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    posted a message on Will 4GB Of ram added on to my PC help me run minecraft?
    Quote from Lutzee

    The Radeon 4200 will be discrete but a really poor one not designed for gaming, upgrading it to something like a more recent HD 6670 Graphics card will increase the performance a fair amount though your CPU will start to limit the performance, but upgrading the graphics card will definitely help.
    Hey. Thanks. But honestly, what does a graphics card have to do with Minecraft? It seems that my graphics card is over the standard. I still feel in more ram.
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    posted a message on Will 4GB Of ram added on to my PC help me run minecraft?
    Quote from rodabon

    I didn't test yet in 1.5 but in 1.4.7 I was running minecraft at around 120 fps with periods when things were loading it dropping down to about 60 fps. I have 4 GB of RAM, 3.4 i-7, GTX470. Not a huge different from your specs, probably the processor is the biggest difference. I really recommend you go through the guide. You might also do some general maintenance on your install; defrag your harddrive and run a registry cleaner (like ccleaner). I really recommend going through that guide point by point. Reducing other programs that are running or using a program like gamebooster to minimize the number of unnecessary processes running in the background while playing may help quite a bit too. Over time many people get so many things running in the background they don't realize how many resources total they are eating.

    I'm using CCleaner, I've tried everything in the guide before-hand. I'm just saying but, it still seems more ram would help. Because of how recourse heavy Minecraft/Java is, more ram would allow Java to eat up more resources, thus causing the game to lag less.

    Edit: I also appreciate your help with this. But once again, what should I upgrade in-order to increase my FPS, that guide isn't something that will help. I've tried all of those things before.
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    posted a message on Will 4GB Of ram added on to my PC help me run minecraft?
    Quote from rodabon

    My opinion is no it will not. You're posting this in the unmodded client forum so I'm assuming that you're not a heavy modder. If you're running a ton of big mods and using an HD texture pack then more than 4 GB could possibly help, but otherwise vanilla minecraft doesn't use more than 1GB of RAM.

    If you're talking about performance in 1.5, it currently has the worst FPS of any build yet. Mostly due to their efforts to improve the lighting engine is what I hear. The current version is pretty resource heavy and they are struggling with how to make it less so. Reducing the smooth lighting setting may help quite a bit and turning it all the way off will really make your FPS jump from all reports I've heard.

    You might go through the steps in this guide:

    Thanks for the reply, although as Java is recourse heavy, I believe that 8GB should insanely boost my FPS, with no mods, clean MC, I still get lag full screen. (1920x1080)

    Edit: Also, as I said before, if more ram wont help, what will?
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    posted a message on Will 4GB Of ram added on to my PC help me run minecraft?
    I have an Dell Inspiron 570


    AMD Athlon™ II X2 250 Processor

    CPU speed 3.0 GHz

    Ram: 4GB

    Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4200

    64 Bit PC with 64bit Java

    So would 4GB Ram help me get more frames on minecraft? I usualy get 40fps that hops around. I don't like it, so would 8GB of ram (total) improve my frames?


    Edit: I was thinking about getting some ram off of Amazon.

    Edit 2: Also, if more Ram doesn't help, what will? I want at least a non-jumpy 60fps that I can play with around Normal Render Distance, and possibly Fancy graphics.
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    posted a message on Builders' Pack Simplistic
    This is actually the pack I main. It's simple it doesnt kill my eyes at night, so I mainly use it over the weekend. :D
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    posted a message on Minecraft Capes! [Multiplayer Capes/Cloaks][www.MCCapes.com][Cape Gallery] + Transparent/Animated!
    Isn't this a security threat? I swore I saw a thread about this getting hacked :P
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    posted a message on I made a Bar in Minecraft
    Quote from VoltaLumens


    That's the Interior(Yes that's a stripper pole in the center).

    Anyways, what should I add to it? Give me ideas!

    Here's what I got so far:

    -Stripper Pole
    -Outdoor tables

    That is just hilarious lol
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    posted a message on Shinycraft [16X16] [Simplistic] [Flint]
    Quote from epiclizard99

    Your colour choice is pretty bad. Try making them less saturated. Also, this is simplistic when hundreds more packs are simplistic too, try making a texture pack with an original idea :) Also remember detail is your friend, but you have shading which is good.

    I actually like it lol, I use it
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    posted a message on I Cant Change My Skin!
    Quote from CoreLegacy

    I have tried multiple times to change my skin and it still hasn't worked. I've uploaded skins and downloaded them first , then uploaded. I have no idea what the problem is. If someone could help me that would be great.

    ~ Thanks

    Send mojang an email? Restart your pc? There's so many things you should've tried lol
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    posted a message on Minecraft doesn't support 1280x1024 Res?
    Ok, so I've been playing minecraft in windowed mode ever since I got this awesome new PC, yet I could never use full screen or the GUI would be messed up, the HUD would be too close, etc etc etc
    Any way to make it support 1280x1024
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    posted a message on Minecraft mods Without Modloader
    Quote from sorvinn

    There are none.

    That's not true lol
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    posted a message on I think Minecraft is a BIG waste of time, do you?
    Quote from Arsenios

    Without listing any contentions, I'm going to throw it out there that I think that playing minecraft is a large waste of time, in fact, I believe its such a big waste of time that its probably on par with the time wasted creating this topic.

    I've seen a few topics that make the argument; "Minecraft is a waste of time" without any real evidence or reasoning that supports them. However, in those topics, I also see people say that minecraft is NOT a waste of time, with just as little written support.

    Im not however, coming here looking to debate with someone, but instead, to hear someone else, who is biased towards minecraft, to tell me their reasoning for believing that this game is not a waste of time, and is in fact productive.

    Im going to lay out some guidelines for any responses regarding why minecraft is productive, by the way, anything that does not follow these guidelines will not be seen as an legitimate response.

    Productive: Relating to or engaged in the production of goods, crops, or other commodities.

    Any goods, crops, or other commodities must have some practical purpose outside of Minecraft and the internet (I know "the internet" is vague, but I'm basically looking for goods, crops, or other commodities produced from minecraft that are substantially physical.)

    Entertainment and a sense of accomplishment can be seen as a commodity.

    Wasting time, while sometimes is seen as something partially useful, will not be be considered a commodity in this topic.

    If you are going to post a statistic, please cite your reference. If it is considered a largely biased site, your statistic will be considered moot.

    These guidelines were fairly objective, however, they do not favor people who spend large quantities of time on the internet, and who's social life largely involves interactions through the internet

    Summed up, prove why minecraft is productive, guidelines are above.

    Please try to keep any arguments factual and objective, thank you.

    Well man, look at it, it's a video game, obviously it's a waste of time, we play it for entertainment. Out of every video game I think minecraft is actually pretty educational, it's used even in some schools, it's fun, and has its ways to teach kids, with spelling, building, and fighting.
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    posted a message on ( Surfershine's ) skin shop taking request (OPEN)
    Quote from surfershine

    Hello people. I want to start making skins for you guys. Ive made one for myself and I have to say I think I have some talent. If you guys want to please leave what you guys want for your skin. Please give me full detail and if you can please leave a picture for the best skin.
    I will not be able to get to them tonight but tomorrow I will start so check back often.
    Thank you.
    P.S. the amount of time it will take me to finish the skins depend on how tough the skin might be so yeah.
    Once again thank you!

    I want you to make Simon from Gurren Lagann :D

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