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    Server IP: MC-Convicted.org
    TeamSpeak 3: MC-Convicted.org

    • Looking for a classic, nostalgic, bare-bones prison server? You've come to the right place! Convicted is the longest running prison server of all time, and has set precedents for numerous servers of its kind.
    • Since our creation, we've stuck to the same, competitive gameplay. None of that saturated, OP-Prison garbage.

    No coddling. No unfair play. Just pure, raw, competitive pvp. Enjoy your time in prison.

    You've been sentenced to life in Penitentiary. The Prison runs on a currency called Behavior Points. With BP you can buy items, plots, cells, and a higher prison rank. Most items can be sold for BP, but how you get these items is up to you. Will you work in the mines or shank your cellmate? Will you befriend the guards or become notoroius?


    Use /rankup to pay the required amount and ascend to the next rank.
    Only the worst prisoners will be sent here. Hard labor and dark, murky conditions make this block abundant with illegal activity. As a result, Guards rarely patrol the area.
    Cost: 2,500 BP
    The default rank of convicts. Mining and chopping wood are your basic moneymakers. Most people live here, so crime and violence are everywhere. The cost only applies if you are ranking up from D-Prisoner.
    Cost: 15,000 BP
    Congratulations on ascending from the lowest block. But to continue progressing through the ranks, more BP is needed. New mines, new cells, and less PvP make prison life easier.
    Cost: 35,000 BP
    Finally, your first taste or luxury! You may find that ranking up is easier from here on out. Some of the fastest moneymakers as well as minimal PvP make this block a great reward.
    Cost: 65,000 BP
    You've made it! You are now the highest rank of prisoners. You have every sector at your fingertips and are highly respected by prisoners and staff. Four incredible ways to earn BP, month-long cells, and absolutely no PvP make this block the best in the prison. Freedom is only one step away!
    Cost: 100,000 BP

    Through good behavior, you have finally earned your freedom. You are now free to roam the wilderness. Prison rules are not enforced here. Stealing from others is allowed, but griefing is not. You may come back to the prison at any time, but you must follow prison rules while inside.

    Chain Armor Protection II
    Congratulations on being accepted! You must now prove yourself worthy to become a full guard. If you work hard, a promotion won't be far off.
    Chain Armor Protection IV
    You are now a full-fledged Guard. Patrol the prison and make sure the rules are being enforced. Break fights, kill offenders, and confiscate contraband items. You also now have access to Block-B, and are invulnurable to hunger.
    Chain Armor Protection VI
    Your trust and loyalty has attained you the prestigious rank of Alpha Guard. Your powers are like that of a moderator; you have the ability to mute, kick, ban, and warp. Your recommendations now mean a lot to newer Guards. Your influence upon server decisions is greatly increased. The only rank left to attain is Warden.
    Wardens maintain the server. We regulate events, glitches, rules, and strive to keep the server at its best.

    Breaking these may result in temporary confinement, but will not result in a ban
    • Do not attack other prisoners/guards.
      • A Guard will kill all who attack regardless of who started it.
        • If you kill the guard, he won't attack you again unless you break another rule
      • No Running to Non-PvP after a guard hits you
        • Results in jail time
      • No starting 5+ fights in a short timespan
        • Results in demotion to Block-D (applies only to C's)
    • Never be in possession of contraband items.
      • A Guard will count down from 5.
      • If you do not hand it over, the following will happen:
        • In a PvP-Zone: The guard will attack
        • In a Non-PvP Zone: Results in jail time
      • If you throw your item to another player and not a guard, the guard will decide whether it was intentional or an accident. The following will happen based on the guard's decision:
        • Intentional: The guard will attack you as if you didn't give the item. The guard will not attack the other player
        • Accident: The guard will count down again for the other person
    • Do not abuse PvP zones
      • No camping outside any Non-PvP area to kill other users
      • No hopping back and forth between PvP and Non-PvP while a Guard is counting
      • No running into Non-PvP during a Guard fight
      • Plots and warp signs are treated as Non-PvP zones
        • All will result in Jail time
    • Do not grief mines/other areas in which you can build
      • Destroying saplings in Tree Farm:
        • Results in jail time
      • Placing Lava
        • Results in jail time if used to grief
        • Results in tempban if used to kill

