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    Quote from Crumpetxxix»
    Hey, Voxels. I just went down to my slime farm to figure out that my iron golems were missing. I'm guessing they were killed some how, just not quite sure how yet. My best bet is that either mobs spawned in on the redstone, and I might need more lighting / slabbing, or that the large slimes spawned in on top of the hoppers.

    I'm going to check things out. I think if I'm right, I can prevent all slime spawning on the bottom floor by putting down something on top of the hoppers, like string, redstone, or carpets, to prevent the game choosing it as a pack spawning location, and the water will take care of the rest of the pack spawning for the slimes on the bottom floor and nothing will spawn down there. And I'll go double check the lighting in the farm and get back to you, and let you know if the slime farm is working as intended before you go ahead and build the entire thing.

    Quote from Crumpetxxix»

    Of course.

    So this is the spawnin pad size / design. You will have quite a few of these when you're done There is 17 dispensers on the long sides, and from each dispenser it comes out 8 more blocks, which will make it 35 long and 19 wide, and then fill in the edges like so. This is in order to allow you to turn off the farm with water streams.

    Like so. Each layer is stackable and there will be another floor every 5th block, so with 4.5 air blocks in between floors.

    You'll have to build this from the bottom up though so you need to plan out where the first spawn pad's Y level will be. I usually make the floor level of the farm one block above bedrock, and then make my first spawning pad on the 4th block up from there, because you will need to have enough space for iron golems under the lowest spawn pad to kill the slimes. So if you're using slabs like I did, you don't have to though, it should have a 3.5 block air space between the bottom of the farm and the first spawning pad.

    When you figure out the what Y levels you will start on, next you'll need to figure out the X / Z positions. Find the center point between the two slime chunks and that's location of where the piston's from the picture will be, and the center point of the spawning pad. I'd mark that location out. Since it's an even number though and there is no true center point block between the two chunks, just pick one on either border of the chunk, doesn't matter which one.

    Next it's time to dig out a huge area. I'd say from Y=45 down to bedrock you'll need to dig out. From the edges of the spawning platforms you need to dig out 3 off the edge of the corners of the hexagon, and 2 more out to the side from there (as shown in the picture) in order to allow for enough space for the big slimes to fall down. For the area you dig out, the long side is 41 long and the wide side is 25 wide, and again the edges to form a hexagon. Then you'll need to build your spawning pads.

    Now for under the spawning pads. There's a few things to note here. First the water streams. In order to keep them from merging and becoming a source blocks, you will need to place them at head height around the entire bottom area of the farm. Where the water streams end are hoppers, to collect everything. You can't slab the hoppers unfortunately, so make sure to light that area up well. You don't want hostile mobs to spawn down there and kill the golems.
    Then with the hoppers you can just direct the collection hoppers into a line of hoppers in the floor that leads outside of the farm, and create a storage system from there.

    Next thing to note, above the water streams you will see I have a solid block, sand, and cacti. That's how this is also a cacti farm, but there's another reason for it. Mob behavior changed a little while back and now hostile mobs will try to attack golems without the golem provoking them first. I have found with slimes, that only the large slimes can actually hurt an iron golem, and medium and small ones are harmless. So I lined the outside of the bottom of the farm with the cacti, which creates a bottle neck for the large slimes, and they won't be able to make it to the bottom until they die from the cacti and split up into medium slimes.
    You will need to dig out behind the cacti in order to plant them, they need to have air blocks on all sides, so poke holes in the wall like so.

    Whenever they grow, they will pop off because of the wall of the farm being there, and the cacti goes down into the water streams.

    And finally for the actual on / off mechanism.

    Pretty simple, Behind all the dispensers is a solid block with redstone dust on top of them, it doesn't need to be a redstone lamp, but be sure that it's still bright enough when you cover the glowstone in the spawning platform that hostile mobs don't spawn. Under the center solid block + redstone will be a piston with a redstone block so you can send the power downwards to activate each floor underneath. I didn't build the other floors, but you can see where where the slabs are I made around the other pistons are where the next floor up will start.

    Which should look like this when it's activated.

    And then from the very top piston, lead a signal from wherever you want to turn the farm on / off from, and you can turn it on / off easily with just a click of a button.

    Whew, that took longer than I expected. Sorry if it was a bit long, I wanted to be thorough. If you have any questions, let me know.

    Thanks a bunch for putting in all the effort man. To be honest, I'll probably build a faster-to-build slime farm for now, and when I get better tools (and a beacon!) i'll definitely be upgrading to this one (simply don't have the supplies for now.. haha).

