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    Quote from Bondo
    Basically, you were promised a delicious cupcake. You pictured and expected a lavish, multi-layer cake flocked with diamonds and gold. Then you received a delicious cupcake, and cried foul.

    More accurately: I was promised a cupcake. I expected a cupcake. I got a muffin. Still good, but disappointing.

    Basically, we've been waiting for this Adventure update since after 1.6. When I heard that it was being delayed to 1.8 so Mojang could make it better, I was happy. Then, they failed to deliver. The terrain gen isn't done, the adventure features aren't done, and it's buggy as all hell. Still not a bad update, but it's not what we were told we were getting.
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    I blame the kids... who listen to the rap

    In all seriousness, yes, 1.8 would have been far better if the community wasn't so loudly begging for it. Then again, if the Mojang team just had some earplugs...
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    Quote from Nyshan »
    To add things to my inventory by way of invedit...

    You don't need to find the .dat files with INVedit. Just to the right of the save button is a drop down menu that does that for you.
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