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    posted a message on how to get uber frame rates!
    Brilliant! A view distance of 1 will probably quadruple those results!
    You are truly a genius for our time.

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    posted a message on Recent Things you have accomplished or done
    Built a 1:1 pixel:block scale Creeper statue overlooking my base of operations, then started planning to build a T-Rex playing the drums in front of a nuclear explosion.

    It's gonna be awesome.
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    posted a message on Apparently I've been evicted (or have a new room mate)
    I smell a sitcom.

    "Tune in every week for deep belly-laughs brought on by the hilarious hijinks of a kleptomaniac mine-digger and a highly unstable explosive creature with stalker tendencies! Experience the tension between the two as they find out they're roommates for the entire year and go to wacky lengths like building gigantic death pits to ruin themselves of the other! Finally, be moved to tears as the two re-unite in a heartwarming fashion - right after the miner pieces their roommate back together after an incident involving diamond ore, an unexplored alcove, and a hot lady creeper.

    Fun for the whole family!"
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    posted a message on Build Log #1: Creeper Idol
    Seeing as I've never actually tried to build anything super gigantic in Minecraft before (I haven't had it too long, and I've been working my way up the "how unrealistically huge can I make this" scale slowly) I thought I would start off slow.
    As slow as a towering build can be, anyway. I decided on something iconic: A creeper, at a scale of 1 pixel = 1 block. Seeing as I am also into doing strange things, I decided it would be the perfect excuse to start a quasi-journal, chronicling the things I build in Minecraft as we zip through Alpha, Beta, and eventually release. With any luck, it'll be a showroom for my evolution as an artist.
    An artist who uses bricks in a game in an intangible medium.
    gosh now i'm depressed
    However, I thought of this AFTER I was done with the building. As such, I have no in-progress pictures for my first journal. Apologies in advance.

    The build:
    I opted to start off extra-carefully, by finding a good reference picture of a Creeper, then proceeded to zoom that ****er in until my eyes bled. I sketched out a general design and dimensions on paper, which is surely my first step towards a depressing, futile existence with a household full of cats.

    The sun is the Creeper's weakness, and the only thing keeping my world from becoming a gigantic crater in the ground.

    Seeing as careful planning worked well in the initial stages, I decided to not do that any more. I came up with the brilliant idea to just build the entire thing out of cobblestone, then go back and coat the outside in whatever material I needed to get a nice, creeper-y look. Only after I was halfway through did I realize it meant I'd need an inventory and a half of mossy cobblestone, and added another half-hour of work, if not more.
    Probably more.

    "Clearly the bessst of planssss. Next, you should build one out of TNT, next to a few lava riversss."

    The entire thing was easy to put together, seeing as it's made out of squares and rectangles, with an unhappy face glued to the front. Maybe that's why I went the dumb route and made myself do half the work.
    With that said, this was my first attempt at using a spiral staircase and scaffolding setup, and it did work quite well - two scaffolds, one at each front corner of the Creeper, and a platform under his head. This let me sculpt the face easily, and any mossy brick filling was done by digging straight down, then building back up.
    Seriously, I worked my ass off for no good reason.

    With that done, I ripped textures from the Creeper's file and pasted them over the mossy cobblestone, because I wasn't pleased with the end result. Obsidian eyes became slightly-recolored-gravel-eyes.
    It's not perfect, but if I had to tell you that for you to figure it out, maybe you should read more of my build logs.

    What I liked:
    That face makes me smile every time I see it, unless I think of how many times I've had everything I hold near and dear to me blown to pieces. Then I frown, and we're like twins.
    Except I'm not green, nor am I running about with a TNT enema just itching to escape.

    What I disliked:
    The texturing, most definitely. It was my own fault, but I was a little lazy with copying and pasting. Next time, I'll do a few more test runs to find a texture pattern I really like, then apply it accordingly. Alternatively, I'll use a broader palette of pieces, and try to make it look more like actual pixel art or somesuch.

    What I learned: - Actually detailing the outside as I go is probably faster than doing it at the end.
    - Texture-picking should not be done unless I'm too lazy to use a broad color palette.
    - Sheep won't leave my ****ing builds alone because I have a torch fetish.
    - Dirt scaffolding works well, but sand scaffolding with torches underneath may be easier to tear down post-build.
    - Creepers dare not blow up their holy symbol, Creepthulu.
    - Retexturing obsidian retextures ALL obsidian, and my castle now looks like some sort of spinachy hell. Durr hurr durr.
    - Creepers aren't very impressive structures when blown up to gigantic sizes, and seriously, who hasn't built a gigantic Creeper to appease those grubby ****s at least once in their Minecrafting career?

    Bottom line: It was okay. Man, that's the wimpiest bottom line I've ever seen.

    "Let ussss never sspeak of me again."

    Critique, comment, go go go. I hope to write a series of these to chronicle my newfound addiction. I'd also appreciate build ideas; my birthday is soon, so I may build a gigantic cake with a slice missing and another slice being taken away, but beyond that, I'm slowly building on some general ideas.
    knowing me i'll give up in a week
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    posted a message on Buxville - as seen on Notch' twitter! [new Hardware!]
    IGN: Volkfiend
    Caste you're interested in most: Construction caste.
    Buxville or the Wild, or both?: Wild. Other than trips into town to sell what I've collected, I'd rather stick to the outskirts and get lost constantly. It's a blessing and a curse.
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    posted a message on The Voxel Box server has moved to a new thread.
    Posting to help myself remember to look at this thread later.
    I'd like to take a look around the server once it's back up and the kinks are ironed out, so I'll be back sooner or later.
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