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    I've been looking for a replacement for the OpenBlocks tanks in my world, since they seem to be a bit of a load on my server (but I am using them incorrectly most likely, they probably shouldn't be used for walls :)) This seems to fit the bill exactly, couple of things
    1. Your biome isn't very nice now is it, those trees are creepy and the very plants hate you lol
    2. Damn is this low on server usage, ran an opis check and it comes in at almost nothing even with multiple fluids in a weirdly shaped tank.
    3. Probably a small issue for ProfMobius rather than you, your flowers show as "drum" in WAILA and NEI, also all the plants in the biome drop as the flower (other than the trees).
    Other than that thanks for a mod that looks like it has a small footprint and seems to be incredibly powerful in dealing with fluids.
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    posted a message on [1.7][1.6] Ender IO - How many pipes in one block?
    Quote from Valmaris767

    I have a bit of confusion regarding the enhanced energy conduits.
    When in my inventory my EECs read as/state that they can carry a max of 2048 MJ/t, However I have them. However, When placing them in the world they seem to only be able to carry (read as carrying) 500 MJ/t. Is this as intended, a bug, or what?
    I was really hoping to avoid using other cables as they are a tad more difficult to cover but I require more than 500 MJ.

    The 500 mj is I am fairly certain a WALIA\NEI issue, the tooltip is wrong basically.
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    Quote from trdonja

    Two questions.

    Can the silverwood nodes be captured in the jar as well? The node log simply disappears?

    And much bigger problem. I'm trying to set a mana bean farm with golems. The harvesting golem works fine (although his working range seems to be terribly small. Where do those 16 blocks from the description come from? But the main issue is gathering golem. He picks the bean fine, but then doesn't put it into the chest. I tried to show him with the bell, I tried with different chests, differently placed, but he just stands there doing nothing. I've never used golems before so I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. I've checked some YT videos and it looks very simple.

    The harvesting Golem is covered in the "most" section of the 16x16 block range, most golems work in a 16 block range. The harvesting golem is 9x9 (basically the perfect size for a single waterblock plot), water upgrade + specs ups this too ~12x12, advanced would probably up it again by 1 or 2 but I don't have any advanced harvesters I do have some advanced gatherers and their range is 20 something with a water upgrade.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    Quote from flamedance58

    Suggestion if it hasn't already been made.

    A weapon you can make that increases the chance of Aspect Orbs dropping from mob kills and possibly a bonus you can research that increases the amount you get (both amount and chance)?

    Would be neat to see some more combat related bonuses, as I'd love to see TC4 have a bit of "be a thaum-mage or a magical knight" kinda thing.

    Bring back the old Soulstealer (TC2) enchant except make it aspect stealer :)
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    Quote from halounit88

    Excuse me Way of Time but is there actually currently a way of summoning a meteor from space with resources on it? I don't see it in the forum main post, but I would absolutely love it if you added that.

    Ritual of "hey don't stand there" :D

    If something like this is added I would request that it is targeted on the players location and you must run away or well go splat. Big enough damage area that you really better get moving and enough damage to kill someone even in bound armor :D
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    Either I've missed something or is there no way to avoid the purple goo spillages from the crucible if you have leftover aspects breaking down in it?

    It kind of annoys me I'd like either a way to recover those aspects or possibly a bit of an out there idea, a Cloth Golem who's only job is to run around and mop up the mess you make (it'd be nice if he had an increased reach to get the ceiling messes as well).

    Maybe be able to set him to a water pool to give him a bath periodically and possibly then have to drain and replace the pool but it would be better than having to place blocks to get rid of something I think an experienced Thaumaturge should be able to avoid in some way. It would also be nice if he could clean up the Infusion Altar after I've made a mess I mean that's what minions are for isn't it :D
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    posted a message on Anyone know what mod this is?
    Well it's not listed but that behaviour is from Inventory Tweaks.
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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    Quote from Pahimar

    Just to clarify before it gets spun too much.

    Lex banned me from #minecraftforge, not all things Forge.

    I still consider him a friend, and don't want him getting hatemail/etc. He still has yet to speak to me however.

    Last night left me questioning why I do this all, but I committed to finishing EE3 and I will do so. If you watch GitHub you will still find me active there.

    This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but damn dude modding is a hobby, if you are feeling you have lost your enjoyment of modding, stop forcing yourself to continue when you are not enjoying the creative process. It can only lead to burnout for you and a mod that is a hurried incomplete bug ridden mess for us, not knocking your skills as a dev, just stating that if something you do in your spare time feels like a chore you won't feel as driven to put in the 30 hours to find that last damn bug.

    Put development of the mod on hiatus and ask someone (or do it yourself, whichever) to maintain version compatibility (mostly so you can easily pick up development again if you desire to, without having to update first) but don't force yourself to work on something that should be an enjoyable passtime. Like I said probably an unpopular opinion but screw it you feeling driven by a commitment in a hobby is not something any rational (or even irrational) fan of your mod (or rather the potential of this mod) should consider even slightly within the realms of reason.
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    posted a message on Ars Magica v5.52.014 (Updated August 2) (1.5.2)
    Quote from GraniteDevil

    Yep, I used that and found that the coords should be -599, 99 (this frustrates me because I've gone out 5000 blocks in every direction before finding out about NBTE) but that spot (and everywhere near it) is just empty forest.

    Oh well. Screw it. I'll just spawn in the damned podium. I loathe cheating (loathe it) but I just can't take it anymore. Too bad I can't spawn the fight that's allegedly involved - I was really looking forward to that.

    You can spawn the Tower Guardian in creative mode from a spawn egg, so if you want to feel less cheaty spawn him in, go away and come back to fight him.
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    Quote from Juelz0312

    It's kind of odd though. The project is discontinued, and they arent letting anyone else continue? Weird.

    Nope not weird really they (Xeno and Pahimar) feel that EE2 is a mod that has far too much potential as a griefing tool and is utterly gamebreaking so they want it to die a nice dignified death as an outdated mod, unfortunately the rabid fanboys of it's overpowered and grieftastic self are refusing to accept that both the original author and the maintainer want it DEAD and keep asking for an update, shame really.
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