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Our Hardware

We will make sure that you will have the best experience if you choose to purchase a service with us. We strive to achive smooth, lag free gaming.We only run on premium hardware, the Intel Xeon E3 Range. Specifically Vortex Servers use the E3-1240v2 with clock speeds up to 3.8GHz, hyperthreaded. We top that off with 32GB's of RAM in our Minecraft hosting machines to make sure you have an unbelievable gaming experience. We utilize enterprise grade solid-state drives (SSD's) to make sure your disk I/O performance is far above par for your playing experience. On top of that we take nightly backups of our game servers in case of a hardware failure, so you will always be protected and will be able to rest assured knowing that your hardwork will be safe!

Our Networks

We have made agreements to house our hardware in the best datacenters across the globe. We do not cut any corners when it comes to the network that we run. We are gamers ourselves, we know how important an optimal network connection truely is to reach the quality of a perfect gaming environment. We have peering agreements with some of the top providers out there including Internap, Level(3), Global Crossing, nLayer and many more! We only utilize Cisco networking equipment in all of our locations to assure the best possible experience that can be achieved in the gaming world.

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Our Team

We run a pretty tight ship here at Vortex Servers, LLC. We have a number of very unique staff members, each with their own qualities making us an amazing team when we put our heads together. Our Team consists of our Management, Support Technicians and of course our beloved Sales Representatives. We staff our support desk day and night so we are here when you need us no matter if its a simple question or an issue you are having with your game service, we are always here to assist you and help point you in the right direction!

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