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    We need bees so much! They can be presented as particles, but they can help the flowers grow in biomes that support flowers and they can produce Honey! Which would, of-course, be edible and (optional) used as a ingredient for cakes and food. The same template can be used for flies, except the flies would be useless. :smile.gif:
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    Would be interesting! Complicated, but interesting! I mean, why not? It's always good to try something new. Even if Notch finishes Minecraft without Space, a mod can easily be made.
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    Hey people! Here are a couple of my works!

    I've been working in 3D's Max for a couple of years.

    Software: 3D's Max 9, 10 and 12
    Render: VRay 1.5 / VRay 2.1

    NOTICE: Everything you are about to see is computer-generated:

    (Click Spoilers to see)

    My first Robot Model

    Trouble Tale 2010


    I have balls

    This is one of my older works... Not so realistic, but the model is good :smile.gif:

    Aaand the newest one is THE LAMP:

    P.S. Tell me if you want to see more, or if you want the thread to be updated with my newer works, in future. Hope you like 'em :smile.gif:

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