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    What is Voltaic?:

    • A 1.18.2 minecraft server with a 1.18 map.
    • A player base that is dedicated to creating COMMUNITY BONDS.
    • A bustling player ran trade economy (standing on the back of a thriving BLACK MARKET.
    • A WORLDWIDE playerbase so there are always people online.
    • A SAFE world from griefers and trolls. (Trustworthy/trusting community)
    • Player events & community builds.
    • A server influenced by suggestions and the voting of its members.
    • Greylist where you can login and look around before applying for membership!
    • A place where we escape from the politics and BS of the outside world and focus on our opinions on whether diorite should have ever been created!
    • An active staff team that’s willing to help whenever needed, all hours of the day.
    • Custom Resources, our server requires a custom resource pack that will be applied once you join, this does not override your resource pack if you were to have one. Just like they have it on the Hermitcraft Server!

    Some of our plugins/datapacks

    • Greylist (allows people to join and look around before applying)
    • Griefprevention (Helps with preventing grief)
    • Coreprotect (Another form of preventing grief)
    • Worldborder (Keeps the community close, and prevents from map resets every update)
    • Dynmap (View the map from your browser!)
    • Discord integration (chat with people in game from Discord)
    • Armor Statues
    • Ability to sleep the night away.
    • Black dye from coal/charcoal
    • Sit anywhere and everywhere. Command : /sit
    • Double shulker shells (They have two shells!)

    Things you should expect from Voltaic:

    • 100% Server Uptime unless notified.
    • A close knit community of respectful adults.
    • A long-term place with freedom and acceptance for all kinds of players.
    • An active staff team for all of your questions.

    What we are looking for in players:

    • Mutual respect of your fellow players, including no griefing, stealing, or insults.
    • Involvement and participation in our community.
    • Players that are 16 and older.
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