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    posted a message on [1.8+] SkargnessRPG [GreyListed] || Player Owned Shops|| Mature || Economy || 24/7 [Daily-Jobs] - Open
    Minecraft IGN: WL_Frank

    Age: 19.

    What has your experience been on Minecraft: I have played since about MineCraft Alpha release, somewhere towards the end of 2010. Vanilla is what I like the most, some mods/plugins are fine by me but they just ruin the whole MineCraft feel..

    Why do you want to join this server?: Haven't played MineCraft for a couple of weeks due to work and family business, looking to play alot again in a small, friendly and mature server.

    Have you read & agree on the Rules?: Yes sir.

    Additional info;
    I'm from Holland, so my English might be a bit off here and there. I try my best, really ;). But I'd say my English is above average.
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    posted a message on -- Jackal's Den -- 18+ whitelisted vanilla survival server with no map resets, dedicated hardware, large map, and anti-grief.
    1) How old are you? -- I'm 19 years old.
    2) What is your in-game name? -- WL_Frank
    3) How did you find out about Jackals Den? -- I haven't played MineCraft for quite some time and I really felt like playing again. So I went to the MineCraft forums and saw yours!
    4) Have you read the rules and agree to follow them? -- Yes, sir.
    5) Tell us a little about yourself: -- My name is Frank, I'm 19 years old. As you might tell, my English isn't perfect, that's because im from the beautiful Netherlands! I'm a hard working guy working for my dad's company because I finished school already. I really, really love playing video games. I'm a mature, chill guy. I like to communicate with people and help eachother out and have lots of fun! As I mentioned before, I haven't played MineCraft for a couple of months but I am really looking forward to play on a mature server like this one again. If you got any more questions, hit me up!
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    posted a message on [1.7.4]Mature community vanilla server (Started Oct.5) [18+/MindCrack-inspired/no plugins/whitelist/dedicated24-7]
    IGN: WL_Frank
    Age: 18
    Country: The Netherlands
    Why do you want to join?: I'm looking for a nice and mature server. This one fits!

    What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of the game?: Building and having fun are my faorite aspects, least favorite is probably PvP, unless it's Ultra hardcore! (Love that.)

    For how long have you played minecraft? How did you find out about it and how did you come to buy/obtain it?: I've been playing since Alpha Release 1.2.6. I came across Minecraft when I was on youtube a long time ago. Found a video about a game named ''MineCraft''. Got me interested, that's about it!

    Share a funny quote with me^^: Probably my most favorite quote ever. Yet, I still don't know whos it is :( ''Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.''

    How much time do you plan to spend playing here?: Couple of hours a day, probably like 2-5 hours. More in weekends!

    Have you read and understood the rules and scheme?: Da.
    Skype name*: wl_frank

    Any questions?: Nope! :)
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    posted a message on [Vanilla Community] ~Craftopia [18+] [Whitelist] 1.7
    Ingame name: WL_Frank
    Age: 18
    Skype: wl_frank
    Are you a teamplayer: Yeah, I don't like playing alone that much..
    Are you active: I am, everyday I come home from work or school (depends on which day it is), I'm planning to play for a couple of hours!
    How long do you intend on staying here: As long as the server runs, since I'm someone who only plays on one server.
    Country: The Netherlands.
    Do you speak English: I do, I've had English classes for alot of years so I'm doing the best I can ;)
    Will you use our teamspeak: Sure! I love to have a chat!
    Experience with Minecraft: Been playing since Alpha Releast 1.2.6
    Reason for joining: Haven't been playing Minecraft lately due to my laptop being broken. So I'm looking for a fun mature server!
    Reason why we want you: I'm willing to play alot and help people. I like a server that loves stinky cheese as much as I do, I love to have a chat, I'm mature and as I said I'm a -one server only- kinda guy ;)
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    posted a message on **ShroomCraft** | 100% Vanilla Server | Whitelisted | Friendly Community | MindCrack Like | Most Ages Welcome!
    Quote from BluredCraft

    A lets play is recording you playing while talking over it and then put it on youtube =) not just playing the game.

    LMAO! I totally misread that! O_O.....