    I apologize for the lack of updates, life's been in the way. Semester exams are coming up in 2 weeks too, so that's not too good. Hopefully I'm able to get at least one update before then though.
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    Quote from Zerdonex»
    Wow these are great builds!

    Thank you! There's definitely more to come :)

    Alright guys another update. There's not as much done here as in the other updates, but life has been pretty busy as usual. Heck as I'm writing this I have a chemistry quiz tomorrow, I should really be studying haha.

    5 November 2014

    Redstoners who have an issue with all things inefficient, please turn away.

    But on to that later. Since the last update, I felt that I really needed better tools. I gathered levels from mining and from the xp grinder and was able to get myself a pretty good sword. I pretty much use this to save on coal for food (although I have a lot of coal already).

    Made the first jump pad! I only found enough slime balls to make this, I wish I could make more. These things are probably the best thing that came into minecraft since the hopper.

    Preparations start on a new project. This is located on the right side of the house, and it will be a pumpkin farm. Now, I wonder why I titled this entry as "Inefficiency?"

    Start of the redstone. This design for the farm I actually thought up myself, but it's definitely not the best one out there. It's not very unique either, a lot of pumpkin farms are structured in a similar way. The redstone can definitely be improved as well.

    After a bit of time I managed to expand the area to outside the mountain and I installed another row of pistons on the other side. Not having slime balls suck, having normal pistons make the pumpkins fly all over the place.

    View of the house from the outside. Definitely starting to see the scale of the whole place, and it's not even remotely close to being finished.

    And here comes the inefficient part.. (as if it isn't inefficient enough). I decided to transport the items from the water stream into the chests using hoppers. I did this because using hoppers I wouldn't be limited to the length of the water stream and I can place the chest practically anywhere I want.

    Another small overview of part of the farm. As for some technical specifications - each row produces 16 pumpkins per harvest, and there will be 3 rows in total so the farm produces 3 x 16 = 48 pumpkins per harvest. It isn't great, but it's definitely enough for what I want to do with the pumpkins.

    Here's a different perspective of the farm. As you can see the other part of the house is in the bottom right. The farm will not be covered, instead I'm planning to have the wall here made out of glass so anyone walking there can see inside. There will also be a door so that I can actually access the farm in the first place.
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    Quote from Crumpetxxix»

    How much time, redstone, string, and the will to dig out a huge area do you have? Lol. Although from experience on my last world when I did this design with a double slime chunk I had more slime than I could ever use. Honestly even with my single chunk slime farm I'm still getting more than I can use. But if you're intent on doing the double slime chunk farm, the design I just did in my journal can be modified as a 2 chunk farm which I can show you how. And it doubles as a cacti farm lol, so you'll need a sorter and a huge storage area.

    That's pretty interesting, can you elaborate on the double slime chunk design?
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    Keep up the good work! I am looking forward to seeing more entries.

    Thank you! Was out of town over the weekend and just got home yesterday, so hopefully there will be an update soon.
    Quote from Aeroisticon»

    I would get one of the higher end cards (770, 760, ect) but my power supply isn't a high enough wattage, and has non-traditional connectors on the motherboard. So if I were to want to get a higher end card, I would have to replace my power supply, and to replace my power supply, I would have to get a new motherboard.

    So that's why I would like to just get a 750 Ti. It's uses very little power, and from what you've said can play games pretty damn well. Oh, and I mostly just play CS:GO and Minecraft (With a little League and TF2 here and there), which are all relativity non-intensive games.

    I see I see it makes sense. When I built my pc I didn't really consider the power since I picked the parts first and the PSU last. The games you play seem to be very non-intensive, so a 750 Ti would be more than enough power.

    On topic,

    Anyone know any good slime farm designs? I found a double slime chunk near my house but I don't know if the old slime farm (just platforms) will suffice.
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    Your redstone skills are really impressive; after taking such a long break from minecraft it took me so long just to figure out what things do and how things work here haha. The lighthouse that you built looks really cool too, and I like that it has an actual function and it is not just decoration. My only suggestion would be that it looks kind of too busy? Perhaps lower the detail a little bit and it will look amazing :)

    Definitely following this in the future.
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    In my opinion the 750 Ti is an amazing card for its price; I'm able to run my favorite games (borderlands TPS, Dota 2 and Minecraft) all above 60 fps, with Dota averaging 120 and Minecraft way above 200 (as you can see above). Although I don't think those games are a good benchmark since they're relatively low strain. If you're playing games that are more intensive I'd suggest the GTX 760 or even the 770 as those cards are really good as well.
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    Holy FPS! Can you give specs, and how much did the custom pc cost?

