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    I have done it! On normal i have gotten everything. Some of the emeralds where pure evil to find and the last intersection areas where just rock hard. I did find the Sun wool kinda easy put i guess with a bucket of water everything can get easy.

    Also only 10 deaths

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    Mithey the regen is still not working i even went into gamemode and went to the command blocks area and the redstone is getting placed but still not getting that regen

    Can you give me the regen command so i can put it in a command block in the spawn chunks? Because it just seem the blocks do not want work

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    Ok i have a huge issue ok? so when your doing the boss fight with the thifs tring to get stuff and you have the legion protecting the wither skellys? Well the not skellys there just to powerful with there punch bows i cannot get near them to kill them and if i try and use my bow i just get shot and lose my angle but go and kill the wither skelly ya right not with those skellys thats are shooting me all over the area. I litterly ha to do this in Gamemode 1 because i was at it for the logest time ever! it was like harder then the terr restore 1 boss :/

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    Just started the new map and it needs fixing already.

    I had to kill my self to load the next area after the 1st cutsecene as it didnt load in.

    The movement of the camrea on the 1st cut secene move to the right and left a bit to much sometimes

    3rd area bonus Objective save the villagers is almost impossible as the zombies go behind them and you end you shooting the villagers instead and killing them. if theres a way for the zombies to not go behind them then it would be more possible.

    Last area the ghasts have way to much hp i shot 1 with a power 5 bow like 6 times? didnt die -.-

    Map completed. Now to go back and find everything :D

    It was good some parts needs fixing up like the intro like i said. The Villagers when i got the panda from that area it made it easyer but still hard to not hit them.

    The last area it was good not great as it felt to short for a last area. The last wave tho that surprised me but i coudnt find the last item in that area mhmm.

    Overall it needs some work but it gets 8/10 from me :D

    Area 1 100%

    Area 2 100%

    Area 3 95% (Went in to creative in this area looking for a Uncommen chest coud not find it ANYWHERE i think this is glitched or something)

    Area 4 100%

    Area 5 100%

    Total game 100% (Not counting that glitched chest)

    (all on Hard and Challenge mode)

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    So i made this (FAN MADE Trailer) I was bored and i LOVED terra Restore so i made it :D

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    So i played Terra Restore.... somehow completed in a day :P (I love to speedrun stuff)

    So what do i think about it? well lets get the score system out

    Looks: 4 out of 10 because the Outside hills that surrounds the areas look not that good...

    Music placement: 9 out of 10 it was like PERFECT apart from why did i have to get the music unlocked? Bit anoying

    Combat: 6 out of 10 at the end part it got a bit to easy NOT HARD after i got the buffs with my shap 4 sword it was like 1 hit to everything.

    so i REALLY enjoyed it

    So Terra Restore 2 so far? got 3 wools already

    What i would like to see is more Easter eggs like the Sun and moon shrine for Celesta and luna :D

    What could be a good thing for the VERY last area make it like 4 times as hard then the last area in terra Restore and make it so you have to flip a switch at 4 or 5 locations so you can make a very spread out final area?

    Also could you Unlock Teliports to locations as going back and forth does get anoying after a while.

    2nd wool in the tower area with the leapers. They where TO MANY LEAPERS i died about 30 times in that area because of them. A bit to hard of an area at the start because of how many there where.

    Over all i am really enjoying Terra Restore 2

    (Just hope it gets updated a bit faster)

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