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    I've only played Classic twice, and I didn't even know about it until I had already bought the game. Both times I played it, the ESC menu came up pretty much every other time I clicked. Building a 3x3 square brought up the menu probably six times. I can't imagine building anything at all with that bug in the way.

    I imagine Classic costs little / nothing for Mojang to maintain. They're already paying for the domain and have generated some crippling amount of income already, so if Classic makes even thirty people happy, I guess they may as well keep it up.

    That being said, I've just read through the eight page gorefest that is this thread, and what bothers me most is OP's zealotry. I feel like I'm watching one of those kids' movies where the lead role, age 11, stands up to the evil of adults who just don't understand (See: Home Alone, SpyKids, et cetera).

    _4_ needs to understand that every idea, every single one, will have opponents, and he really can't be kicking and screaming "All youre doing is putting me down"(caps, bold) or "take your negativity else ware"(sic) or "You're trying to antagonize me, now please leave my thread" or "Why are you trying to hurt my chances of just trying to help ... my classic community" or pretty much any counterargument he's made so far. Present proper arguments, craft your words, and don't be overzealous.

    As for the people who are time and time again reminding us why 'Classic isn't all that useful' and 'it's basically just toned-down creative mode': Great. If it makes even thirty people happy and costs little / nothing to maintain, great.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2][FORGE] QuickCrafting
    Welcome To QuickCrafting

    [This is a Minecraft Forge mod, made for Minecraft Official 1.5.2. Failure to have both of these prerequisites voids your warranty]

    With Minecraft 1.5, we received a great new feature from Mojang-- That whole swooshy-draggy thing you can do in your inventory and the crafting menu. With this came greatly improved crafting speeds in all areas.

    But what if I told you we could make it faster?

    Well hold on to your pants, because we're about to make it faster. I hereby present QuickCrafting.

    Download Minecraft Forge Universal for Minecraft 1.5.2 HERE
    Download QuickCrafting HERE

    What is QuickCrafting?

    This is the question the public is begging for the answer to. The internet has been captivated by the greatness that is QuickCrafting.

    QuickCrafting is a Minecraft Forge mod which contains no new items, no new blocks, no changed crafting menus. Simply a new list of simplified crafting recipes: Ones that cut to the point, ones that skip useless intermediate steps, and ones to retrieve materials from already-crafted armor.

    Here's the idea summed up into a single Image:

    Vanilla Crafting vs QuickCrafting

    More Features

    -Fully Compatible: I've designed the recipes in ways that I don't expect anyone else to have claimed. I hope you can play with a hundred other mods without a problem. Did I mention that the entire mod is a single file?

    -Recover Ingots / Diamonds from armor and tools: You can now revert your full-health tools and armor to the materials from which they are made. Wooden tools and Stone tools exempt. All armor can be salvaged, and Iron, Gold, and Diamond tools may be salvaged, but you will lose the sticks; this is but a small price to pay.

    -Every non-tool recipe is completely equivalent to the vanilla crafting recipes, if my math checks out. Things to remember include: 1 log = 8 sticks, and 1 plank = 2 sticks. I wanted to make some cobblestone based recipes, but I was unable to do so, since none seemed to be equivalent as they should have been.

    Full Recipe List

    I encourage you to download this image in case you need to see it again.

    Probably Frequently Asked Questions but I don't know

    Q: Why is this forum post so bland looking?
    A: I don't think this needs to look very ornate. For a mod like this, the important part is the text, not the pictures.

    Q: Will you update to Minecraft x.y.z?
    A: I don't know. Maybe.

    Q: Can I put this in a mod pack?
    A: Yes.

    Q: I found a recipe that is buggy, or is not equivalent to the vanilla alternative. What do I do?
    A: Please tell me by leaving a message on this page.

    1) Install Minecraft Forge from the link at the top
    2) Run Minecraft once so Forge can do its thing
    3) Go to your .minecraft directory
    4) open the "mods" folder
    5) Place QuickCrafting.zip into the mods folder
    6) Craft with great haste

    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for downloading!
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    posted a message on [146 / 147][SSP][FORGE] Carbon Plated : An original coal-based mod!
    [Requires Minecraft Forge 6.5.0 or higher. This mod is currently stable for Minecraft 1.4.6 and 1.4.7. No guarantees for higher / lower versions. From my testing, this mod is fully compatible with any other mod(I have not edited base classes)]

    Hello, and welcome!

    This is the official Minecraft Forum thread for Voussoir's Carbon Plated mod. I congratulate you on making your way here safely.

    This mod adds...well...a lot of things, really. It started with the simple question "Why hasn't Mojang made a Coal Block yet?" and was answered with "I'll do it myself". I became interested in modding, and have since continued the Carbon Plated effort. There are a variety of new Tools and crafting materials made from Carbon, compressed coal, as well as a few new materials which you will here learn about. You will also find an assortment of new blocks, either for coal / metal storage or just decoration. Food is abundant as well, so take your time to look at the menu and decide on what you want.

    Be warned, some of the items in this mod are just for fun. Silly, strange, bizarre, and what-does-this-do items should not be taken with offense. This is not a super-serious-hardcore sort of mod. Games were made so that players may enjoy them-- I've been enjoying this one.

