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    posted a message on Need ELITE Builders For A Private Creative Server
    I understand this thread is nearly 2 years old now, but if you still run this project, I'm willing to join.
    Age: 14
    Does it really matter? Male
    I've had the game since beta, around 1.5 or 1.6. 3 Years now.

    I have more things to show, but all of my other builds are on my old computer, which I have yet to restore the hard drive on.

    I can build anything, really. Terraforming, however, I will not do it unless I use worldedit. It's too much work without it.
    I think I deserve a chance as my friends have said that my builds are excellent and amazing.
    I like medieval, but I can do modern. Fantasy is also a good one.
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    Or, you can hold down the Windows key and press R. That also opens run.
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