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    posted a message on This is the weirdest generated structure EVER.
    Clearly, the tree is preparing for a massive assault.
    It is the leader of the forest! None of his fellow trees shall go down while hes around! All hail the tree king!! Into battle!!1!

    (either that or its just some whacked out terrain generation, like everyone else said)
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    posted a message on "...But I'm from Planet minecraft..." and other sad stories of those who try to get O.P.ed
    I once had this one guy who said he was from PMC and who paused for like 2 minutes before saying ANYTHING.

    It was torture and hilarious humoring him. (He never ended up with op..)

    And on our server we just smite anyone who asks for op despite the rules saying "Do not ask for op". It sometimes goes a little like this.

    n00b: can i hav op plzzzzzz
    Me: /smite n00b
    Me: No.
    n00b y u smite [email protected]?
    Me: The rules say dont ask for op. Read them.
    n00b: nu this is bad server u smite me ur mean
    Me: Very well.
    n00b: u jerk im crying
    Me: Not my problem. I punished you accordingly. You didnt even die.
    n00b has left the game
    Me: Wow. The idiot..
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    posted a message on Crazy red endermen?
    Was it raining? Endermen take damage (which turns them red), and teleport when hit by water, even rain. (Im basing this off of the PC edition, so please excuse if my statement doesnt apply.)
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    posted a message on 1.4.4 removed sand generators?
    Yes, I have a workaround.

    *Hands you shovel*

    Dig sand up from rivers, deserts, or oceans. Or you can live without sand.

    Your choice.
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    posted a message on So... I found this today!
    That is a witch hut from the 1.4 update.

    They appear in swamps, as a generated structure, and witches can spawn in them.
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    posted a message on Enchanting - Too Expensive! is a problem?
    The cost to repair it would be 40 levels or higher, and they put a level cap so that you wouldnt keep using the same awesome pickaxe over and over again, I would try repairing it with 1 diamond, because I think thats cheaper in levels than 1 whole pickaxe, and at least it would have some more life.

    I think thats right. (if using 1 more diamond is still too expencive, your pickaxe will stay unrepaired.)
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    posted a message on What is cheating?
    Parts of Wikipedia pages on open ended games(or sandboxes, like minecraft) Exploits, and emergent gameplay, In that order. Bolded words are key to my argument.

    Open ended games.

    A major design challenge is to balance the freedom of an open world with the structure of a dramatic storyline. Since players may perform actions that the game designer did not expect, the game's writers must find creative ways to impose a storyline on the player without interfering with their freedom. As such, games with open worlds will sometimes break the game's story into a series of missions, or have a much simpler storyline altogether. (Like minecraft, whats the storyline?)


    Developers may find it difficult to identify and respond to an exploit because a player who discovers a vulnerability in a game may be reluctant to inform the game's developers, in order to continue exploiting. However once developers do find exploits the response may include banning players who took advantage of the exploit, changing the game's rules to combat it, or even embracing the exploit.(Has been done with minecraft many times.) Positive opinion of the exploit can lead to the designers embracing it as emergent gameplay.

    Emergent gameplay.

    In games with complex physics and flexible object interaction it may be possible to complete in-game problems using solutions that the game designers did not foresee. (Not much physics in minecraft, but a lot of ways to form a world.) Deus Ex is often cited as a game responsible for promoting the idea of emergent gameplay, with players developing interesting solutions such as using wall-mounted mines as pitons for climbing walls. (Like using exploding beds to kill a boss like an enderdragon.)
    Such emergence may also occur in games through open-ended gameplay and sheer weight of simulated content, in Dwarf Fortress for example. The Nintendo DS game Scribblenauts allows the player to write the name of tens of thousands of nouns within its database to bring that object into a game's level and have it behave realistically within the game's engine; the game challenges the player to find as many ways to complete puzzles or reach a goal by using such objects in any combination, and is considered by its developers 5TH Cell to promote emergent gameplay.

    More info and summary: Many open ended world games encourage players to find their own way to do things, and creativity should be an option in all of them, and game devs may also encourage using some oversights.

    Minecraft is one of these games, as mainly, the players choose how the standard form of playing is formed. With all kinds of servers avalible. (Look at the poll! People who consider it not an exploit outweigh the rest basically 10 to 1!)

    And before you say the enderdragon is the way to "complete" minecraft, thats not the general community of minecraft accepted idea. The game keeps going after it.

    It is ultimately the server owner's decision to say if it is "cheating" or not, but i'd be suprised if he and his friend got punished. Vanilla or Bukkit, it doesnt really matter. I wouldnt say its cheating.

    That is all.

    Edit: I also agree with colorfusion. Telling someone to be fair is one thing, Telling someone to go with everything someone sets for them, and nothing more, essentially putting them devoid of creativity in order to solve anything is another.
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    posted a message on What is cheating?
    I believe that beds exploding, as they were put in the game, is not an exploit. Infact, it sounds harder than killing it with arrows.

    However, it is an extremely creative way to kill the enderdragon, and not very many people would do it. It was put in the game, we may do with it as we please.

    (thats like arguing that pistons were not put in the game for making elevators, and that any piston device put not thought of by mojang is cheating.)

    An MMO is a lot different than a sandbox in terms of cheating. As an MMO is less open to.. new possibilitys than a sandbox. And many minecraft players don't consider defeating the enderdragon as an end to the game, just as another task, as the game keeps going. I would be surprised if the server owner didnt allow it, and I would be even more suprised if they got punished for it.

    Exploding beds may have been put in the game to prevent people from sleeping in the nether and end, but its like lighting tnt, Its an explosion. Does this mean TNT should not be used in the end?

    My two cents.
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    posted a message on How do you call a Creeper?
    I call them...

    "Meh, time to die, creeper."

    And if they sneak up on me..

    "Ow. That hurt. >.>"
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    posted a message on 50 Tips & Tricks of Survival!
    38: Bring milk buckets with you to an abandoned mineshaft! You can cure poison by drinking milk.
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