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    posted a message on TEST SMP [Vanilla Survival] [1.20.4] [Whitelist] [18+]

    How old are you? 34

    What is your timezone? +0 GMT

    Are you a Developer or Content Creator? (Optional) No

    What is your Discord Username? Vulzi#3214

    What is your Minecraft Username? (IGN) Vulzzi

    How long have you played Java Minecraft? On and off from the start when it was released.

    What is your favorite SMP rule? (Optional) No floating trees / no hacking :)

    What is/are your minecraft playstyle(s)? Builder / Miner. But I am learning how to do redstone.

    What are your goals for this SMP? To create a really nice build(s), but also would be cool to build with others.

    Why do you want to join this SMP? Somewhere to have fun, chill, build and have fun with other like minded people.

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