    If you would like to download all the screenshots you see here for future reference, please click this coin.

    Note: With the huge amount of screenshots taken for this post (113), and the fact that I made this world as a set for a video showcasing this mod, The crafting recipes are shown in the form of chests. It should be logical enough, but apologies if it looks a bit unclear at any time

    First up:

    Here are the things you will find in newly generated chunks with this mod installed:

    Citrus trees

    There are three citrus trees involved. Limes, Lemons, and Oranges, as shown from left to right.

    These trees generate in forest biomes ONLY. In every new chunk, each tree has a 1 / 10 chance of generating. You have a 1 / 10 chance of getting some citrus tree, 1/100 chance of getting two different citrus trees, and a 1/1000 chance of getting all three in the same chunk.

    Citrus trees will bear fruit from the bottom of their leaves. A swift punch will knock the fruit off of the tree and become a delicious, edible fruit. Be careful not to punch fruits that are not ripe, however, as you will not get anything from them.

    Because of the infinite fruit sprouting, these trees are mainly used as a source of food and not for their wood

    Citrus trees have a high yield of saplings. If you find one in the forest, you shouldn't be too worried about not being able to take it home.


    Pictured here are two of the three ores, lead(left) and Vicus(right). The stats for generation are the signs above the chests.

    Vicus is a soft metal, not good for much on its own. When mixed into an iron-vicus allow, however, it becomes a very durable tool material. In each chunk, it will make six attempts to generate. This is less than iron, but more than gold.
    Every Vicus ore drops exactly 2 Vicus shards

    --Mined with a stone pickaxe or better

    Lead is...well... lead. Currently it has but one use: Bullets. Don't get ahead of yourself though, we'll get to that in a second.

    It makes 2 attempts to generate. The first is layer 50 and below, with a small vein. The next is 20 and below with a larger vein.

    --Mined with a stone pickaxe or better

    On the right, the green material, is Crystallus
    Crystallus generates in the overworld and the nether, as evident.
    --Iron pickaxe

    It drops 1 - 3 Crystallus, which is crafted into Crystals, as well as some other materials which will be described later

    On the left is a Carbon Block. This is the Coal Block I mentioned earlier. With 1 coal block being made of 9 pieces of coal, finding some of this stuff is fairly profitable. Being as rare as it is, however, I cannot recommend actually searching for it. Just find some coal in a regular cave, man. It does make for a nice surprise, though.
    --Any pickaxe


    That there is salt. The sign says it all in terms of generation
    Salt currently has 2 uses: creating Salt Licks, a decorative block, and Salt (powdered) which is currently completely useless so I can't recommend crafting any of it just yet.

    NOTE: I did a number of google searches for "Uses for Salt" and almost all of them related to ice or removing rust from pans. Nothing looked quite Minecraft-applicable. If you have any ideas for what salt can do, leave a comment. Otherwise, just decorate your house with it or something
    --Any pickaxe will mine this

    What the hey?
    Fish, pork, steak, and bread blocks. Can be crafted, but will also be found naturally. (This is one of those "for the lols" sort of things, if you haven't noticed). Personally, I always laugh when I find one. I hope they have the same effect on you.


    Crafting chests is an annoying process. You've got to split the two logs up into planks, then take those planks and make a square out of them. Thats like... 13 clicks of work.
    Now, you can make a chest with only 5. Brilliant.

    Sticks are a similar nuisance. Now those are easier too.

    NOTE: Crafting chests costs the same amount of wood, and, because of the crafting shape, still requires a workbench to make. Sticks cost the same, and do not require a bench, as before. QuickCrafting literally just makes crafting quicker, not cheatier.

    !!!: If you have any requests for quickcrafting, let me know! I wanted a quickcraft for the furnace, but 8 cobble is 8 cobble, and I'm not sure how I can cut that down. (Making any sort of "condensed cobblestone" would require more clicks on the player's part, and would not be worth it)
    I'm thinking about adding quickcrafts for Fences or Ladders or something else, we'll see.


    This is going to be a large Spoiler. You're warned.

    The Carbon Block. Simple, really.

    The Vicus Block. We'll get to the ingots shortly.

    Thatch. A Sugarcane block.
    --Cannot be reverted into sugarcane
    --Broken best by axe

    Carbon Bricks. These are pretty expensive, unless you have tons of coal and no regrets.

    Carbon Pillar Blocks, inspired by the upcoming Quartz pillars.

    A single pillar for those who do not want a full block.
    When placed side by side, there is enough room between them for a player to walk through (though it is a squeeze)

    Carbon Bricks. That there in the middle is a Carbon Plate, which we'll talk about shortly.

    Carbon Thatch Grass.
    This is unobtainable except through creative / TMI. It spreads to Thatch as if it were grass on dirt. This was the result of my screwing around with the grass code.

    Vicus Bricks. Cannot be reverted. These are pretty expensive at a little over 10 iron ingots apiece. Whoo

    Dense Obsidian. This is used in a later crafting recipe, but can be placed for your enjoyment. Ironically, it breaks faster than obsidian.

