
    [b]Will You Make An Account On Our Forum?[/b]:Maybe if I like the server
    [b]Anything Else?[/b]:Nope thats it.
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    IGN: Warhawkz5
    things you like to build: Underground houses or castles
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    What is your In-Game Name? Warhawkz5
    2. Why do you want to join this server? Seems cool, wanna see how long i can survive
    3. How long do you think you will survive on your first night?

    Your guess is as good as mine.
    4. What do you think will be the cause of your first death on this server? Starvation. that usually gets me in servers like these
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    Whitelist Application
    IGN: Warhawkz5
    Real name: Quinn
    Age: 14
    Why you want to join: I just want to playon a vanilla server
    Have you ever been banned from a server?(If so, why): Nope
    How long have you been playing minecraft?: 2 years
    Two words to describe yourself: Quiet, Creative
    Have you read the rules? Yes
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    Minecraft Name: Remike5

    Real name: Adam

    Age: 15

    Why: because i would like to play on an awesome skyblock Server and i would love Co-op
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    IGN: Warhawkz5
    Age: 14
    Voted?: Not yet
    Questions?: Nope
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    Quote from TheYellowZebra

    (this is a long time before Yalin happened.)

    Darn looks like im gonna have to re-write mine too

    Also is this the current server granut is running?
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    Hey Granut!

    OCC:: :Pig:
    How long have you been playing Minecraft:A few years now

    How old are you?:14

    How good are you at RP'ing:Well I'd like to say that i'm very good at RP'ing


    Skills:Achtal is very skilled with using axes as weapons and running (Some say his father,Achtal Sr, could use magic)

    Fear:oddly shaped potatoes

    Appearcnce:Achtal has a face of scars with deep blue eyes, however he hides his face in his hooded robe

    RP Example:*achtal walks into a crowded bar*
    *Achtal sees a table,his favourite table, with one scrawny patron sitting at it*
    *Achtal slams his axe on the table*
    Achtal whispers in his ear "Get away from my table"
    *the 'scrawny' patron stands up reaveling himself to be a very tall man adorned with knives galore*
    Achtal says nervously "I wish my axe wasnt imbedded in that table right know"
    *Achtal swipes a jug of ale from a near-by table*
    *Achtal takes a swig and throw the rest in the Tall mans face*
    *Achtal runs around the Tall man and dislodges his axe from the table*
    *Achtal gives a menacing look to the pissed off Tall man*
    *then jumps out the window*
    *and runs away*

    Background(Needs to be atleast 2 paragraphs long):

    Achtal was born without his father who was just a simple farmer who didnt want to raise a child and only his mother who was killed when achtal was seven years old. Achtal had to fend for himself for all of his childhood because even when his mother was alive all she did was provide food for him so he never really had a childhood and became a very serious, cold blooded killer. At the age of fourteen Achtal decided to travel the world and see new places however the first ship he got onto took him prisoner and held him as a rowing slave for five years. On his nineteenth birthday Achtal led a mutiny and killed the captain of the ship and threw him to the sharks, Then he tried his hand at being the captain of a ship. Three months later the ship was crashed upon the shores of an unknown land because Achtal had no knowledge of piloting ships or of ships in general.

    Having been the only survivor (he had to kill alot of his crewmates to get on the only floating piece of debris) he washed up on a tropical island in a thirst and hunger induced coma. The natives of the island kept achtal from deaths door for four years as he recovered and regained his strength and gained a fondness for axes. Now at the age of twenty-three Achtal decided it was time to leave his island home and seven wives (He had won the wives in a game of darts) so he had the villagers craft him a boat and give him the supplies to cross an ocean, also they taught him about ships before he left. So now with a burning village and seven pregnant wives on the island behind him he went north..or was it east?west? why am i writing my own biography? Well to make a long story short and to get back to my drinking I bounced off a few islands for the next four years with death in my wake to come to Olivin. To my future of glory and wealth!

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    posted a message on Sprinkled Vanilla | NEWS UPDATED, PLEASE CHECK! |


    Why you want to join the server:Looking for a good vanilla server

    What you can bring to the server:I can build things

    Are you willing to voice chat with other players?:Yes

    Are you able to donate to our server if you enjoy it? (Optional, just in case we need some extra funds):Yes

    I hope you let me in!
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    okay then, TO THE RULES
    I'm sorry but I dont see what's wrong, is it the space thing in the rules?
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