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    posted a message on Java error on Multiplayer connect, SP works fine
    Hey folks, having some difficulties with Minecraft. Have a server up (that I can connect to) that my girls' PC can't. The PC runs the Single player just fine, but when attempting to connect to an MP server (mine or others) from the desktop client we get the error: Java (TM) Platform SE binary has stopped working.

    Now, research has been... well, useless. I've tried the standards, reinstalled java from scratch, checked for the audio driver errors, etc. All the most common problems seem to occur 'after a while' of playing, and are not multiplayer specific.

    Now, that PC CAN connect without issues via the webbrowser plugin, so the server's good and her firewall etc etc... We've even re-downloaded the minecraft.exe client.

    System is a Vista 32 bit with some weaker hardware. I don't have the specs in front of me so I don't have the graphic card information, but I'm hoping someone can point out to me where the interaction changes between single player and multiplayer and what's the most likely difference to be the actual culprit.
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