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    I added the destruction of the leaf blocks simply in case people felt that fruit producing trees would make the game unbalanced.

    It also makes you have to tend to your orchard as well. If you have a tree that perpetually produces fruit, it takes away the whole farming lifestyle for those who enjoy it.

    I am somewhere in the middle. I enjoy farming. Harvest my crops, replant them, wait for them to grow. It gives me something else to do other than just...dig block. Place block. On the other hand however, I also wouldn't mind not having a high maintenance farm/orchard. So. I am ok either way. Have it break blocks, or don't. As long as I got the trees, I would be happy.


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    1. Willow trees.

    -this is a request of another poster who absolutely loves willow trees. I think they would make a great decorative as well as utility addition.

    -they would be found in swamps either alongside the vined oak trees, or replace them entirely.

    -Tall(5+ trunk height), with branches extending on all four sides of the main trunk with a leaf pattern similar to vines that droop down instead of create the typical balloon, lollipop, or matchstick leaf patterns.

    -they can be planted only if there is one full block of water next to one side of the sapling. They are naturally generated in swamp biomes only.

    2. Orange trees

    - Grow in Savannah biomes, though rare.

    - Can harvest oranges without breaking leaf blocks three times. After the third harvest the leaf block breaks.

    - three color/size stages

    *small, green fruit (if harvested, gain nothing)

    *medium, yellow fruit(if harvested leaf block breaks)

    *large, orange fruit (when harvested grants one Orange with a small chance of a sapling/seed)

    - Oranges can be used in place of milk, but only for poison, dizziness, and hunger effects (still need milk to remove other potion effects as well as these)

    - Replaces 1.5 hunger points

    - Orange juice/potion adds poison resistance effect which reduces time harmed by poison by half, with a small chance to negate poison entirely

    3. Apple tree

    - A tree specifically for harvesting apples. (Would probably break the game a bit, as with this tree apples are no longer a sought after and/or rare item. Not that they already are, but for now it is a small chance for an oak leaf block to drop one. An apple tree would literally grow apples)

    -can only grow in Forest biomes, and are rare.

    -harvesting an apple breaks the leaf block.

    -apples can be turned into seeds, seeds grow into saplings, then saplings grow into trees. (An attempt to balance the offset by making an apple tree take longer to grow)

    -three stage apple growth

    *white flower (harvesting grants nothing)

    *green apple (harvesting grants nothing)

    *red apple (harvesting grants apple)

    That is all i have for now. For the Willow tree and apple tree, I got the idea from two ither users. I cant remember their names, but when I find them, I will add their names in an edited version of this post. Orange tree was my unique idea.

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    Quote from NobleNerd»

    And not just that... APPLE trees. Proper dedicated apple trees that you can pick from without decimating the leaves.

    Maybe even go a bit further: olive trees, palm trees (coconuts included), etc.

    I like both of these ideas. I would even enjoy an orange tree. Willow for looks, apple and orange for food items. However, the issues at hand would be Minecraft's philosophy. They dont like "kind alike this but not!" Statements. So unless you can come up with unique status values for the apple and orange trees, such as hunger saturation and health regen that is noticably different, I doubt they would implement it.

    Perhaps an orange can be used in stead of milk to counter poison buffs? Such as dizziness, poison, and hunger? That would make it very useful.

    But which Biome would it be in?

    (I would suggest savannah, sinply because I live in a desert, and we have orange trees everywhere...but in Minecraft deserts are barren wastelands..so...savannah is like a desert forest so it seems to work)

    I Defi itely would LOVE to see a tree like a willow tree in game. Maybe take tge place of the honey Oak trees in swamps, and grow near little lakes and rivers. (To plant one there must be at least one block of water somewhere around it). In fact...I think I will add these to a tree update idea...I need you names so I can credit you both...

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    Ambient birds based on biomes. They fly from tree to tree or block to block, whistling and chirping, you know. For ambience. And for thsoe who say "there is no need, they are useless and serve no purpose" to you I retort with...

    Parrots are useless. You tame them they follow you. Mimicing mobs they encounter. Other than that...do nothing. Basically just for looks. So...useless.

    Bats. Even more useless than parrots. Killing one awards you nothing. You cant tame them, they simply exist. Flitting around and committing suicide by lava. Pointless. (For anything other than ambience)

    There for....birds should be a thing.

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    As am I. Hopefully, whether it be through you or me, this suggestion gets to the hot topic section of Minecraft forum.

    Horses as fast travel habe serbed their purpose. With new hostile mobs, especially the pillager beast, we now need viable cavalry. Like was stated. Portal travel and ice travel have rendered horses to be no more than a slower transport system.