    Breaking these may result in a ban

    - Do not use mods or hacks

    - Do not spam the server

    - Do not abuse glitches

    - Do not advertise other servers

    - Do not grief the Free Wilderness

    - Do not sell items/BP for actual money

    Think you have what it takes to guard? Follow these steps:
    • Read the Guard Rules before applying.
    • Fill out the application and post it below.
    • Wait for it to be reviewed. Do not ask a Warden in-game, or it will automatically be denied.
    • Within one week we will make the decision. If you are not promoted, consider your application denied and try again.


    1) Username:2) Your age:3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days)4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules?5) Any experience with the prison genre?6) What is your time zone?7) Why are you the best choice for guard? (1-2 paragraphs)8) Do you understand that nagging Wardens in-game to read your app will result in immediate decline?9) What is your current prison rank? Do you understand that we will require a screenshot of this when/if you retire from guard?

    New guards are first set to the "Trainee" rank. A Trainee Guard is upgraded to full guard through a recommendation from an Alpha or Warden. Full Guards are upgraded to Alpha Guard through recommendations from Wardens only.

    What to jail for:
    (Standard jail time is 10min) (5 sec countdown must be given)
    • Refusal to give contraband (In Non-PvP Zone)
    • Abuse of Non-PvP Zones (Includes plots)
    • Griefing Mines, Tree Farm, etc.
    • Running into Non-PvP during a guard fight (includes plots)
    • Breaking a server rule (Alert a Warden afterwards)
    • Logging off during PvP with a guard
    • Trapping a guard in a plot
    • Camping
    Guard rules:
    • Kill anyone that attacks you or another prisoner.
      • If a prisoner is being attacked but does not fight back, do not kill the victim unless he/she fights.
    • If a contraband item is seen, order the prisoner to give it over.
      • If the prisoner does not comply, begin counting down from 5.
      • After 5 seconds, you may do the following:
        • PvP Zone: Attack the user
        • Non-PvP Zone: Jail the user
      • If a prisoner kills you, you may not spawn, find him, and revenge kill him.
      • To attack him, you must wait for the prisoner to attack you again.
        • Put "Noakii" somewhere in your app or you will be denied.
    • Non-PvP means a "clean slate" for prisoners
      • If a prisoner hits you and runs into NON-PvP, you cannot attack them when they leave unless you sucessfully hit them before they entered.
    • Do not jail users for more than 30 minutes.
      • Only exception: Users breaking server rules
    • All Guards MUST join the Guard Faction
      • Ask an AlphaGuard for an invite
    • Do not store Guard Kits.
      • Guards abusing kits will be demoted or banned depending on the situation
    Guard Commands:
    • /kit guard
      • Supplies a diamond sword
    • /kit potion
      • Supplies health potions
    • /jail temp
      • Jails the user. Brackets only designate a value that must be entered. Use "m" for minutes. (10m = 10 minutes)

    What to mute for: (Standard Mute time is 30min) (Always give a warning, then mute if they continue)
    • Spamming
      • Manual spam: Temp mute
      • Auto spam: Perma mute or ban
    • Harassment/chat fights
      • Out-of-control chat fights, racism, etc.
    • Advertising
      • Includes links, minecraft servers, etc.
    What to ban for:
    • Abusing major glitches
      • Ex: Duping
    • Using mods or hacked clients
      • PvP hacks, speed hacks, wall hacks, x-ray
        • AlphaGuards are allowed to use the x-ray mod to catch x-rayers.
    What to demote to D for:
    • 3+ jailable offenses within one hour
      • (User is jailed and returns to break another prison rule- 3 times)
    • 5+ fights in a short timespan
    AlphaGuard Commands:
    • /ban
    • /tempban
    • /kick
    • /mute
    • /warp
    • /broadcast
    • /mail send
    • /crl
    • /setrank
      • Used to demote C's to D
      • Demote a user after 3 jailable offenses in one hour
    Use this form to appeal an unban
    IGN:Current rank on the server:Reason you were banned:Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: (N/A if you don't know)Approximate time of ban: (Include time zone)Why you deserve to be unbanned:Any additional information:

