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    So I made an EXTREMELY difficult modpack and put it on curseforge. The story behind it is that the overworld has developed technology and cities have sprung up all over. However, you and your friends are the sole survivor of a scientific experiment where portals to other dimensions were opened. Creatures from all times, places, and dimensions are roaming and looking to kill you. There is a lot of survival realism stuff in this pack. I'm sharing it here because it is very hard, not for the unexperienced player. I cannot survive one night in this modpack, which made testing the pack very difficult. The goal is to use the RF Dimensions mod to create a custom dimension, free of hostiles. As of the 1.1 update which I released today, there is now 2 texture packs, an entity fix, and a questbook. If anyone here wants to try and beat it, be my guest. I'm looking for people to play it because I cannot thoroughly test it, as the pack always kills me once the sun goes down. If you want to notify me of a glitch or leave a suggestion, do so in the modpack's curse page comments.

    Good luck.

    The link is below:


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