    Let us bring back their usefulness. Repurpose them in the next combat update. Let them be the fast hitting, powerful, prized animals. A reason to collect and breed them. And an actual purpose for horse armor.

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    What is? Does this mean you have no more criticisms...or that you feel I didn't listen? Or have we reached an agreement of sorts?

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    The original page has...a lot on it. I have heard anyone who has pull hates TLDR content like what was discussed. So I figured a new thread that was summarized (yes...that is summarized) would be better.

    While also hoping and praying that...I didnt break any rules...by doing this.

    Especially if my idea is blacklisted because of it.

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    Made a lance/ spear post. Got alot of great feedback. This post is a result of this. (It is a sumamrized version of the original. Shout out to Maloon who discussed this with me)

    -no lance only spear

    -passive and active attack

    +passive=spear point touch causes .5 heart damage(on foot just walking/standing). Sprinting does 1 heart.

    +active = actual attack done with button/key dealing from 1.5 to 8 damage depending on Tier

    -touch damage increased substantially on horseback. Reliant on horse speed.

    -attack damage also increased while on horseback

    -2 to 3 block range. Not 0 to 1. To make mounted melee combat actually feasible, functional and fun. Melee range of 0 to 1 on horseback makes mounted melee combat useless at worst, unreliable at best. You miss more than hit.

    -stone spear craftable. All other tiers found in dungeon/nether fortress chests

    -can be used on foot, but is meant for cavalry combat

    -on foot must use two hands(no available off hand slot)

    -on foot can block attacks with spear

    -on horseback can have shield

    -may make Elytra combat possible and more reliable also

    -enchantable with two unique horseback (effective on horseback. But if on foot, values cut in half) enchantments(in process of refinement)

    +Fearmonger(horseback only): Chance to make a Mob panic or freeze.

    +Piercing(horseback/foot): negates 1/.5 armor point per level up to 4. Double/1.5 damage against Pillager Ravagers ( the beast things)

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    Apparently my last response didnt send. Its ok though. Short and sweet.

    -yes, higher DPS and attack, but not too much. Dont want to replace the aword entirely.

    -reduce lance and spear to just spear, repost as new.

    -though useful on foot, suited specifically for Horseback. Increasing range to 2-3 blocks even on horse makes cavalry combat viable.

    -two hands makes sense, seeing as 2-3 blocks is roughly 2-3 meters. Need a longer weapon, need two hands for stability.

    -can block with spear, as parries are definitely possible with a real spear, I have experience. Limited, true, but enough.

    -postulate spear and shield on horseback only. On foot, two hands meaning no shield. Or map. Or anything in off hand

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    As I have read the criticisms and points I agree. Lance and spear should be reduced to spear basically.

    I agree you should be able to have that increased range and stronger attack. The range being the main reason for this suggestion to begin with. I don't think it should be too much more powerful than a sword though. Because as stated above, we dont want to replace the sword entirely.

    With the spear, a tactic used against swordsman was the constant, quick, jabbing amd smacking of the opponents shield forcing them to block in many places. The idea being you tire them out, or you fake them out and sieze the opening. Either smacking their shield away and stabbing their opening, or pushing then off balance. It also served a purpose of keepong them focused more on blocking and less on attacking.

    I was able to pull of some lucky blocks, and parrys with the shaft of the spear leading to that glorious grapple. But not often.

    And yes. I agree that you habe to use two hands. In order to have the 2 to 3 block range (each block being about 1 meter) you would have to have an 8 to 10 feet spear. Thus needing two hands. A short spear needing one hand would have the same range as a sword, 0 to 1 block which is what I am trying to improve.

    And even though it can be used on foot, ideally, it would be used on Horseback or with an Elytra. Also as agreed upon above.

    Since my main gripe was the lackluster and pointless cavalry combat capabilities due to the bad range of melee weapons, I not only want this to be added to the base game (since I am a console peasent primarily and can't install MODS) to make Cavaley viable, but would likely only use it Airborne or Horseback. I would muddle with it on foot sure, but I dream of charging into the note with my nible war steed, charging all manner of hostile mob effectively, efficiently, and quickly.

    An added bonus, this would probably work reallt well against pillagers (since their crossbows take longer to reload than a bow), and, Pillager beasts. I forgot their actual name already...so yeah. I may write a new suggestion post focusing on spear only and using the feedback I got here. I hear the developers hate TLDR ideas...so...short and sweet is best.

