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    I just finished one of many buildings for our server's infrastructure. This is neat because it is the center-piece of the spawn point welcome area.

    I created this by myself using the following tools:
    A> McEdit
    B> http://www.minecraft...t-easily-22910/
    C> http://minecraft.ign...craft-Pixel-Art

    Of course, none of these tools actually do all the design work. There is no model for a valkyrie, I had to composite that from a regular human form statue.

    Also borrowed a few ideas (idea only) from: TobiwanK3nobi

    His use of mathematical arches is fabulous.

    Not completely finished yet. Will capture once finished. I'm also waiting for 1.9 to be complete so that I can start a fresh new world seed before final integration procedures with the natural landscape.


    ****** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ******
    !!! ATTENTION !!!

    I have decided to make this Valkyrie Cathedral available for download.
    May it inspire you to create something worth dreaming about!

    DOWNLOAD LINK: http://adf.ly/8Xqcl


    ****** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ******
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    posted a message on [SURV][CHALLENGE] Escape the Island: v1.1 through Hell

    Goal is simple.
    "Escape the Island"

    Updated Goals:
    -Get to the safety of the mainland by portal.
    -Grow 1 giant mushroom
    -Wake up safely in a house off the island
    (Remember to make regular backups if you think you'll be annoyed by dying and losing a really important item.)

    You start with 1 item. An empty bucket.
    1.0 Download URL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cu3n3r4axf5mo3f/Prison.zip
    1.1c Download URL: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ofo18sriacu3j46/Prison1.1c.zip

    Version: 1.0
    -Map created

    Version: 1.1

    -Added "more things to do"
    -Separated resources into separate challenges
    -Signs added for instructions
    -Added traps
    -Added spare saplings reserve for no sapling drop situations
    -Added pumpkin seeds
    -Added brown mushroom
    -Now supports 2 players
    Update (1.1b):
    -Fixed spelling errors.
    -Fixed "early" water/wall climb exploit
    Update (1.1c):
    -Fixed traps

    Q: Can I break anything?
    A: Yes, stuff breaks. Don't phase through walls. Don't use fly mod. Otherwise, do whatever it takes to get out and off the island.

    Q: Is this impossible?
    A: No, I've play tested this with some friends. It is possible. Whether or not you have the skills and knowledge to do it is another question.

    Q: Do I have the skills or knowledge to do this?
    A: Maybe not. Next!
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