    When suddenly:

    Plates. The recipe shown is for the Carbon Plate.
    (Sorry about the texture pack, those black circles are Coal)
    The same 2x2 recipe is used for Redstone, Iron, Vicus, Lapis, and Gold.
    Plates can be reverted to their material.

    Carbon Rods. They are used in quite a lot of recipes
    (Don't worry, I notice the texture pack a few screenshots from here)

    The Mace Head. The mace is actually a tool, but the head is just a crafting item, so it is here displayed.

    Mechanical Circuit (left) and Saw Handle (right).

    THE PWNHAMMER is actually a tool, but you have to go through a couple of recipes to get to it, so here they are. Also, I forgot to screenshot the durability and stuff, so here you are
    Can harvest Obsidian; has 14,000 uses; mines at speed 20. For reference, diamond mines at speed 8
    It can mine stone, dirt, and wood. It is an all-tool.

    The wooden ingot. It is used in two crafting recipes and it becomes funnier the longer you think about it.

    Ashes, which are used in the crafting of certain Crystals. Placing the shown items in a furnace yields that many ashes. Note that the wooden spade represents all wooden tools.

    The different Crystals. The standard, green crystal stacks up to 64, but these will only stack to 16.
    They are used in a few different crafting recipes, mostly regarding tools
    Note: those are blaze rods, and those are iron ingots

    Lead bar.

    Raw Vicus-Iron alloys. Those vicus shards are the ones dropped by the ore
    (Each ore gives 2, so this crafting recipe represents 2 ores)

    The smelting of the vicus ingot

    When I was startled by:

    Remember when I said the blocks spoiler would be kinda long?

    Guess I wasn't thinking about this one.

    Throughout this spoiler, you'll see things like "1, 350, 6F, 2"
    These represent Harvest Level, Uses, Speed, and Damage, respectively
    A quick Harvest level guide:
    0= Wooden pick. Mines Stone, coal
    1= Stone pick. Mines Iron
    2= Iron pick. Mines Gold, Diamond, Redstone
    3= Diamond pick. Mines Obsidian
    The speed is how many times faster it is than punching(I think). Diamond is 8, for example

    Carbon tools are made in the same pattern as regular tools save for a few things
    -There is no carbon sword. On the bottom is the recipe for the knife. It is essentially a sword but CANNOT BLOCK
    -In the upper right is the Carbon Haxe. Tell me, what does a good farmer need? A Hoe? An Axe? Now, what does that farmer do in the event that he finds himself with only 1 hotbar slot to spare? He puts the two together! Costing 5 plates, the only thing you're saving here is a single piece of coal, not to mention the inventory spot.

    These are vicus tools. Vicus is literally a material made just for tools, so don't feel obligated to hold onto it for any reason. Go head, mine like a maniac. No one will judge you (except for that creeper in the corner, watch out!)

    There IS a Vicus Sword, with full blocking capabilities, but if you'd like to go a different route, make yourself a Vicus Spear. It does more damage than the sword, but cannot block.

    You can see in the bottom right the recipe for the Vicus Hammer, which is a special tool designed to mine-
    Glass, Glowstone, Melons, Cocoa Beans, pumpkins, Iron Fences, Anvils, Pistons and Levers.

    There is no Vicus Haxe. Leave that to the carbon, will ya?

    Carbollus tools! These things are pretty great.
    Available for your enjoyment are the Pick (Groundbreaker), Axe(TreeFeller), Sword(HandBlade), and Spade(DigSpade). There is no Hoe, sorry.

    With three thousand uses, I was at first concerned for game balance. However, these tools are NOT enchantable, meaning that a Diamond Pickaxe with Unbreaking might just last longer, depending on the level. Even with so many uses, the lack of enchantability means the speed is locked as well. Its a trade-off, really.

    However, combining the sword with a Density Crystal will put knockback on it. You're welcome.

    Now we get into some magical Tools. This here's the FireSpade. Guess what happens when you hit stuff with it?

    Crafting the firespade yields the firespade II. It does slightly more damage than the original
    --Cannot be enchanted for exploitation reasons
    --If you have torches in your inventory, right clicking with this will place them for you. How handy! Only potential problem is the lack of warning; you might run out of torches without knowing it if you rely on this mechanic.
    --Soulsucking! This tool REPAIRS ITSELF when you hit things with it. Hooray!

    The Soulsucker itself!
    Similar to the Firespade, this tool can be used as a weapon thanks to its heightened damage abilities.
    --Cannot be enchanted for exploitation
    --Repairs on hitting enemies

    Saws! Remember that saw handle we crafted a while ago? Hooray!
    Saws allow for FREE AND UNLIMITED mining of their respective ore...and NOTHING ELSE. The coal saw can mine coal quickly and without loss of durability, but if you're dedicated enough to craft one of these, you probably know that Inventory space is not in large supply when mining...It might just be worth it to save the inv. space and carry a pickaxe.
    Its a trade-off

    It's a scythe!
    These tools are made to break leaves. As far as material goes, the only REAL difference is the durability, since the breaking speeds are all very similar.
    Scythes can be made from vanilla materials, carbon, and vicus
    pictured in the upper left is the Grim Scythe. It repairs upon hitting enemies, like the Soulsucker.
    Here are the Grim Scythe's stats:

    That sums that up

    In the upper left is the Crowbar. This was inspired by the one from Railcraft, indeed.
    Don't you find it annoying when you're trying to pick up tracks with a pickaxe and you accidentally smash the block beneath? Yeah, we all do. The crowbar picks up rails quickly, but nothing else. Hooray!
    It doesn't have a durability, so feel free to use it infinitely. I didn't think it was that important, personally.

