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    posted a message on FudbaCraft - Vanilla Mindcrack Inspired server - whitelist
    I am 14 years old
    I spend 1-2 hours on minecraft daily depending on schoolwork
    I would like to join because I am a huge fan of the mindcrack style server and would like to enhance my survival vanilla experience.
    My in game name is WanderingChicken
    My Skype is WanderingChicken
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    posted a message on AbstractSMP Whitelist Vanilla Survival Server (Mindcrack Inspired)
    SKYPE (IF YOU HAVE)(NOT REQUIRED):WanderingChicken
    WILL YOU RECORD?: maybe at some point
    TIMEZONE: New York, EST
    Playing Type: survival builder, adventurer
    Strength Points: builder
    WEAKNESSES: complex redstone,

    Why should we choose you?: I feel that I could add some builds to the server, help with community builds, and interact with the member.

    Anything else you would like to add?:I hope to collab with you at some point
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    posted a message on ReinCraft Server [Vanilla] [Whitelist]
    Ign: WanderingChicken
    Age: 14
    Skype: WanderingChicken
    YouTube: thewanderingchicken
    What you will bring to the server: well sharing building ideas as well as working on spawn or maybe a nether terminal, also the community aspect of it.
    Best minecraft talent: building
    Gender : Male
    Time zone: est
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    posted a message on [ 1.7.2 ] Raley's Fantabulous Vanilla Server! [ WhiteList ] ~ 24/7 ~ [ 30/44 ]
    IGN: WanderingChicken
    Age: 14
    Country of Origin : United States
    How long have you been playing MC?: 1 year
    Why do you want to join this server?: I would like to join this server to enhance my vanilla minecraft experience, as well as get to know people who can share ideas.
    What are your goals on this server?: my goal on this server would be to make a base that I could call my own, as well as help with community builds such as spawn, or a nether terminal.
    How often will you be on the server daily?: a couple of hours
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