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    sounds like fun, i've been looking for something newer

    IGN: vjunkie
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    A Vanilla Server with helpful and friendly admins.
    I am a representative, from the server and am Dark's Assistant
    The goal of the server is to have a growing and helpful community that works together and builds together

    As it is a Vanilla server no hacks or spawned items are allowed.

    other rules include the quite obvious; No griefing, there you go, Plain and simple.

    The server is not owned by me, but rather by Darklife (kinda obvious due to the topic name heh).

    This is an older server, it recently went private due to griefing and had a map restart, that means nothing other than the town i have begun to build has been built.

    This is going to be a Semi-RP server in the sense of Economy, Cities, and Merchanting.

    Prices will be Displayed Below

    You dont have to use the prices set up, but most admins will be using these as there basis.

    Currency will be through the use of gold, the gold well disobeying the rules is going to be generated gold, you can gain more by selling to other people or finding gold yourself.

    Your free to start cities of your own, but at some point there will be a limit, so that cities can thrive with there citizens, obviously this means if your the owner of the City you can make your own prices for your city but you may also use the normal pricing if its more your convience.


    In order to apply i would like messages sent to me, with a sentence or 2 with valid reasons why you belong in our little (but growing) community, i would also like 1 or 2 pictures showing what you have accomplished in any form of Minecraft, be it Indev, Infdev, SMP, or Creative. I may not reply immediately as i have school to attend to, but do not fret, i will reply at some point.

    A cartograph of the map will be posted here and updated regularly: http://s846.photobucket.com/albums/ab25 ... =ascending

    Owner: Darklife

    Admins from order of rank:



    General Items

    1. Diamond - 15 gold
    2. Wheat - 2 gold (will be modified when its easier to harvest)
    3. Reed - 0.125 (8 per 1 gold)
    4. Cactus - 0.125 (8 per 1 gold)
    5. Cobblestone - 0.125 (8 per 1 gold)
    6. Log - 0.25(4 for 1g)
    7. Gold ore - 1 gold
    8. Iron ore - 1 gold
    9. Redstone - 0.25 gold (4 per 1 gold)
    10. Coal - 0.25 gold (4 per 1 gold)
    11. Clay - 0.25 gold (4 per 1 gold)
    12. Stone - 0.25 gold (4 per 1 gold)
    13. Wool - 1 gold
    14.Bow & Arrrow - 2 gold bars
    15.Stone Tools - Nothing
    16.Wodden - Seriously?
    17.Iron - 1 gold bar each
    18.Diamond Tools - 5 gold bars each
    19.Diamond Gem - 2 gold bars each
    20.Diamond Block - 2 gold blocks
    21.Iron Block - 6 gold bars
    22.Compass - 1 gold block
    23.Redstone stuff - Nothing
    24. 1 stack of Tree Trunks - 1 gold bar
    25. 4 stack of tree trunks - 4 gold bars,etc........
    26. Buckets - 1 gold bar
    27. 4 cooked bacons :smile.gif: - 1 gold bar
    28. 4 loaves of bread - 1 gold bar
    29. Mushroom Stew - 2 gold bars
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    Well i can see that the script did shut down the server, but i don't think it put it back up...
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    I'm getting "End of Stream" and "Can't Connect" now too
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    Name: Tawaska
    Founder: Vjunkie
    Cities: Vjunkie
    CItizens: none as of yet.
    Type: General
    Description: Tawaska is currently right next to the allied country of Zanithar,
    it's a fun country where everyone is welcome
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