    In the bottom right is the EarthShatter, inspired by the sledgehammers of the Red Faction series (though I drew the sprite myself). It mines stone as if it was its job (it is) and has 1200 uses. Go get yourself some cobblestone, you.

    The Torch Placer and Redstone Placer.
    These are the items that I, personally, am the most proud of. I coded the entire thing without using Google or asking for help! Also, this was my first time successfully writing and using my own Constructors. Hooray Java!

    Here's how they work:

    When crafted, it will have 0 durability. Notice the two stacks of torches in my hotbar

    Simply right click, and the Placer consumes all 128 torches into its internal storage with a maximum storage of 256

    Right clicking will place the torch

    Thus taking 1 durability from the tool.

    Torch placers and Redstone placers WILL NOT BREAK. Every durability point represents 1 torch or 1 redstone.

    --Want to get the torches out of the tool and back into your inventory? Well, the best way to do that is placing the torches in a water stream, which will break them and carry them away. Continue until the tool is empty and pick them up at the end of the stream. Other than that, it's a payoff.

    The shearshot. Be careful when shearing your sheep, though. If you're the kind who likes to run around holding RMB, this may not be the tool for you.

    The rifle, and the recipe for the bullets.
    has 1000 durability.

    NOTE: I'm not feeling too good about the game balance of this weapon. Leave me your suggestions if you have any. Bullets harder to craft? Less durability? Not sure yet...

    The Harpoon
    Kills squid instantly, but does only punch-damage against other mobs.
    128 uses.

    The harvester.
    Made from citrus tree wood
    unlimited uses
    This tool is for harvesting crops without breaking the blocks supporting them, like the crowbar. For example, don't you hate when you break wheat and accidentally mine out the dirt? How about cutting down limes, and accidentally breaking the leaf. Yup.
    Here's a screenshot of the things that the Harvester Harvests:


    This is the ore saw and the power cell.
    The ore saw is automatically enchanted with Silk Touch
    OMG OVERPOWERED-- But wait!
    Being the ore saw, it ONLY mines ores. It literally will not mine anything else. Not torches, not dirt, not wheat, naught but ores. Coal, Redstone, Diamond, Lapis...have at it.

    The clippers
    Currently these are an unbreakable pair of shears, essentially. Personally, I've gone a few MONTHS and not broken a pair of shears, so I really don't think these offer so much of an advantage save for removing the durability bar. If you're a really shear-heavy person, this might be a bit OP, so let me know.

    Have some drills. The drills will never break, but when they're at the end of the line they stop mining quickly. Craft one with a power cell and it's as good as new.
    Crafting a drill with the soulsucker and firespade II will yield the upgraded drill. This also has the soul-sucking ability!
    First off, here are the stats:
    the left is for the regular, the right is for the upgraded.

    In a few moments, you will read about the Battery Helmet. If you are wearing the battery helmet while using one of these drills, the helmet will drain instead of the drill itself (inspired by the IC2 mining drills)
    In fact, my drills have a feature the IC2 drills lack! If you are NOT wearing the helmet while mining, simply putting the helmet on and right clicking will recharge the drill through the helmet's battery power.

    I'll put myself back in place by saying that I tried about six times to recreate the furnace and continually failed. I'd never be able to pull off the stuff IC2 does.

    Now that you're this far in the post, I recommend you put some clothes on.
    These will likely undergo some game balancing soon.

    Here's that battery helmet.

    Finally, here's the snow shovel. Sort of like the Crowbar, in a way. This will mine up snow like it's nobody's business, but won't ruin the grass beneath it.
    350 uses, and it's fairly fast.

    Ah man that spoiler's finally over.

    My alarm clock rang and reminded me it was time for:

    This post has some signs too.
    Let's use the first one as an example. "2.5, 0.9"
    2.5 is the number of hunger bars. This is the same as 1 loaf of bread.
    0.9 is the saturation, out of 1. The higher this number, the longer the food will keep you filled.

    My favorite food, personally. I've decided to share the joy with you.
    Pizza seeds have a 1 / 100 chance of spawning from wild grass. Seeds may be planted to grow pizza, the plant you saw in the Harvester picture, which will yield 1 slice of pizza and some more seeds. Alternatively, 1 slice may be crafted into 3 seeds, and 9 seeds can make 1 slice.
    9 slices creates a place-able pizza.

    Sandwiches! Shapeless crafting.
    Just add the two healing values to get the sandwich.
    ex: Pork heals 4. Bread heals 2.5. Pork sandwich heals 6.5
    Pretty amazing.


    Since bread turns into 5 slices and heals 2.5, each slice heals 0.5 hunger bars
    toast heals 1
    powdered toast heals 2
    french toast heals 2.5

    salad! Its the poor man's soup!
    Heals 2.0

    Sterile flesh!
    Heals 1.5 with no side effects

    The citrus fruits!
    Limes - 2.0
    Lemons - 1.5
    Oranges - 2.0

    Cow pies and Lime pies heal 4.0 per bite.