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    My guy...I am glad you have interacted with me. I sincerely mean that! And the more I read, the more it made sense. I agree. With much of what i have read. (I shamefully admit I started to skim. But I forced myself to look over some points again because they were quite good). Also...that video. .I am pretty sure is the one I watched that got me into spear fighting! I like Lindy Beige. HEMA is life. Well. Was. Money shortage. Atm. I did DAGhorhir in the meantime for a while. But then distance happened amd I havent been able to go recently...so I know your pain.You were correct in regards to my trident comment. In fact, I have to force myself to use the trident and really only have it with me in case I run out of arrows. I didnt even want to equip a trident until I got loyalty any way, and indeed didn't. As for some of your points;

    -movement equals damage; I agree.

    -above point specifically for elytra and cavalry. I tried being an angel. Using an elytra and cruising around trying to attack mobs. If I got a hit with a bow or trident I was lucky. 90% of the time I missed. Otherwise I would hit the ground trying to attack a mob.(What weapon was I using I wonder? 3 guesses. First two dont count. Lol). And you know how I feel about current cavalry combat.

    -found in chests with saddles and horse armor, yes!

    -rarity tiers, yes! But I would like a base craftable version. Due to the fact there have been plenty of games I was irritated about because my loot sucked. Or I set off the trap and auto save was on...and there were no other desert temples, stuff like that. I think it should be stone, gold, diamond, and iron only though. No wood.

    -I think it should be early game. It doesn't usually take long to find a horse and tame it. And as I stated originally, horses are basically useless for anything other than transportation currently. And of course because of the bad range of a sword...horse armor in and of itself is basically useless. You can outrun most arrows. You can outrun ignited creepers. Definitely zombies, etc. The point of armor is for combat. And unless you have a bow and arrow, combat with a horse is pointless. And with a bow or even trident, it is slow and dull. You have to stop to aim and shoot, or go really really slow. Takes the fun out of it. Add to that the terrible sword from horse combat, and horses again are almost useless.

    -there is a base attack on top of the movement, but only if on foot. I agree.

    -it definitely shouldn't replace the sword

    There's more I want to say, but battery at 12% will have to come back later.

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    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    The idea of a weapon that makes mounted combat desirable under some conditions is a good one.

    [The pike/braced spear less so as these were historically ineffective except in formation; the effectiveness of the phalanx/pike square was dependant on the opponent bot being able to 'go around'.]

    Bravo, Mallon on the rework.

    I would suggest, however, having the tip of an unmoving spear do minor damage (as fist) and block movement along the shaft. [Bears and boars were notoriously able to 'walk up' spear shafts to attack the weilder, but this does not seem suited to MC combat.]

    This level of damage would make it necessary to be cautious moving about with a spear 'at point', but is low enough actually killing friendlies should be rare.

    I do not understabd from your post how you intend to adjust damage with the speed of the attacker: my ideas are below:

    [Using closing speed rather than the movement speed of the attacker would be more realistic, but might be too computationally expensive.]

    Player walking speed is 4.3 blocks per second

    Player sprint speed is 5.6 BPS

    Minimum horse is ~4.8 BPS

    Average horse is ~9 BPS

    Maximum horse is ~14.5 BPS [All values assume no status effects.]

    Given the chunkiness of the damage (3, 4, 5, or 6 points per hit – depending on material) there isn't a lot of room to scale damage with speed.

    One solution would be to have the lesser tiers (wood and stone) 'top out'. [Extending this to iron lances might also create a place for gold lances, if these – while doing the same base damage as wooden ones – the performance of gold lances continued to improve.]

    There are not wood, stone, gold, iron, and diamond tridents. It is just, the trident. Simplify all of these issues you have. A spear is just a spear. With damage equal to either an iron sword, or a base trident. Just with greater range, and the ability to "knockback" an enemy with a charged attack alone, no need for an enchantment.

    Player walking speed or below would offer a simple 1 damage improvement (to 2 ) over the unmoving (fist equivalent) spear

    Up to and including player sprint speed would add another damage point (to 3 the maximum for a wooden spear)

    Up to, but NOT including average horse speed (9 BPS), another (to 4 the maximum for a stone spear) [Gold would do 3 or 4 (50% chance) at this tier]

    From 9-12 BPS (inclusive) would do 5 damage and require a gold iron or diamond spear [Gold now does 3 or 4 (50% chance) at this tier]

    At any speed above 12 maximum potential damage would be dealt [3(wood), 4(stone), 5(iron), 6(diamond), with gold doing 5 or 6 (50% chance)]

    The above would require both a good horse and good equipment to achieve maximum utility from the weapon:

    Top level gear would only be advantageous (other than for durability) when mounted. [Wood and stone versions will likely still be nearly unused after very early game, but I do not see a solution to this.]