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    Hi all,

    There has been a lack of updates regarding the serer, and for that I apologize on behalf of the entire staff. To be frank, the reboot has not lived up to expectations. Whether it was poor admin involvement (particularly myself), lack of content, or just the lost interest of players in this type of server, the player count has dropped to nearly zero within the last few months. While it saddens me to shut down for good, it no longer makes sense to continue hosting Convicted. I want to thank each and every one of you, especially those that have been here since the beginning. The only reason Convicted survived for so long, outliving hundreds of other servers, is because of you guys. Our community is something special and I hope you all feel the same.

    My goal is to keep this community alive in Convicted's wake. That being said, I have transferred ownership of the domain to MineCraft Community Prison, a server similar to Convicted. (Read for more info) The IP in your server lists will now point to this server, in hopes that it will help bring our community together as well as rekindle the classic prison server genre.

    As cliche as it sounds, all good things come to an end. But hopefully this change will give you all a reason to keep in touch with each other.



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    On behalf of the entire staff, I am pleased to announce that

    Convicted 2.0 is now open!

    Join us at the usual IP, mc-convicted.org!

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    I'm sure you've all heard the rumors circulating around recently. Resets, shutdowns, etc. The purpose of this post is to lay them all to rest. The truth is that they are true - to an extent.

    Convicted has become stale. There's no arguing that. There just aren't enough incentives or goals to keep players interested. The economy is over saturated. PvP has become a joke. The playerbase is dwindling. As a result, we are no longer receiving enough money in donations to continue in this manner.

    Moving forward, our plan is to completely reboot Convicted over the next few months. This will mean a completed new slate for everyone. (except for donor, which will be discussed) Convicted desperately needs time to breath- time to fix problems, create new content, and ultimately allow for new growth within the server. Unfortunately this warrants a server shutdown. Our data center will be suspending service within the next few hours.

    Convicted has been my baby from the beginning. I never once expected something I created for fun to grow so large and have so much influence. I am very thankful to everyone who has contributed to this amazing server and community. This has been a huge part of my life for nearly four years, and it's sad to see it go, even temporarily.

    Just know that the admin team will be doing our best to completely overhaul the server these next few months. Check this forum and http://mcconvictedwiki.weebly.com frequently for updates.

    See you all soon.
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    Server is down for maintenance in order to deal with the name changes. Be patient
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    If you were a tree guard you get demoted to c because the rank is removed. if that is the case they will promote you ASAP

    Whoever removed Tree Guard, prepare to die.
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    Quote from builder1028

    Sorry, Lava, but from the looks of this video you may never get Alpha. :C

    Lmao this is fantastic
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    Travis returns to join my fishing party

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    Greetings, Prisoners!
    After a long and arduous wait, the Wardens are ready to reveal a huge awaited update!

    Please read the following information carefully. The following changes will be
    Rolled out IMMEDIATELY following this post:

    Introducing: Hero-Block, the newest addition to the Prison!
    Located at the end of C-Cell Hallway (Where message board used to be)

    For added content,
    Our new block will be placed between Elite, and Free, changing the hierarchy to the following
    Order: {D - C - B - A - Elite - Hero - Free}

    Like Free, Hero will cost 100k. Thus bumping the cost of Free up to 150k!

    Sorry, but along with this update comes a reset of all Frees to C.
    We hope that by resetting all Frees, the Free rank will become much more prestigious.

    Other updates on the way:
    Ban list reset
    Faction land claiming
    Chat Mod
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