    Sometimes I like to step on:

    My kingdom for a jar!
    Clear jars, sugar jars, glowstone jars (which glow!) and ink wells! All decorational and functionless.

    We'll talk about the green glob as well as the lava can momentarily

    A cow as fine as you deserves a salt lick! Decorational and functionless! But finally you've got something to spend the salt on!

    Personally, I like to use the anvil to rename stuff. Lots of stuff. Its disappointing to think that naming items is so expensive on the iron, so I created this. It uses a crystal, and costs 1 anvil to begin with, but...

    It will, very slowly i might add, repair anvils within a 3x3x3 area (directly touching it or diagonally)

    I like to collect:

    The pictures should be self explanatory.
    The coins are completely functionless, but I really enjoy having them. I'm not sure why. It makes me feel rich.

    Compression cans.
    Both crafting recipes cost the same amount of iron and give 32 cans. You can use them to collect fluids, but you cannot place them back down. They will stack up to 64 whether empty or filled. Craft 1 of these above a bucket to get a bucket full of the fluid.

    For those of you who can't spare the crystal / iron, use these to repair your anvils.
    Lightly damaged anvils require 2 to fix, Heavy damaged anvils require 4

    Boost your coal!
    A carbon plate is made of 4 coal, which would normally smelt 32 items. Go through this process and you cans melt a stack of your favorite things, which hopefully include toast and syrup.

    In the upper left, you can see 8 flowers turning into a Plant Mass. In the lower left, four plant masses are crafted into a Biomass fuel (this is the one that makes the green torches). Instead of flowers, however, you can use any of the items on the right side of the box.
    You do NOT need to use all 8 of the same item. You can use ANY COMBINATION of the items displayed here to make biomass fuel.

    a single biomass fuel smelts 8 items in the furnace, meaning that 32 plant materials means 1 piece of coal. If you've got a large farm, I seriously recommend this.
    Save the planet, yo!

    Because melons are obtained in various numbers, and 8 slices are so easy to get but 8 blocks aren't quite as easy, they have a different recipe.

    4 melons makes 1 biomass fuel immediatly

    I've been typing for the past two and a half hours or so, so I hope you've enjoyed your stay.


    Q: Can I put this in a mod pack?
    A: Oh my! I'm famous!! I'd prefer you ask me first though. For reliable contact, send me a PM at youtube.com/VoussoirCraft

    Q: Is there a config file?
    A: not at the moment, I might figure out how to do that soon.

    Q: Can I edit the textures?
    A: Sure, but I'd rather you don't distribute them without my permission.

    Q: What do I do if I find a bug / think of a quickcraft / find a game balancing issue?
    A: Contact me. Thanks

    Q: Can I make a banner / video / showcase / image / shrine to this mod?
    A: Possibly. If you're a graphic designer who wants to make a banner, have at ye. If you want to make a video, please show me some of your other ones first. I don't mean to offend, but I've seen some pretty awful mod showcases and I dont want any of that near my stuff.

    Q: Will you update the mod to Minecraft X.Y.Z?
    A: I'll see what I can do. Personally I fancy the mod, and I also fancy Hoppers, so I think I'll be forced to getting around to that sort of thing.

    Q: Is this mod Multiplayer Compatible?
    A: From my very small testings, it would seem NOT. To be honest, I'm not sure what I did that screwed up the multiplayerness of the mod, since 99% of forge mods ARE multiplayer compatible. I don't play multiplayer anyway, so it doesn't bother ME to much, though I understand if there is concern amongst the public. Sorry.

    Do you like this mod?
    Put the following bit into your signature to wear this banner I created myself!


    Are you ready for this? I SURE HOPE SO!
    Click the coin to download!

    To install, simply drag THE ENTIRE .zip file into your .minecraft/mods folder. Do not extract the zip file!
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    posted a message on [1.4.6] CarbonPlated: See body for updated version!


    [This is a mod for Minecraft official 1.4.6 and requires Minecraft Forge version 6.5.0 or higher. Links to forge are available farther down this page]

    Hello, and welcome to the Minecraft Carbon Plated mod! This mod started out small-- I wanted a Coal Block so that I may store my massive amounts of Coal with ease. Nothing I could find just did it the way I wanted (such a simple request!) so I took it upon myself to create such a mod. It does this and so much more! Let's take a look at the features I've implemented:

    (NOTE: I will refer to the "Crafting Book" a few times during this overview. At the end of the page you will find a link to a picture with all carbon recipes on it. This is the Crafting Book. Please read this article first)

    Carbon at its core

    That's right, it's the thing this mod hinges around! Brilliant! Carbon is a crafting material responsible for the amazing tools we now have at our disposal! By compacting pieces of coal, we can use this carbon to create a variety of new things.

    The father of the CarbonPlated Mod, the inventor of Swiss Cheese, the most interesting man in the world. Behold, friends, the Coal Block.

    A single carbon plate, used in many of the upcoming recipes. May be reverted to Coal.

