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    posted a message on Not Too Easy Not Too Hard (140+ Downloads!)

    No pics, no clicks dude.

    Upload some pictures from your map.

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    posted a message on Mumau's Prison Server
    • Application Type: Guard
    • What's your in-game name? AcuaPixel
    • How old are you? 16 years, not noob, not children.
    • How often are you available and in what timezone? I play minecraft everyday, i would be available for 2-6 hours by a day at the week, because my school is a hard one, and in the weekends i spent all the day to play minecraft, except sundays, when i need to do some hard studies for harder exams than the normal ones (its VERY much harder than the exams of other schools), but i play it very much! Even thought when i knew about Mumau's server, I got so exited because I never saw a better prison server than this, the others are so easy and no-one enter in they... This one is much more cool and funny too!
    • How long have you been playing Minecraft? Since 1.7.3 version of minecraft (not really, i saw about minecraft in 1.5 version and started playing in the browser servers of minecraft.net, watching youtube videos, etc. But then i bought it in 1.7.3 version!)
    • How long have you been playing on Mumau's Prison? For 6 days, but time enought for experiencing the best prison server of minecraft. Maybe much more people would say its not, but to me, its better than the maiory of players of minecraft.
    • What's your current rank on the server? B, hard to rank up too! Everytime i die with good stuff because guards always think im hitting and running or "item spam", when i die because of other players with so much cobble, in the way to the shop.
    • Why would you be a good addition to our team? I have so much experience about minecraft and pvping, redstone and ideas for adventure/trick maps. Im doing a great adventure map too, made only by redstone and McEdit filters. I would be a great helper too, i can help every player of the server when guards are off, etc.
    • For what reason(s) do you wish to become a guard? Because I always liked the server, and it must have a day for helping, for duty, for work better than yesterdays. And to help the mods and other guards, who sometimes dont are online at the moment.
    • Why are you a better than the other players that want to fill this position? I would not be better than others, but when i saw the apps of other players, i saw they think all its just relation of fun and dont know the rules better, etc.
    • Tell us about the ethics that must be applied in the guard system. Help The players when they have questions and things they dont know, act with the think to help all the members, less the ones who break the rules. Old Gregg...
    • Have you ever been warned for breaking the rules? If so, what was the reason? Only jailed once: hit and run, when i didn't know if that was permitted to. There was the second time too: item spam, when i got 6 shovels of a player who died in the "hammer" of the pvp area of Cprison, and then a guard killed me for no reason, then he jailed me for "item spam", but i don't wanted to do that. Ps: I forgot the name of the guard.
    • Have you have been banned before? Nope, never kicked too.
    • What is your situation with armor and money? Armor? Nope. Only work, work and work. No cells bought, no waste of money or buying things from other users. My money? Good enought for buying food and other things, over 7k, but i used it... I have now only 3k.
    • Any other information as you see appropriate: I would never disrespect any better guard members and mods of the server, like because i know they have more power and i know they can make me lose the capacity of winning guard. And i will do my best to help the staff of the server.
    PS: Im Brazillian and im an expert on English.
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    posted a message on Blocks on Minecarts
    You new men(nbs)!
    you can put blocks on minecarts, JUST USE MCEDIT FILTERS!!!!!
    Go to Sethbling's channel to see more!
    Dont know what am i saying?
    Search on youtube: "blocks on minecarts sethbling".
    done again.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] AdventureCraft - NPC Pathing Blocks [R1095]
    we need one update....
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    posted a message on [Puz]101 Ways To Die In Minecraft Pt.1-2¦1-50
    VERY GOOD AND NICE but old :(
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    posted a message on On how to use /gamerule...?
    This topic was so much useful!
    Milion thanks for chilangosta (for asking and replying the answer) and other helpers!!!
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    posted a message on nyanAI - not your normally average AI!
    simple mod?
    great one :)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Trivia Quiz
    lick a boss
    awesome one! :)
    just answer "yes"... goat
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    posted a message on How long can you survive in a creeper apocalypse
    infinite dayz :)
    I like a boss :steve_csi:
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    are u working on 1.3.1?
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    posted a message on [HustleCraft] [24/7 Prison Server] [Non-Premium]
    whitelist me!!!
    IGN name is Vitor_batista
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    posted a message on 24/7 Cracked Prison Server 1.2.5 [Factions] [Mcmmo] [Drugs] HuslteCraft.info
    WHATLIST???????????? <<< lol
    man the server is off.
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    posted a message on [Adv / Puzz][1.2.5] 5 Minutes Till Hell [AS SEEN ON YOUTUBE!]
    making lets play!!! :)
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    posted a message on Banner Contest Winner; Scrolls & Other Updates
    congratz eli :)
    good, i didnt know why i said this thing again, more than 5 people awready said!
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    posted a message on Update crafting tabel
    i didnt understand what you said =/
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