    Im so sorry, I'll edit it haahah im so dumb x0
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    posted a message on **ShroomCraft** | 100% Vanilla Server | Whitelisted | Friendly Community | MindCrack Like | Most Ages Welcome!
    [b]IGN(In game name)[/b]: WL_Frank

    [b]Age[/b]: 18

    [b]How long have you been playing Minecraft?[/b]: Since Alpha Release 1.2.6

    [b]Why do you want to join?[/b]: I havent played Minecraft for a while due to my laptop being broken. (Hard drive crashed.) And now I'm looking for a nice -not too big- vanilla server, and this once seems right!

    [b]What do you have to offer?[/b]: I'm helpfull, like to have fun, and I keep the chat going ;).

    [b]Have you ever been banned?(We don't judge)[/b]: Yes. But I believe all of them were ages ago when I was a little troll.. Have grown up alot ever since.

    [b]If yes, list reasons[/b]: Trolling with friends, or I just had enough of a server or someone from the server staff and just went raging at them, for fun tho. (Again, that's past time..)

    [b]Will you do a lets play on this server?(optional) Sounds fun, so yeah!!

    [b]Personality[/b]: I'm a crazy Dutch guy (No I didnt touch those green leafs). Every now and then I just logon to relax and have a chat, im good going with pretty much every kind of person. Also I'd like to apologize for any mistakes I make while speaking English, as I said im from The Netherlands and English isn't my mother tongue. But atleast I try ;)!

    [b]Minecraft specialties[/b]: Building underground bases, making huge farms and just go out and help people building! (I love to build together with someone)

    [b]Other details you wanna add[/b]: I believe I've said everything pretty much.

    [b]Favorite block/item(optional)[/b]: Lapiz! Waaaayyy underrated if you ask me. Ha! ;)

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    posted a message on ★★★[MindCeption] Minecraft Vanilla Server [1.7] Funny, Friendly, Mature Community★★★ [Quick App Reply]
    IGN: WL_Frank
    Age: 18
    Skype Name: wl_frank
    Where are you from?: The Netherlands
    Favorite Aspect of Vanilla Minecraft: No annoying plugins that keep spamming the chat. (Thank god.)
    Why should we pick you?: I'm mature, like to help people, love to have a fun chat with the people online!

    As you noticed, my Mother Tongue is not English. It's Dutch. But, Im trying as hard as I can to speak proper English for you all to understand me ;) (I hope this doesn't matter that much?)

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    posted a message on [1.4.5] VaderCraft, A WHITELISTED 100% VANILLA 15+ SERVER
    in-game name: WL_Frank
    your age: 17
    your mental age: Around 21-25
    cake or pie: Definetly cake.
    what would you be doing on the server: Building some stuff, having fun with people, be helpfull. Thinking about making an underground draven city too hehe.
    rule #3: There's no rule #3!!

    Additional info: I'm from Holland, my grammar isn't always 100%. I'm pretty good at the English Language tough, I'll try my best ;)

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    posted a message on 1.4.5 PureCraft - Vanilla Survival 24/7 No Mods. Must join
    Your IGN: WL_Frank

    How old are you?: 17

    Have you ever been banned?: Once, I was being an idiot but that was 2 years ago.

    Things you want to build: Epic house/town, probably do something with an island.

    Additional Informations: I'm from Holland, I've been playing MineCraft since Alpha Release. I enjoy Vanilla the most simply because I hate plugins, they ruin the game and fun for me. For the next few weeks I'll be online alot because I broke my collarbone 3 weeks ago, after that I'll be on about 2-4 hours a day.

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    posted a message on 1.6.2| The League of Extraordinary Builders [Defunct]
    In-Game Name: WL_Frank

    Level of MC creative experience: I've been playing since Alpha 1.1.0 ;)

    Age: 17

    Is it wrong for a vegetarian to eat animal crackers?: Only if it contains meat, lawl.
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    posted a message on [Taking REQS] ObscuryT's High Quality Skin Shop (Closed)
    Awesome skins :D
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    posted a message on Turn off rotatable wood?
    I HATE this new update. It's annoying. Still no solution?
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