    Its a pickaxe made of freakin' coal
    Carbon tools are crafted just like normal tools, but bear in mind these two things:
    -there is no carbon sword, it's a knife. 1 plate, not 2
    -Carbon tools are made with Carbon Rods, not sticks (see Crafting Book)
    Available carbon tools are the knife, pickaxe, spade, axe, hoe, aaaaaaand

    The mace! Forget carrying a whole load of tools everywhere you go! Pack a punch and carry a mace (I never leave home without one!)(note: hoe functionality not included)
    For 8 carbon plates, it costs the same as a pick, shovel, knife, and axe, a few less rods to boot, and fits into a single inventory slot. Keep in mind that while it does have more durability than a regular carbon tool, it certainly isn't four times as much. Would you rather have tool durability, or inventory space??

    But lets not go forgetting the tool with the most awesome name!!What could that award possibly go to? None other than:

    The Haxe! You're a man of the woods, and if there's one thing a man of the woods needs, it's an axe. If there's a second thing he needs, it's a till. If there's a THIRD thing he needs, it's a way to combine those two. Remember how I said you're a man of the woods? You best get makin' one of these real quick, it's literally all three things you need.
    (Note: the Haxe is only available in Carbon)

    But the tools don't stop there, oh no they don't. Queue,

    the Scythe. Crops are already insta-break, so some old farmer took his scythe to a tree and found it to be a perfect way to get rid'a dem dang leaves. Scythes are available in all vanilla materials, as well as Carbon and Vicus (Spoiler!). Sure, a diamond scythe might be a bit frivolous, to just break leaves and all, but you're a man of the woods, and diamonds were NOT on the list of things you need (neither were scythes, mind you, but you're a rebel man of the woods, if I forgot to mention that).

    Carbon tools have the mining abilities of Stone, meaning they cannot mine gold, redstone, diamonds, or obsidian. However, they have 350 durability, more than double that of stone, and actually more than Iron. They are as quick as Iron, and do the damage of Iron. It's a payoff, really

    alright let's get to some other stuff!

    A whole new metal! A new fantastic point of view!

    This mod also introduces a new type of metal, one that I like to call Vicus.

    Vicus requires a stone pickaxe or better to mine, and will always drop 2 Vicus Shards (pictured above floating on the ground)
    Vicus is a relatively non-malleable on its own, but it has very smash-resistant properties. This is why we combine it with Iron to make it something worthwhile, and refine that in the oven to get it nice and durable (see Crafting Book)
    Vicus' only real use is tool-creation. To further strengthen the tools, Vicus tools must be made with Iron Ingots, not sticks, as the handle. Otherwise, crafting is as expected. I've gone ahead and added an additional weapon just for Vicus, however

    The spear! This does more damage than a regular sword, but be aware that you have NO blocking ability while wielding it. Its a payoff, much like everything else.

    Vicus may also be crafted into a block, as you would expect

    What the nether were they thinking?

    Is that an ingot....made of wood???
    We'll get to this shortly. Its pretty useless, but I'm using Forge, gosh-darnit, I've got all the sprites I could ever need and you can't stop me from using them all up. All you using ModLoader, get up. I want all of you out of your chairs. Put your head out the window and scream I'M RUNNING OUT OF SPRITES, and I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE"

    Pretty epic meal times, even if it's breakfast for dinner or syrup in your lunchbox(lunchbox not included)

    Face it. You've been on the Modding section of the forums, only to see a handful of different "FOOD MOD: ADDS TONS OF NEW FOODS" type-a things, right? Well for those of you who strictly PLAY Minecraft, these are all very well, but once I learned how to mod food, I was completely surprised at how easy it was. Don't get me wrong, those modders are talented texture artists, and are very creative people, but when it gets to modding, its nothing more than assigning a "new ItemFood" and making a crafting recipe. Thats why I took all my good (well... "good") food ideas and packed them into CarbonPlated. They're fun as heck to make (which is why some people do it), and fun to play with, but I felt they shouldn't be a mod all by themselves.



    Sandwiches, salads, and a bit of Biological Engineering! How about that Rotten Flesh? We've all got crates on crates of rotten flesh, right? Just....just me? Well if you have at least a little bit, why not purify it into something actually edible? See Crafting Book

    I will briefly go over the hunger levels of these foods:
    Bread slice. 5 pieces from 1 loaf, so each heals 1/5 of a loaf (0.5 sticks)
    Toast. Requires smelting, er, cooking, but heals 1.0 sticks
    Powdered sugar toast. Requires sugar, but heals 2.0 sticks
    French Toast. The best breakfast known to man, ape, and some species of marine animals. Requires smelting to obtain syrup, but heals 2.5 sticks. This means that through 2 smelting recipes and a bit of sugar a single SLICE of bread heals the same number of sticks as a loaf (which is 2.5). It's a payoff.
    Flesh heals 1.5 sticks, and requires smelting
    Salad heals 2 sticks. Poor-man's soup, essentially
    Sandwiches heal the combined amount of the meat and the bread. Steak is 4, bread is 2.5, so a steak sandwich heals 6.5 hunger sticks. Helpful for those who forget to eat for long periods of time, since you can have a STACK of super refilling foods.
    The Alchemist's Apple heals hunger to full, and gives 15 second regeneration.