    Effectiveness in mounted combat would also be very dependant on the quality of the mount. [Both realistic and offering a strong incentive for players wanting to use mounted combat to seek out/breed such mounts. (Nether tarvel and ice roads having removed much of the impetus to obtaining fast horses.)]

    -Again. Get rid of the tiers. Just one type of spear with unique enchantment availabilities as well as a charged attack having knockback 2. With a base attack of an iron sword or a trident.

    -I like the idea of blocking movement if the crosshair is on an approaching enemy. It will be the closest to the parrying a spearmen would be capable of in real life, use the base "spam" attack to do base damage at the risk of "walking up" of another the mob, and charge to knockback. (Walking backward while charging the attack and keeping the mob on sight would still impede movement, whereas attacking would remove the movement blocking mechanic)

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    Keep in mind, the spear I am talking about when practicing was about 8feet long. It was cumbersome, running and moving too much was risky. And when I had two or more people against me. It was hard for me to be victorious. Jence my no jumping and s

    No sprinting ideas.

    Now. I also had experience on a short spear. About 4 to 6 feet long. I was almost unstoppable. Even against a person with a sword and shield. Granted I was able to parry their weapon, force myself in and hold their weapon, or throw them down and then stab them. None of which are things you can do in Minecraft. So. I tried to find a medium between the two. And came up with this. Though in retrospect, I agree with many of the criticisms. It should be more viable in the field. Not Just a counter weapon with mild uses in regilar combat.

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    Quote from Malloon»

    I've had an idea for a spear for a while now too, but I'm think your idea is, in a word, too complex. There are too many different mechanics and similar items. But the thing I agree on is that we need a dedicated weapon for horses.

    And in my opinion, elytra, too.

    I would not mess with the movement controls. There's no real reason holding a lance would prevent jumping. I would keep everything bound to the mouse buttons.

    I am primarily a console player. So mouse binding means nothing to me. That doesnt mean your idea isn't a good one for PC. I have bumper buttons and triggers, hence why charging an attack was an idea of mine. The not being able to jump was because I consider a lance to be a bit OP. But for simplicoty sake sure. Let them jump!

    The same problem here - preventing jumping really hurts movement, and that's important in combat. Plus, having a weapon whose main purpose is basically to counter other players using a certain weapon set makes it almost a dud item.

    I struggle to understand this logic. That is history. A country comes up with a weapon that seems unstoppable at first, so the other country finds a counter. If a horseman with a lance is charging you, and all you have is a sword and shield, they can jab and stab at you with no real worry about getting hit themselves. As stated in my idea, a sword has a 0 to 1 block range. A lance would have 2 to 3. Sure you could block all day long. But you wouldnt be able to attack very well unless you are ranged. And while you are drawing your crossbow or bow, you drop your shield. That is a good opening for te horseman to stab you.

    You sure about that? You mention the attack is slower than a sword, well, in that case it's basically an axe used at a further range, which would make axes useless if not for the inhibited movement controls, which makes spears useless instead, since all these mobs can close the distance to you if you try to wait for them to recover if you use an axe, and 2-3 blocks is not much extra. Vindicators are even faster.

    Axes are incredibly useless in my experience for anything other than chopping wood. 5 hits to kill a zombie? When I can kill one in three with a stone sword? Nah. A spear would be equivalent to an iron sword in damage. Hence the need to balance it out.

    Which makes the spear a worse weapon to have on you than either the axe or the sword, and since players won't want to waste too much of their hotbar on weapons, that makes them quite a dud.

    No more so than an axe. I usjally have a sword, and a bow or trident for battle. And sure I have an axe, but I only ever use it for chopping wood. See above response. Spear wouldnt be a dud. Not unless you made the trident have the range I mentioned for melee. But since it can be thrown I dont see this being implemented. It also has a similar 0 to 1 block melee range, like the sword. The tridents only advantage without enchantments, is that you can throw it. Hence, again, spear.

    So not only will you want to switch from the spear to another weapon when encountering mobs against which using it would be "suicide", the game will hinder you doing so. Sorry, that's not much fun.

    I suppose you may be correct. But the only time I would see a need to do that, is when tridents are being tossed at me, or a skeleton is shooting me, or a pillager is shooting me. Any other mob would be fended off quite easily since you have superior range for melee combat. The more enemies you face the harder it gets sure, but it can be done. Especially if we remove the need to hold down a button/key to attack. I still think then a regular spamming attack would be nice, and a "hold to power up" secondary function would be great. Now, it can be effectively used in any situation. Multiple enemies? Spam the spam attack. One or two? Charge that attack causing more damage and knockback. *gasp* the spear is now viable again!

