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    posted a message on The City Construction Challenge
    It appears I managed to reach stage 2 just in time for the 1.8 pre-release, with my town hall project finally completed and a small blacksmith serving as my stone building. Being relatively proud of the town hall's meeting room, I have to share some pictures of it (inside the spoiler thingy, of course).

    So, first an image of the town hall itself from outside. Apart from its massive size, I guess it's not too memorable. I should probably make the second and top floors a bit smaller than the base, but that'll have to wait a loooooooong time...

    This part is the one I'm proud of; my meeting hall, with everything required to hold either a trial or a discussion of which villager is the witch that caused the crops to fail.

    My treasury. Note the carpet isn't entirely done yet. With no allowed iron tools, I can't shear the sheep, making black wool hard to come by.

    And this is the top floor, just to prove I made the additional room called for in order to begin stage 3 ^^

    And here's my ugly little stone blacksmith, with chimney, a wooden bucket or tray to put tempering water in once I make a bucket, and an anvil. I originally thought I'd make a mausoleum out of smooth stone, but I started getting annoyed at having to run all the way back to my house to use a furnace, so I thought this was as good a building to make out of stone as any.

    And there you have my progress so far. Apart from the tortuous halls of my underground mine, of course. I still haven't quite learned that six stacks of cobblestone isn't enough for a small building.

    First thing I'll do for stage 3 is build a town wall, to finally feel safe running between my houses and mine, rather than constantly running straight for the hills when going outdoors so a creeper explosion won't ruin my work.
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    posted a message on The City Construction Challenge
    I started this challenge earlier today, since this one actually seemed like fun, with a lot of freedom, but still a proper goal and some restrictions. So far I'm almost done with stage 2, which I would've done ages ago if I didn't decide to make a gigantic town hall with a floor made entirely out of logs...

    Click the spoiler button for pictures and a bit more text ^^

    After finding a nice, cozy spot amidst some lakes (gotta have fresh water easily accessible in order to create a prosperous town, after all), I set to work on my house. Luckily, I had some coal in the open, and the first night went without any more danger than a few spiders that never got close enough to bite.
    After finishing stage 1, I went about constructing a mine nearby, as well as adding windows and replacing my dirt floor with a much more visually appealing stone floor. I also constructed a small lookout tower at the top of my house for... well, mainly for the fun of it.
    And here are the results:

    View from the farm

    View from the mine

    The living room

    And finally the bedroom

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