    And finally:
    Yu've been reduced t eating rcks?
    See Crafting Bk

    Legendary weapons, or at least some people like to think of 'em that way

    Meet the SoulSucker! It might just replace your sword!
    (The picture is a little dark. Those are nether bricks there as the handle, and carbon blocks up top)

    The Fire Spade! Keep away from children, pets, and just about anything else! (carbon block there)

    Is that a leg?

    14,058 uses.
    Someone's 'bout to be mighty pwned

    What do you mean "What are they good for?"?? Collecting, of course!

    I have not tested my mod on multiplayer. I literally have no idea whether or not it works. For the mean time, just enjoy yourself and build up an

    ENORMOUS COLLECTION OF WEALTH. That's right. They're coins.

    Note: Thanks to the way built the crafting recipes, there is the potential for other things to be molded. Statuettes? Minifigures that are equally useless? Maybe your favorite item from this mod cast in an irreversible process and in gold. No one knows....not yet.

    See Crafting Book

    Oh by the way there's also a new block made of sugarcane. Its called Thatch and doesn't do much.

    Thus ends the overview of CarbonPlated. I would like to give you, as the player of my mod, a few rights and recommendations

    Nothing, NOTHING that I am about to say is legally binding, because none of this mod has any legalities on it. Its not copyrighted, I'm not asking for donations, I'm not even using an adfly page. Keep the following things in mind

    1 If you wish to include this in a modpack (you are completely insane, and) you must send me a PM or something first. I honestly do NOT expect anyone to put this in a modpack because...well seriously.

    2 You MAY edit the texture / icon files and give them to other people

    3 As of right now, I am not releasing the source code. Once again, I dont expect to have anyone wanting it, but I should just put that out there. Also, this stuff is butt-simple compared to any good mod out there.

    4 If you find a bug, state it nicely and calmly in a post. If you really want a response, use the quote button on one of my posts so that the forum notifies me of your post. I fully admit that there may be bugs in this code, I'm not an expert (I don't even qualify as ameutur!) so point them out without being a jerk

    I think that about covers it...
    I am NOT a very good coder (most of this was copy-past from vanilla code or trudge-my-way-hrough-tutorials-coding. I had a lot of fun creating this mod, but don't expect me to make this mod for every single version of Minecraft (leave it to Mojang to release that 1.5 snapshot the day I learned how to make spritesheets) or add everything under the sun. I couldn't even add my own furnace, to put it that way. I really wanted to though :P

    If you would like to wear a cool banner (doesn't everybody?) use this as your signature:


    I hope that code works...Took a few tries but I think I got it.

    For Minecraft Forge releases, go to http://www.minecraftforge.net and click "releases"
    For the crafting book, go to http://i.imgur.com/ApiXp.png right click the image and press Save as so that you may have a copy of the picture

    drop the CarbonPlated.zip into the /mods folder. That's it.


    Here's a final screenshot

    I think you'll laugh when you find out what those blocks on the bottom are.

    FINAL NOTE: This mod contains world generation. If you play this mod on an already existing world, Vicus will not exist in any already-explored chunks. You will have to either get up and move a ways away, or start a new world
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    posted a message on Symmetry Texture Pack [1.4.5]
    [constructive criticism]

    you get used to it after a while!!

    That doesn't sound like a good way to make people like your texture pack.

    This is another bucket fill pack. Not to mention it's one with the brightest and most painful green in the world. The grid lines on everything (There is no reason Stone should look like that) are incredibly distracting and the color of the grass hurts my eyes.

    I also notice you didn't edit portals, fluids, mobs, vehicles, or chests, which means you probably thought that those ones would be 'too hard'.

    Finally, its possible, I'm sure, to have symmetry in pack AND have detail.

    A great texture pack if you loved the OCD texture pack.

    People who like FVDisco's OCD will probably not think this is too great. Texturing is difficult, so congrats on getting started, but something like this is NOT fit for release.

    [/constructive criticism]
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    posted a message on Minecraft coding need help Fire Sword
    Quote from ChimpunkBadger

    Sadly this did not work. But Thanks

    That didn't work? I just copied exactly what I gave you and pasted it into the code of one of my items to be sure that I gave you a legit code, and it works fine.

    Where are you pasting it, and is there another hitEntity code in the same item file? This code definitely works on my 1.4.6 client and 1.4.7 shouldn't have changed any of that so I can't say I know whats wrong...

    Very well then, let's try something else. If you're using forge, this should work, I don't know about ModLoader (provide more info next time in the original post, by the way)

    In your mod_ file, go to the PreInit part, or just copypaste mine.
    public void PreInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event)
    ItemStack sword = new ItemStack(YOURSWORD, 1);
    swordrd.addEnchantment(Enchantment.fireAspect, 1);
    GameRegistry.addRecipe(sword, new Object[]{YOUR RECIPE});

    and that will give the item Fire Aspect when you craft it. Honestly though, the first method is easier in my opinion, and the code I gave you should be working fine.
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    Quote from ChimpunkBadger

    I have looked in to the file but it says nothing about burning Mobs. But thank you for replying to my post. :Pig:

    public boolean hitEntity(ItemStack par1ItemStack, EntityLiving par2EntityLiving, EntityLiving par3EntityLiving)
         par1ItemStack.damageItem(1,  par3EntityLiving);
         return true;

    place this inside ItemFireSword or whatever your file is called. Make sure it doesn't already have a hitEntity code. If it does, delete that one and replace it with this.

