About Me
IGN: Vexilum
Skype: johnnyregep
Twitter: @Vexilum

I am a former Major and Thread Manager for a since disbanded PvP clan called The Last Battalion. I've been active on the following servers (that I can remember) : Midgard, Impact, Civcraft, Conquest, Siegecraft, Darktide, Lavish Brutality, and Craftsylvania. I am currently not active on any public servers.

I am currently working on a Roleplay server that may or may not end up existing within the next few weeks.

Other Games:
Pokemon Series
Halo Series
Super Smash Brothers Series
Torchlight Series
Orcs Must Die! Series
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Profile Information

Minecraft Vexilum Xbox Vexilum

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Skype johnnyregep