    Here are the full specs:

    CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz
    Motherboard: Asus H97M-E
    RAM: Kingston Hyper-X Blu DDR3 8GB (2 x 4 GB)
    HDD: WDC 3.5" 1TB SATA Caviar Blue 7200 RPM
    Video Card: Asus Geforce GTX 750 Ti 2GB DDR5
    PSU: Corsair CX 500W
    Case: Bitfenix Prodigy M White
    Monitor: Asus VE247H
    Keyboard: Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid-i
    Headset: Logitech G430

    I live in Indonesia so the prices of the parts are significantly more expensive than the prices in the US. Here the total (excluding mouse but including monitor, headset, keyboard and case) was 14,654,000 IDR which translates to approximately 1100 USD. In my opinion you can get a much better build than mine with that budget, but I'm still incredibly happy with this one.
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    Quote from blakeLAMBO»
    This journal looks like it will be great your last ones where I would make one but I'm just to lazy.

    Go ahead and make one, it's really fun! It might seem like you need to put in quite a bit of effort but it definitely doesn't feel like work. Although I personally enjoy writing about things, so that might change my opinion on journals haha.

    As for updates, updates will be a little slow for a day or two because I just got myself a brand new custom PC, so I'm in the process of setting everything up and making things work.

    P.S. Going from 40 fps at less-than-max settings to this is pretty awesome:

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    Quote from Crumpetxxix»
    Your house is really starting to come together. I like it.

    Thanks! I'm having a lot more trouble on the interior though as I haven't planned it out at all haha.

    Quote from bovee»
    The roof in the last picture looks nice, but like you said it doesn't really match. It's to dark compared to the colors you used in the rest of your build.

    Hm, I might consider changing the color of the stained clay. Although I think if I make it a similar colour to everything else it would look too plain. I'll try it out.

    Anyways, another update today. Got quite a lot of things to do for school recently, and just managed to find time to play today.

    28 October 2014

    Let's expand! I added some outline to the structure here, although I wouldn't be working on the outside all that much. I need to get the inside proper first.

    Some lighting ideas. What do you think? I'm not sure about it but I think it looks okay. The stairs behind it will lead to a separate room (not sure what that would be just yet, any ideas?).

    Work on the interior of this part of the house begins. I got really stuck here because I'm not very good at interior designing, so I wasn't sure what to put here.

    Originally I wanted to make a more automated version of the cow farm rather than manual breeding, but it looked really bad placed here so I removed it. That's what the hole is - redstone and space for the cows.

    Started to change the mine to a more permanent fixture. I think this looks pretty nice to drop into the mine. I'm thinking of using jump pads to go up, but I don't know much about slime block mechanics yet. I'm going to look into that first before I start making the pads.

    I love these kind of views, makes the hole look more impressive than it actually is haha.

    After a little bit of branch mining, I got enough levels to enchant a level 30 pick. This is the first thing I got from it. Wanted just the efficiency and unbreaking to be honest because I feel the fortune would be wasted, but oh well. Can't complain.

    Now this is what the interior should look like. I think I was able to put enough detail into the enchanting room but still able to keep it simple and modern. I'm planning to copy this palette throughout the other parts of the house.

    Onto the back, here's a small view into the jump pads going up from the mine. Of course there are no jump pads there yet but there will be soon (ish). To be honest I don't know what I think about it, it doesn't look very nice right now.
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    I have a journal active at the moment as well, albeit I haven't updated it in about a week or so. Planning to do so soon though:


    I also have two other journals that were kind-of large, although since they're not exactly active I don't know if you want to put them up or not.
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    Another update today. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! just came out so updates might be a little slow for a little bit haha.

    Interior Attempt
    19 October 2014

    First thing I did was some more exterior work near the new platform. This part of the house will extend even further. I'm not sure what's inside yet, I haven't exactly thought of it.

    Quick little furnace setup here. I realized how little coal I actually have, I already used almost half of my supply cooking ores, stone and food.

    Some more exterior work here. I extended the whole thing to the side, and added some pillars as markers. Just for an idea to how large the building is, this part is only around 10% of the whole structure.

    Dug out a large portion of the inside. I'm not sure what I'm going to put in here, but perhaps a wheat farm? Or a storage room.

    Now this looks somewhat complete. This is pretty cozy in my opinion, although I haven't built any furniture on it yet.

