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    Happy Birthday Mojang. :)
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    Ouch. Seems like my Dragon Picture I made is invalid. The Enderdragon has bigger eyes, and has a grey trim along the wings. Oh well.
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    posted a message on Enderdragons, Dragons, 1.9, My opinions on them
    Quote from SwampyTroll


    Quote from Mixinghoney

    Gay! lol jk , just joking around LOL :biggrin.gif:

    Just for the record, I'm straight.

    And yes, anticipation is quite the word for what I am right now. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Enderdragons, Dragons, 1.9, My opinions on them
    Well, hey guys, Virtualdarks here (Darkcroft IGN). Recently, I've been tracking the 1.9 update (as we all have) and realized some people DON'T want it... and I was just dumbfounded. Why wouldn't you want a game to progress and become better? And, as we can all see, it drove me to making this thread.

    Now, I'm going to discuss what I think about each and every one of the updates in 1.9 (that I know of), so prepare for quite a read. :smile.gif:


    When I heard about these guys, I literally just wanted to hug every Enderman there was. I mean, I've always been awed by dragons, though how Notch implements them is the way I'm concerned.

    Now, I've noticed some people DON'T like Enderdragons, so I'll point out the good points. Of course, we now have a new Mob to figure out how they work, and so forth. Now, also being a very powerful Mob, it will present quite a challenge, kind of like that time you went out to mine for the first time. I mean, just being able to attempt to slay such a beast is simply amazing. Or, whose to say slay? Maybe we'll even be able to befriend the Enderdragon, as intimidating as it is.

    Of course, I wasn't satisfied with the pictures I got, so I came up with this (Made on Blender):

    Also, another idea I got was what if Enderdragons could be mounted by a Enderman, similar to the Skeleton and the Spider. With the power a flight along with the Enderman's sight sensitive skin, it would provide the ULTIMATE challenge for the ULTIMATE Minecraft player.


    Dragons in general have the same answer as my response to the Enderdragons, though I would like to see variety in powers, such as dragons that can breathe fire, whilst yet others that can fly at super rates.


    I LOVE potions. Testing them out in PR3 was great (Prerelease 3), and I'm right now thinking of more types of potions. What if you could use things such as Dragon Scales, or Ender Dust? Just imagine the possibilities. :biggrin.gif:


    You know, recently people have been hating on the villagers. I find them very epic, considering the fact they're different. I mean, it's just like real life. People avoid ugly people, which is very rude and mean in my opinion, so this is quite a lesson for them. :tongue.gif:

    Of course, they're receive their trades soon, and I was wondering if their look in general would ever change? Like, what if they had hair, or differed in gender? I'm VERY sure Notch will add these, but I just wanted to state my opinion.


    Well, what can I say? The enchanter was GREAT, and more magical things in Minecraft would be perfectly wonderful!

    So, that was rather alittle shorter then I expected to write, but I guess it leaves room for improvement. Please comment nicely, or else I'm become the usual pessimistic guy I usually am.

    Now... time for more research.
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    I found some as well... which was weird. Beneath them is an entrance strongholds. I'm not sure if all the glass towers are like this... here's the one I found:

    Seed: 8188234704935462033
    Version: Prerelease 3
    x: 9.958
    y. 64.6
    z: 6.6


    Just read what someone else said about them...
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    posted a message on 1.9 Updates: Old Score Gone, Experience Possible Substitute
    5 score. Sweet. :)

    Death means deletion... only for true minecraft players. >:)
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    posted a message on Happy Birthday to Citricsquid!
    Happy birthday!
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    posted a message on Where the Portal goes
    The way the portals work (Overworld-Nether, Nether-Overworld) is that you create a portal out of obsidian. Once you teleported and gotten far away enough from your portal, and create a new one, whenever you teleport back to the Overworld (the normal world), you're spawned at a randomly generated portal.

    Why is this bad? Well, it somewhat ruins the game. One time, I teleported to a small cave at bedrock level. Another time, I teleported to an endless ocean. And guess what? One time, I also spawned in a dungeon, connected to a abandoned mineshaft!

    So, can we agree to fix it?
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    Complete support. Though, build, per se, maybe somewhat annoying if they take your roof as a platform, or build something in mid-air, the way players do. It would destroy the land, but if there's a possible way for them to avoid player territory/naturally spawned structures, then sure. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Is this a joke?
    1a. They look awesome! :tongue.gif:

    1b. It's still pre-release.

    2. Blaze... Magmacube... I don't see any resemblance.

    3. They're working on it, dude. Give them time.
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    posted a message on has anyone tried "cleaning up" a mushroom island?de
    It's perfectly possible. Just like Terraria with their corruption grass, which happens to be the same colour. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Why I like the new NPC Design
    Quote from lordolba

    I'll make this quick. I think Notch was brilliant in creating these uglier and strange NPC's because they make for a good social experiment. What do you think happens when a completely isolated civilization comes into contact with a completely different civilization, they are either accepting of new allies, or they create quick enemies out of fear and disgust. I like that people on the forums hate the new NPC's because it shows basic human nature to dislike or be fearful of sharing out world with things that we consider beneath us.

    That, sir, was beautiful. :smile.gif:


    I agreed with you right there. I mean, once they get to kill, trade, et cetera, we'll all have respect for them. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.6.X] Portal Gun - Reconstructed [v1] - Rewritten... again.
    Very nice looking mod. :biggrin.gif:

    You deserve this (Diamond Apple).

    Never played Portal. Is the cake really a lie?

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    posted a message on (Sl)endermen: Not impressed
    Quote from Rowsdower

    While I have not actually seen the Enderman in action yet, I can already tell you that I am not impressed with it. It's not going to be creepy. It's just going to be the Spider, version 2.0. Why?

    Run very fast towards you. Just like every other mob in the game. Oh, and it teleports? That is just the lazy way of solving the "I didn't code any pathfinding AI into the game whatsoever" problem that minecraft has. Of course enemy mobs don't feel threatening when they slam themselves into trees or charge straight of cliffs in an attempt to get close to you. So the Enderman will teleport closer to you when it (inevitably) gets too far away from me due to bumping into trees/steep terrain? Sorry, but that's not creepy IMO.

    Dude. Have you ever seen movies where you would look at something (a zombie? Eh.), then suddenly it charges at INCREDIBLE SPEED (not spider speed) at you (then, what, shanks you?).

    Plus, if you read the news, Notch said something that would be creepy, but not TOO creepy, just enough to make the player think about what they just did.

    But the Mind-Messing you suggested is nice, not the scream-before-charge part.

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    posted a message on Redstone Dynamo
    Thanks! :biggrin.gif:

    I need to make more custom icons.
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