    I'll suggest my own.

    I really like the idea in concept, but the execution is lackluster. My suggestion would be too focus on one weapon, have it have simple controls, but be unique and especially useful for horseback and elytra. And what the heck, for against foes on horseback too.

    To this I agree.

    I'd combine the two ideas of the lance and spear, so that the less common use against foes on horseback can be included without making the weapon used for it a dud. Just call it the "spear", since lances are just a type of spear. We'll need to make it sufficiently different from the sword and axe so it doesn't replace either one. We'll also either need to make the recovery fast or do something else, otherwise it will become too unwieldy on horseback or when flying. The thing is, at the speeds that people travel at on horseback or with elytra, you'd almost need to be able to spam-click to have any hope of correcting yourself if you miss. Or you'd need to stop, which is impossible with elytra and a bit stupid with horses, since that defeats the purpose of riding them.

    See the long winded explanation to responses above. We have similar ideas.

    So let's do something else instead. I will keep the base attack damage by attacking, but I will re-balance it based on what comes next. I don't think any type of loading or drawing should be used for spears - it made sense for the bow and crossbow, but there's no reason holding a spear longer would make it do more damage.

    More powerful attack. Double the damage when charged, with the addition of knockback without an enchantment.

    My idea is to instead have two "modes", which is just a fancy way of saying how you hold the spear, namely vertically (pointing skywards, no danger or use to anybody) and horizontally, pointing at wherever your crosshairs are pointing aka. where you look. You switch between them by right-clicking. No loading time, so drawing back, just "click" and the spear is pointing in a different direction - which you can see from how it's held in you hand.

    I see an issue here. Will it reset to center after a certain time? How many "clicks" to get it pointed slightly left as opposed to right? Slightly up without being vertical? Will you have to cycle the clicks every time to get back to center?

    The spear would be the weapon equivalent of the shield, doing stuff wherever it's pointed, though in contrast to the shield it would have far less wide and tall a range (just limited to the area around the crosshairs), and could be pointed upwards if you look up. Anything that moves into the point of the spear gets damaged and knocked back, but only if the person holding the spear is moving. The amount of damage is based on the type of spear (wooden through diamond) and the speed at which the person is moving. So if you are riding a horse or flying when the spear touches something you do much more damage and knockback than if you were just sprinting, and you do more damage if you sprint than if you walk, and none if you stand still.

    As someone who has done some spear fighting in my life (training and practice obviously, I haven't been in a historical war in a phalanx killing people), I never had to move to do damage. Other than my arms and hands, maybe a lunge, and in fact, if I was running, or even walking, it was easier to get me off balance and find an opening as opposed to Just moving my arms and hands. So the whole moving to do damage is quite silly. I can better block and parry, attack and maneuver from a strong, standing, fighting stance.

    The fact the spear does damage by you moving is the reason for the modes - so you don't accidentally impale your pets or your friends. But I did say I'd keep the base damage, and I will. You can attack normally with a spear, but only when held horizontally, and only at a range of three blocks. This means you can't accidentally hit your horse if on horseback, and means it is a viable way of fighting against an opponent on horseback, since you get extra range. I would make spears do half a heart less damage than swords of equal value (1,5, 2, 2.5, 3 hearts), but increase their recovery speed to 0.5, which means their attack speed would be 1/0.5 = 2 and their DPS 2 * (3, 4, 5, 6) = (6, 8, 10, 12), very close to that of swords. But since each hit is less damaging and you need to be at a certain range for the damage to count, swords are still the better choice when fighting against opponents on foot - a swordman can bridge the distance and chop you up.

    Another reason to need an attack button. What you are saying isn't really making sense. It would be like me pointing my sword at my pets or friendlies and them getting hit. It doesnt happen. Not unless you "attack". Why would the spear be any different? Another fun fact about me. I also did some practice fights with a sword against a spear. Against a well trained spearmen, unless I had a shield, I wasnt able to get very close to a spearmen. Not easily. And even then they just had a dagger or arming sword and stabbed my happy ass or cut me if I did get close enough. With a shield I was more easily able to counter though. I imagine the same would be in Minecraft.

    If you hit something that's within two blocks range of you, you switch from horizonal to vertical (this is the indicator the opponent is too close) and any hit you land does as much damage as your fist, but won't remove durability from the spear.
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