    Let's head to the nether! I don't really need the quartz but I do need the glowstone and I'm interested what I'm going to see behind there.

    Wow that's not bad at all. I went ahead and explored it, although I didn't found anything too interesting other than a single blaze spawner and some nether wart. I got quite a lot of glowstone though.

    Found something to build in that large space - a bulk storage space. I needed quite a lot of space for stone after all the digging. Notice that I also added some glass to separate the two "rooms".

    And the last thing I did in this entry is the roof. What do you think of this? I'm not sure myself actually. I don't know if it will fit with the rest of the design.
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    Quote from bovee»
    Ah, well I am all about the xp. I probably go through an enchanted diamond tool every third time I play Minecraft. But I do do alot of mining and stuff like that so I understand if your need for xp isn't as much. I forgot that people don't enchant as often as me sorry.

    Don't need to apologize! I personally love enchanting as well and I might consider doing more caving just so I can have more diamonds to enchant diamond pickaxes.
    Quote from wossco»
    Hey bud

    always great builds, quick question for you i am only new i wanna get more into this i am playing a LP world and i have found my local villagers all gone and the other few around me are gone to why is this ? might be a silly question but i am only new


    Is your village protected? I'm not sure if zombie sieges are still in the game but I remember that was a thing, and it usually leads to mass amounts of villagers dying.

    Quote from Scum»
    Awesome. I loved your last journal and I'm looking forward to this one. Do you frequent the minecraft subreddit by any chance? If so what is your reddit username? This build style reminds me of one I saw on that subreddit a few days ago.

    I do actually yes. I think my reddit username is voxelss (2 or 3 s I can't remember right now). I did post the finished thing there, but I'm not going to link it because I sort of want it to be a surprise haha.
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    Quote from bovee»
    Pretty good start, but if you want to also get xp from the skeletons then you should just have them drop 22 blocks i believe and you can 1 hit them with your fist, all the loot plus xp so you can do all the enchanting you want.

    I thought of doing that yes, but XP is so easy to get nowadays from doing misc things such as breeding cows and collecting minerals. So I decided I just wanted an easy way to get bone meal quickly, and went with the lava blade trap.
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    And promises are already broken. Welp, that's not too good is it. Oh well, here's an update!

    Settling Down
    15 October 2014

    We begin by continuing where we left off. All I did was I expanded the original structure, and cut off a small part of the hill. Making the interior should be interesting since I have not made that yet in the creative world.

    Stable food resource! Food is usually the largest problem that I come across at the start of the world, so I make sure I won't have trouble with it in this one.

    Outlining more parts of the structure. This part will be made out of grey stained clay, but I just learned that you can't actually get that in the Mesa. Hmm. I have to find a way to get some bone meal fast then.

    This seed finds new ways to surprise me.

    What the other side looks like right now. This part of the house is very symmetric. It's starting to take shape though.

    Add some glass, and this part already looks somewhat finished. The interior is still very plain of course, but I'm starting to work on that as well.

    A broader view of the previous structure with an extra platform I just added. This part hangs over the edge of the cliff, which creates a pretty cool effect in my opinion.

    Well this is a convenient find. (It's a skeleton spawner if the picture is not clear enough).

    Dress it up a little, make it look somewhat pleasing.

    This was so frustrating. I completely forgot how to make an efficient mob spawner, and I also forgot how to make the lava blade to automatically kill them. I facepalmed a little when I realized that you just have to make the skeletons flow into lava, not dropping them into lava. Oh well, at least I have infinite bones and arrows now.
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    Thanks for the nice comments guys :)
    Quote from Crumpetxxix»
    Hey man, glad to see you're back. And already hard at work at your building. Just came back as well from a break a couple months ago and started my journal back up as well.

    Nice seed. I can't seem to find a damn mesa anywhere near my place and I really want some clay. Probably doesn't help I live on a small island in the middle of an ocean.

    Anyways, can't wait to see how your modern house turns out. Although based off of your other journals I can expect it to be awesome. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this.

    I saw your journal as well, your world is looking very nice so far. One thing I noticed right when I started playing again was that I forgot most of the technical knowledge about minecraft. It's been a while since I had to look up what are the dimensions needed for a mob spawner farm haha.

    Thank you! The seed was actually very random, originally I just wanted to test out the new performance provided by 1.8 when I came across this. I suppose I can consider myself pretty lucky.

    Nevertheless, I played quite a lot today so hopefully there is an update tomorrow. I don't want to keep promises though, as I tend to break them pretty often as evident by my last journal.
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