About Me
Hello, I'm Vithrue; a fiery Nether demon who loves CTM maps. I spend most of my time in Minecraft creating CTM maps (you can check them out on ma' thread!) I also love thwacking zombies over the head with nothing but a smite enchanted shovel.

My favorite CTM maps are no doubt Vinyl Fantasy I and Vinyl Fantasy II(three_two is the best map maker in the universe). As much as I love CTM maps, I have never actually completed one, but I hope to some day! Yeah, I'm pretty awful at Minecraft.

My favorite games are Journey, Minecraft (duh), FEZ, Super Metroid,

I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, as well as drawing. However, I'm atrociously awful at sports (and pretty much anything active).
I also like a show by Ze Frank!
So yup, that's me!
Interests Minecraft, creating CTM maps, writing fiction, writing poetry, listening to music, art & drawing, food (eating food), and fire (mostly fire)

Profile Information

Minecraft nitroee Xbox I do what I want!