    1000 is the number of half-hearts of damage it will do. using 20 would do 10 hearts of damage, enough to kill a player and most mobs.
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    Quote from Raiden-Sola

    I'm looking for some help in finding a light-sensing mod to use for my server. I've started a server and I'm pretty much not allowing any mod usage to keep it fair for our pvp games, but I do want to allow a light sensor so we can make sure our houses and public areas are secure from monster spawns.

    In the past I've used and loved Zombe's modpack for its lightsensor overlay showing the exact spots, but there's so much other cheat stuff there that I simply just don't want as a temptation, and my server will be using a couple forge mods, and I know there's some compatability issues there. With it being a modpack I hoped I'd be able to see about tracking down just the light sensor itself, but right now the zombe thread either has a malfunction in its code or for some reason my browsers just don't want to show the one spoiler box that lists the mods in it. Can anyone point me to the light sensor used in that modpack, or something similar?

    Allow me to direct you to the F3 button. I'm not sure when they added this little feature but whenever that was its here now.

    bl: Block light- Light that comes from blocks. Torches, glowstone, lava, etc
    sl: Sunlight- This tells you what the light WOULD be if it was daytime. If it is night time but you are standing under an open sky, this is 15 because if it was daytime that would be right. If you stand under a roof, this should go down.
    rl: Raw Light- Whichever light level is higher, doesn't care if its block or sun. This will be inaccurate at night under an open sky because 15 is higher than 0, even though the 15 is flawed.

    There's also a ton of other information on the debug screen, so here's a full list if you care to have a look:
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    posted a message on OO
    Quote from SearchBarr

    Ok so i'm creating a mod full of tools and swords that have special abilities... the only thing is i have no idea how to add special abilities to the tools.

    For example i have a battleaxe, i want that to be able to do a good amount of damage and still be able to cut down trees fairly fast.

    And also maybe just saying how to add other effects you know of would also really help me.
    if i release this mod again, i will add credits to the one that helps me.

    Thanks Guys

    Well if you want an axe that also does damage, just increase the damagevsentities value in your EnumToolMaterial file, and the efficiencyonpropermaterial to a fairly high number. Now it does good damage and cuts quickly. It might also be a good idea to make sure that when it hits an entity, it only takes 1 durability damage instead of 2, that way you don't have to feel bad about using it as a weapon.
    //Inside your ItemBattleaxe file
    public boolean hitEntity(ItemStack par1ItemStack, EntityLiving par2EntityLiving, EntityLiving par3EntityLiving)
                 par1ItemStack.damageItem(1,  par3EntityLiving);
                 return true;

    Also, if you'd like to make your item light the enemy on fire:
    public boolean hitEntity(ItemStack par1ItemStack, EntityLiving par2EntityLiving, EntityLiving par3EntityLiving)
         par1ItemStack.damageItem(-1,  par3EntityLiving);
         return true;
    //Where 1000 is the number of half-hearts the fire will burn for.

    As for effects like poisoning the enemy, I dont know. However, you can also make it so that your item will have an enchantment as soon as you craft it, if you are modding with Forge (if you're using ModLoader, you might be out of luck)
    //Inside the PreInit of your mod_ file
    ItemStack VARIABE = new ItemStack(YOUR ITEM, 1);
    VARIABLE.addEnchantment(Enchantment.knockback, 2);
    GameRegistry.addRecipe(VARIABLE, new Object[]{YOUR RECIPE});

    I hope some of this helps.
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    posted a message on Armour having a potion effect?
    Quote from Mark719

    Still looking for some help. :)

    You can definitely add an enchantment as soon as you craft it. However, the Fire Protection enchantment is a LOT different from the Fire Resistance potion. It's something, but it's not quite what you want, I guess.

    Regardless, here is how I, personally, would go about making enchanted armor.
    If you want the Fire Protection enchantment on any piece of armor from that set, include this in your ItemArmor class
    public void onCreated(ItemStack par1ItemStack, World par2World, EntityPlayer par3EntityPlayer)
         par1ItemStack.addEnchantment(Enchantment.fireProtection, 1);

    If you want Fire Prot. on, say, the chestpiece only:
    public void onCreated(ItemStack par1ItemStack, World par2World, EntityPlayer par3EntityPlayer)
         if(armorType == 1)
         par1ItemStack.addEnchantment(Enchantment.fireProtection, 1);

    Because Armor Type 1 is the chest. 0 = helmet, 2 = legs, 3 = boots. That way you can have a different enchantment applied to each of the armor pieces when you craft them, and have a full set of different enchantments.

    HOWEVER, there is a problem with this method. For some reason, if you shift-click the piece of armor to craft it, it will NOT get the enchantment. You MUST drag it out for it to apply.
    I know the Twilight Forest mod has it so that you can shift-click it, and it still works. If only I could get a look at their source code :\

    I know this isn't quite what you asked for, but it should help a little bit (its fun to put auto-enchants on weapons, too!)
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