About Me
Congratulations! You have clicked the "About Me" button on my Profile! Now that you are here, let me tell you a few things about my self:

  • I Love Awesome Faces.
  • I Edit Awesome Faces Awesomely.
  • I Like Photoshopping anything I can get My hands on.
  • I Love making Banners.

Here are a few banners I have made over the past few weeks. (Organized by Banner type)

I have many more, but then I would be spamming my "About Me"...

Heres my Custom iCloud Logo:

Heres a Random donkey blaster:

If you have multiple feelings at once, Post this: 

Hope you enjoyed reading my "About Me". (You can go stalk someone else now PedoBear!)
Interests I like to make TexturePacks/ModTextures, Help people in Making Their Mods, And I want to learn Java.